Monday, September 28, 2009

Harajuku and Shinjuku: A Pic-Spam of Epic Proportions

Trains figured out. Check. New make-up. Check. A herd of Spanish friends. Check. Time to go to Harajuku on a Sunday - the busiest day of all! For starters, I whipped out some new pink eye-shadow kit that I bought (Maybelline, like... seven bucks). I didn't lay it on too thickly or dress up very much but here's how the make-up turned out:

Everyone takes this same damn picture (I even took this same picture four years ago), but here's the Takeshita-Dori entrance to Harajuku:

Now, it is often said that Japan is the Land of Contrasts. Well, yesterday may have been the most incredible, textbook example of why this is so. My friends and I enter Harajuku, where there is nothing but trendy, modern Japanese youths shopping. Then... out of nowhere... a fucking giant traditional Japanese matsuri festival-thing nearly tramples the street and squeezes the hordes of young, fabulously-dressed Japanese against the shops lining the sides of the road. Look at this crazy thing!

These people looked like they were seriously having fun, though. It looked like a blast. Everyone in the streets, despite being squished and hustled around, were kinda smiling and nodding, caught up in the festive atmosphere. I'm pissed someone's phone got in the way here, but... look how much fun these people are having!

This was the big shrine thing they were carrying (translation: pedestrian bulldozing device):

Continuing with the epic contrasts, my friends and I were in a time-crunch and ran into Sex Pot Revenge to look for t-shirts. This store makes me fabulously happy. Look at this crazy place:

I wish I'd taken better pictures... but these kids had AWESOME outfits. Especially that pink/purple-haired thing. She (he?) spotted me taking the picture and smirked at the camera, lol.

Oh god the merchandise. I didn't buy anything, but... someone needs to staple my wallet shut because... I don't know if I'll resist so well next time, lol.

Anyhoo, we were hungry, so my friends and I decided that the best thing to have for lunch in Harajuku is those fantastic-fucking crepes. One of my Spanish friends told me that no matter how many times she eats authentic crepes in Paris, she still thinks the Harajuku crepes are better, lol. This picture doesn't do it justice, but this adorable little kid had more crepe on his face than in his mouth, lol.

Here's my effing delicious crepe. I got the "choko chiizu keeki" crepe (translation: chocolate cheesecake crepe). That doesn't describe it very well, though. A better translation would be: fucking delicious half-baked cheese-cake brick wrapped in a freaking amazing pancake of delicious and covered in the whipped cream of the gods and chocolate syrup. Yeah, that might sum it up better.

Oh, this is a shout-out for J-Rock fans, but... at the bridge at Harajuku station, they had these GIGANTIC advertisements for Nightmare. And it wasn't just this one. Each band member had a giant poster. And then more posters. It was an endless Bridge of Nightmare. I would've taken more pictures of this amazing bridge, but... I would've halted commuter traffic in Tokyo and, uh... that's bad, lol.

Went off to Shinjuku to find the Like an Edison store. Here's the customary, OMG Shinjuku at Night, picture:

I'm splitting up this post, so... I'll talk about Like an Edison in a separate post. For now, these pictures were taken today (we'll call it Day 2 of the Shinjuku Adventures). I went with my friend Sonia to help her get her alien registration card. Afterwards, we went to Ikebukuro and decided to stop off for what the Japanese consider to be Italian food (which includes things that are definitely not Italian, like paella and flan, lol...). This may look gross to those who don't like seafood, but it was fucking delicious. This is a pizza with squid and anchovies ^_^

Found the Saurio store (the Hello Kitty Store of Pink Insanity). Anyhoo, they had a section that confused me... Apparently, Yoshiki of X Japan has some affiliation with Hello Kitty so... this is Yoshikitty. Aaaand... it was expensive as HELL. That fan there, that thing costs over sixty dollars 0___0

Anyways, it was a horrible journey but... I GOT A TICKET TO SEE D'ESPAIRSRAY ON THURDAY AT C.C. LEMON HALL!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god I was so happy! See, Like an Edison was out of tickets... Lawson was out of tickets... and these tickets can't be found on the internet. Even Yahoo Auction wasn't selling any. Anyways, some wonderful person on the internet suggested Ticket Pia, so I went to the Ticket Pia in Ikebukuro and, lo and behold, they still had a few tickets left!!! I almost DIED of joy. It's a friggin' second floor balcony seat, but... who cares?! Less than two weeks into living in Japan and I'm already seeing concerts! IT'S MY FIRST JROCK CONCERT IN JAPAN - WHOOOO!!!

And just for fun, here's a picture of Sonia and me after I got that ticket. Check out the totally retarded-idiot face I'm making, haha:

Second half of the post can be found above!!!

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