Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just a Quick Word on Japanese TV

Short post, but I feel I need to say a few words about television in Japan. First of all... it's effing AMAZING. Why can't American TV be this entertaining?!! Almost every commercial is a big song and dance routine. I find myself laughing every freaking second. Second of all, the shows themselves are ridiculous. People doing stupid crap just because people can do stupid crap. It's awesome. Some of the highlights for me so far...

- Kimura Takuya (the dude from SMAP) commercials. All of them. My personal favorite is this commercial for some face wash. This really homely looking guy rubs this stuff all over his face, bends over into a sink and his whole head disappears. Then he suddenly flips his head up and these long, luscious locks of hair flip back, and BAM he turns into Kimura Takuya XD The look on Takuya's face as he observes his beautiful, perfect features in the mirror is priceless XD I laugh EVERY time. My host family just laughs now because it's funny that the commercial always makes me laugh.

- I was watching this show about these actors preparing for this samurai movie, or play, or something (damn my lousy Japanese skills). To prepare, the actors had to take real sword-fighting classes. So they all sat in seiza position (on their knees with their calves tucked beneath them) and had to sit up straight with their eyes closed for endless amounts of time. So all these hot, young actors are sitting there, and one of them shifts a little (can you blame him?!). So the teacher comes over and BAM whacks him with a wooden sword, on both shoulders, and his head. So then the actor next to him snorts and starts laughing. BAM. He gets whacked with a wooden sword. Well, Fujiwara Tatsuya (you guys remember him? Main kid from Battle Royale, Light Yagami from Deathnote?) is sitting next to that guy, and he snorts and starts laughing too. That poor, adorable little bugger gets whacked as well, and as he's being whacked, he's still laughing XD He got the shit kicked outta him. He actually bent forward and pressed his head into the tatami map because he was laughing so badly while being hit with a sword. I was seriously dying from laughter on the couch. I thought I was going to burst. My host family, once again, was cracking up because I was nearly crying from laughing.

Japanese TV is the SHIT. Seriously.

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