Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Soooo, a friend of mine has told me I update this blog too much, lol. Weeeell, don't worry, Certain Someone, I'm starting school tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll be doing less Awesome Things, and more Boring Things, and not updating as often. And yet... I can't help but notice that tomorrow is the first day of classes, and I'm going to a concert anyways, so... maybe this blog just won't slow down at all, lol XD Sorry, Certain Someone, lol! Ya can't blame a girl for wanting to have fun!!

So, after a super-useless advising session at Sophia University, I went with The Spaniards to Shibuya. In Shibuya, there were HUGE TV screens and advertisements playing. They had a FANTASTIC video-ad playing for the V-Rock Festival and I nearly shit myself with happiness. I managed to snag a picture of yet ANOTHER giant Nightmare advertisement. Boy, those boys sure are getting around, lol.

Here's Shibuya:

I FOUND THE CONDOMANIA STORE!!! Four years ago I found this ridiculous, two-story condom store called Condomania. This isn't the same one I saw last time (this one's smaller, hahahahaha, bad pun) but still... same giant, neon penis mascot, lol XD

Anyhoo, The Spaniards met up with two Japanese men who studied abroad in Spain and are studying Spanish. They both spoke English fairly well, so... once, again, we had some crazy conversations going on in mixed Japanese, Spanish, and English. Eventually, I didn't even notice which language was which... it all just blended into one big language that I somehow understood, even though my responses were primarily Japanese with some English thrown in. The Japanese guys took us to one of those Japanese restaurants where you have to take your shoes off to go inside and you order dish after dish after dish for everyone to share, and worry about the bill at the end (almost $25 a person by the end... which wasn't TOO bad, considering...).

For starters, I had my first Japanese beer! I'm pretty sure it was Kirin Beer. This shit was actually GOOD. It's not as strong as American beer so it tasted a lot less like horse piss and more like a real drink, lol. I downed this whole thing, haha (but decided not to have a second, since I wasn't look for anything more than a light buzz).

Here comes the endless rounds of food! I don't think I managed to get a picture of everything we ate but... this should give you a good idea. For starters, we have Japanese rolled omelets and a teriyaki chicken and potato pizza (which I found surprisingly tasty, considering I don't like teriyaki chicken or potatoes, lol).

Here we have some kind of grilled fish. Hard to eat around all the bones with chopsticks, but very tasty.

VEGETARIANS BEWARE.  My rule in Japan is that I try everything at least once, so... what you're looking at below is raw horse meat (the Spaniards were like "eh? Que es eso?" and the Japanese were like "es caballo." And I was like "eh?!! HORSE?!!"). I am VERY sorry to all the horse-lovers here (I, too, love horses). Anyways, as for the taste... tasted oddly like fish, lol. If I hadn't known what it was, I would've thought it was any kind of sashimi, lol. Pretty good, but... not something I would do often, lol (especially cuz it's HELLA expensive).

On a lighter note, this was some kind of Thai spring roll.

Thai spring rolls are really hard to eat, so here's one of the Japanese guys (I forgot his name, oops...) attempting to eat it whole. We said he looked like Godzilla, lol XD

This is a spread of calimari with mayonaisse for dipping. Mmmm, I LOVE squid.

This was served at the beginning as an appetizer, but I didn't take a picture until they brought a second round later. Most Americans should recognize this: it's salted edamame ^_^

This was, um... flying fish, maybe? It's grilled pretty harshly until it's like eating a fish-chip, lol.

ONTO KARAOKE!!! We joined our Japanese friends for some karaoke! Luckily, no one goes to karaoke on a Tuesday night, so we got a GREAT room! Check out the view outside the window:

This is the actual karaoke room (pretty crazy, huh?):

Anyways, the rest of these pictures are from today. I went with Sonia to the Nerima government office to pick up some important documents. Afterwards, we had nothing to do so, despite the fact that it was raining, we decided to look for a park we heard was in Nerima. On the way we found a Seriously Effing Purple Building. Sorry it looks blue. Sometimes my camera turns purple into blue and I don't know why, lol.

There were some really pretty houses alongside the park:

Here are some pretty trees:

The pretty path:

Me standing on the path (I look so fucking fat in pictures):

Look at these beautiful purple berries!!!

I was playing around with the super-focus option on my camera. I thought this was so beautiful: this tree had such thin little branches and they caught all the raindrops like some kind of sparkly net. This picture doesn't really do it justice, but this tree looked so beautiful and sparkly in the rain.

I don't know what's up with this tree but it's AWESOME 0__0

Aaaaand, last but not least: I AM PROUD TO PRESENT THE FATTEST MOMENT IN KITA'S ENTIRE LIFE. I didn't have any lunch today so, on the way home, I was dying to try this place called Mr. Donuts that's about a five minute's walk from my house. I'd always heard Japanese doughnuts taste different from American doughnuts (less sweet, not so greasy) and I couldn't resist, since I don't like American doughnuts because they're too sweet and greasy, lol. When I went in, I realized the place was, ugh, self-serve. So... many... options... How does one choose?!! Then I noticed a skinny Japanese woman sitting there with two big donuts and a whole bowl of ramen. Sooooo, I shrugged and got two giant doughnuts and a doughnut sampler platter for lunch, haha. It was sooooo good. Up top, we've got a Chocolate Angel doughnut (chocolate doughnut with chocolate frosting and cream filling) and a custard doughnut. In the platter we have plain, chocolate frosting, coconut, chocolate with chocolate crunchy things, cream-filled, and strawberry cream. It was delicious, but... I felt kinda sick afterward, lol. Lesson learned. See, Japan has cured me of my Unholy American Ways, and in stuffing myself with donuts, I think my body felt poisoned, lol. Ugh... I'm never eating that many donuts again, ever, lol. I seriously had to go walk off my nausea XD

Tomorrow is the first day of school and the D'ESPAIRSRAY CONCERT OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next blog post is going to (hopefully) be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're all enjoying my blog (despite its being over-updated) and I'll see you all for the next post!!!!!!


  1. I don't think you overblog! Actually I like it because I can live vicariously through your amazing Japan adventures while stuck in Wisconsin, until December that is..... :)
    P.S.- Have a CRAZY time at the D'espairsray concert!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aaaaw, thank you <3 I didn't think I was blogging too much, but ya never know, lol... I'm glad you're enjoying your blog! My goal is to have a super-fun blog for everyone to enjoy!!!