Sunday, September 20, 2009

Livin' in Da Hood - Massive Picspam

So... another day has come and gone in the Land of the Rising Sun. I figure now is a good time to unload a gazillion pictures on you guys! First of all, my neighborhood is... interesting, lol. Here's some pictures of where I be living:

Funny story time: my host father is awesome. His son and wife were both laughing their asses off and telling me how my host father, who is a professor at Sophia University, got way too drunk about a week ago and then passed out and fell asleep in a toilet... at Sophia University XD Win. Seriously. Anyways, moving on, lol...

I finally got to go out into Tokyo! And at night, too! First of all, there was a LOT of food (and samples, OMG). Look: fooooooooood.

And of course no Japan blog is complete without the customary photos of how awesome Tokyo looks at night:

I probably shouldn't even be saying this, but... there are way too many cute guys wandering around Tokyo at night. And those guys are often the ones standing there handing out advertisements in the form of free stuff. At one point, I couldn't stand snubbing these hotties anymore, so I let this one shove something into my hand. I look down and I see an innocent package of kleenex. I turn it over and I see an advertisement for an extreme girl bar XD Dear lord, haha. I think he may have been, like... some kinda host club guy? I dunno, lol. But really, those guys do not need to be so attractive in public, lol. It is waaaay too nice. I feel like a kid in a candy store, haha. Also, people here are just so trendy and have such awesome fashion sense. I saw my first pair of lolitas yesterday, haha. They were just walking around a department store together in hoop skirts. Everyone seems so well-dressed and stylish! Anyways, moving on...

We went to this giant shopping mall called the Sunshine Tower. Eight floors packed with... well, everything. Even Halloween decorations and costumes, lol. The eighth floor had a pet-shop so I took a picture of a BUNNY!!!!

Also, I couldn't help myself... check this out: at one of the department store bakeries I found BAGELS:

Anyhoo, this morning my host mother took me to the supermarket to buy some household necessities and stuff. Supermarkets are some of the best places to take lolzy pictures. For starters, the world's tiniest can of Coke, lol (pardon the retarded face I'm making):

For size comparison, here's a can of Asahi beer that is the same size as the Coke, placed next to a normal-sized cans of beer:

Aaaaah, it's all so cute, lol! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand... Pokemon fish cakes, haha XD

In my next pic-spam, I'm gonna post pictures of the house I'm living in. For now, just enjoy this: this is a magnet on our refrigerator. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is Kirby with a mug of beer, haha XD XD XD Japan is so much win sometimes, lol.

Hope you're all enjoying my blog! I'm gonna keep the posts coming, so if you enjoy my blog, keep on checking up on me! I'm pretty sure the stories can only get more amusing from here, lol!


  1. I want a Kirby bottle opener and Pikachu fishcakes O_O

  2. Aren't they awesome?! I also saw about fifty different Pokemon pastries. Sometimes this shit is just too awesome, haha.


    You should find this restaurant.

  4. OMG yes. I'm gonna post some Engrish in my next post, so be on the look-out :-3