Monday, September 28, 2009


This is Part 2 of the Harajuku/Shinjuku post! This is the Like an Edison merchandise post, so check the post below for Part 1 of the actual adventure!!!

Anyways, Like an Edison is the most dangerous store ever invented for J-Rock fans. Its recipe is made up of one cup CDs, one cup DVDs, a half cup of merchandise, two cups vintage magazines, a pinch of OMG they give you freebies sometimes, and several cups of magical wallet-opening potion. I've been to Like an Edison twice in two days now and... it has managed to consume more of my money than I would ever care to admit. It is dangerous. It's like antifreeze: it tastes delicious, but also makes you very sorry after you drink it, lol.

For starters............... D is doing a huge promotion at Like an Edison. They had two huge TV screens, one of which was looping a D Tightrope interview, the other of which was looping the music video. So, of course, I bought a copy of Tightrope complete with DVD, lol.

Each single comes with a postcard of one band member. I got Hiroki, lol XD

BUT!!! The wonderful, magical Like an Edison Fairy of Win and Kindness smiled upon my purchase and, for free, stuck a package of super large-sized postcards in my bag. Every single band member 0___0

She also gave me a package of free pamphlets including Dir en grey's Budokan flyer:

Also a Plastic Tree flyer.

Anyhoo, the purchasing continues!!! I also bought a two-disc Merry DVD: Many Merry Days 5th Anniversary special! This was the two-night performance with the white night and the black night.

Anyways... the magical Like an Edison Fairy is truly wise and kind above all the creatures of this world. I may have a rose-tinted memory, but I believe this woman may have been glowing and bathed in a magical, holy light of kindness and truth. She smiled at my Merry purchase, said something I didn't catch because I was fumbling with change, and slipped something free into my bag. Later on, when I opened it... I discovered that the Like an Edison Fairy may have imparted a strip of Holy Land into my purchase... Five large postcards of each member of Merry... SIGNED AND AUTOGRAPHED. And they're not photos or copies... they're actually SIGNED, AUTOGRAPHED POSTCARDS OF EACH MEMBER. Oh my GOD.

Anyways... then I found the biggest tragedy of all... the vintage magazine section.............. Ancient VK magazines, all in great condition, wrapped, and sold for their original price. For starters... a copy of Fool's Mate from 2005, cover feature: Merry:

Includes a spread on Dir en grey from the Clever Sleazoid single. Ew, Toshiya moustache :-(

Also includes one of D's first spreads, back when they only had four band members, lol:

Next up on the list, Dir en grey cover features. In descending order... We've got a Fool's Mate Dir en grey feature from 2004. This feature was for Vulgar:

Also included a fantastic Merry spread:

Moving on down... Fool's Mate Dir en grey cover feature from late 2002:

The one that made me nearly shit with happiness... Fool's Mate cover feature... 2001... fucking Macabre era. Right after Kyo got out of the hospital:

This magazine was so old it had a Due Le Quartz spread from when Miyavi was still Miyabi and still goth (second from the right):

On Day 2 of my Like an Edison journey, the new magical Like an Edison Fairy was a man with a chin piercing. He included more free pamphlets including a lovely D'espairsRay pamphlet freebie!

It was CD purchasing time as I found myself losing control of my wallet (despite my pledge not to buy anything). For starters... GazettE's Leech single, special edition with DVD. How could I resist? This was the single that made me a GazettE fan, lol.

Also bought D's Neo Culture CD, complete with DVD (also includes a fucking GORGEOUS booklet):

I don't even know why I bought this... I don't even like this song. But Like an Edison has this power, you see. It's not unlike The One Ring to Rule Them All and In the Darkness Bind Them (translation: steal your money). So I bought D's Birth single because... well, I dunno, it didn't cost much, lol.

THIS was not bought at Like an Edison. I picked this up at Book Off, where they sell cheap, second-hand CDs. I got GazettE's Disorder CD, in fabulous condition, for only twenty bucks. Win.

Back to Like an Edison... I also bought Merry's Peep Show CD:

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, that's all for now. For now. But the One Ring is all-powerful... and I can feel its presence drawing me closer, even from across the city of Tokyo. My friends and I, we are the Fellowship of the Ring... and also corrupted by its powers. I just hope I end up in better condition than Boromir, haha.

OH, ALSO!!! I spotted VJ Boo from MTV Japan today!!! He was walking out of Shinjuku station! You seriously can't miss the guy; he was fat, with tons of wallet chains, giant headphones, a ponytail, and those weird, triangular side-burns like daggers. I laughed hardcore when I saw him.

Oh, and before I forget, Satoshi made his own recipe for spaghetti today. Oh my GOD. He is a cooking GOD. The spaghetti was made with olive oil, basil, and really expensive mushrooms. It was one of the tastiest things I've EVER eaten.

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  1. Lolz at seeing VJ Boo! He would be an easy guy to spot, lol

    And, once again... JEALOUS!!! I can't wait to go shopping there myself!