Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last Day USA - Hello Japan!!!

Well, I made it! I am actually sitting here in the heart of Tokyo, with our house crammed so close to the neighbors next door I can actually hear them playing piano and sneezing XD

Anyways, the day before I left for Japan, I decided to do a few things I knew I would miss. First thing I did: I went to Einstein Bros. Bagels to get the most un-Japanese thing I could think of: a cheese bagel with turkey and chive cream cheese. Friggin' delicious. Then... of course... anyone who has been around me when the topic of pets comes up knows that I simply had to...

PLAY WITH FERRETS!!! Aaaah, they're so cute!!! The little white one was such a crazy little bastard! I got him to "weasel war dance" and he hopped around like a deranged mongoose, lol!

Anyways, the big day finally came. I packed till 1:00 in the morning... and then got up at 5:00 =_= I just wanted to die, lol. I'll admit, I wasn't looking forward to the trip very much. It hits you suddenly that for ten and a half months, you simply can't go home and you can't easily contact anyone you know. It just sounded bone-crushingly lonely. So I spent most of the ride to the airport feeling like I was being carted to the gallows, lol. I finally parted with my parents (not easy, lemme tell ya) and got on the plane. I'd never flown alone so, yeah... more reason to hate every minute of the trip, lol.

First stop: Toronto, Canada. It was a connected flight. Guy next to me on the plane was a really fat guy eating a movie theater-sized bag of candy, lol. I bought a muffin in Toronto and the lady said she could only give me change in Canadian coins. I said hell yeah, souvenir of the trip, haha. then I got on my connected flight and... 90% of the passengers were Japanese. Wow. I knew the fun was just beginning. The people next to me on the plane were seriously strange. The mother was definitely ethnically Japanese and the daughter was mixed. And... they were speaking only in Spanish 0_0 I later heard the mother explain that she was Japanese and her daughter was a citizen of Argentina. Huh. Announcements on the plane took friggin' forever cuz they had to be in English, then French, then Japanese. Flight was also thirteen freaking hours. And I couldn't sleep. I decided to watch a famous American movie I'd always felt bad for having never seen (or I just picked it cuz it was a three hour movie): The Green Mile. It was a fantastic movie, but goddamn was that shit sad T_T To cheer myself up, I watched The Hangover XD Anyhoo, they served green tea on the flight, and all the food was Western but served with chopsticks and soy sauce. WTF, lol.

Anyways, I FINALLY got to Japan. Proof:

A Sophia student picked me up at Narita airport and helped me take two hours worth of trains to get home. We're Facebook friends now XD I'm sure everyone's wondering, so here's the lowdown on the family:

First off, I think they're filthy rich. I can just tell. The father is a professor at Sophia University, the mother is an ex-teacher, now retired. The oldest son, who doesn't live with them anymore, is a doctor. The 32 year old son still living with them, well... he's a violin teacher, lol. The house is really huge for a Japanese house and actually has a gigantic music room with acoustic walls and everything where Satoshi (that's his name) gives lessons right in the house. They're all really nice, though. The mother is crazy nice and enthusiastic. She made curry rice for dinner the first night ^_^ Unfortunately, because of jet-lag, I have no appetite. But hopefully it'll come back soon enough. Here's my room!

And here's the crazy view outside my window:

Random tidbits:

- Birds sound really different here 0_0 I don't know what the heck kinda wild-life keeps chirping outside my window, lol.
- The method of taking baths here is crazy, but also feels really good, lol. Americans really ought to take up the Japanese bathing system.
- There is some huge dog in a house nearby. I heard it barking this morning. Must be a German shepherd or something. Also heard something yipping. Chihuahua?
- The youth in Tokyo are seriously trendy. Fashion = wow. I'm glad I shopped before I came here, lol. Leggings and skirts are going to come in serious handy.
- I finally tried cold barley tea (mugicha) and surprised myself by liking it, lol. Tea is seriously refreshing when your thirsty.

More updates to come really soon! Especially when I finally brave taking a step out the damn front door and going out into Japan XD


  1. Do you have Skype set up yet???!

  2. Wow, thanks for the epic update of awesomeness! It sounds like you're having quite the grand adventure so far! Your room is very nice looking, looks about as big as mine. I dunno, I miss you, lol. I'm glad you seem to be having a nice time so far! I look forward to an update about going out into JAPAN!!!

  3. Ne, Evan, my Skype name is kyoislife. I'll add it to my information on Facebook ^_^

    Melissa, I miss you tooooo :-D