Monday, September 21, 2009

Mah Hizzle

Day three in Japan and I'm definitely getting used to this. Switching gears and living in a new country is actually not too difficult. Within a couple days your brain just gets trained to do things differently (so long as you're open to the idea). The only thing I can't seem to get used to... Japanese meal portions. Like, I feel seriously stuffed after every meal. I think it's from all the healthy food. Healthy food is surprisingly heavy. So even if the meal's total calories only come to 400, I still feel like I'm going to explode by the end of it. Luckily, no one in this house ever eats snacks (like... ever) so I can get by with just feeling like I'm going to burst three times a day. Actually... twice. Lunch seems to be half the size of breakfast and dinner here. But this breakfast thing is killing me, haha. I wake up, go downstairs, and force down a friggin' pound of food, lol. I'm used to a protein bar or no breakfast at all, lol.

Speaking of which... let's do a brief food post (because I think food is interesting, haha)! Things I have eaten:

- Spreading miso paste on a cucumber = delicious
- Japanese potato salad (with cucumbers and ham) = delicious
- Teriyaki chicken = ...........ew. I don't like how they keep all the fat on the chicken in Japan :-S
- Vegetables wrapped in porkchops = surprisingly tasty if you ignore all the fat they leave on
- Pickled eggplant = awesome
- Yakisoba = hell yes. I actually made it for the family under the host mother's instruction. Contains about a fourth of the oil we use in America and twice as many vegetables. Fucking delicious
- Waffle stuffed with cheese = possibly a new favorite food for me, lol
- Cabbage covered in barbecue sauce and mayonnaise = undecided
- Toast with blueberry jam = yum
- Tofu covered in green onions and ginger = delicious
- Grilled sardine = delicious once you figure out how to eat the damn thing (you have to remove the spine! It's like doing surgery on the Wii... except with chopsticks)

If I think of more things I've eaten (as well as new things I eat), I'll post about it, lol. Anyways, here are some pictures of the house I'm living in!!!

This is the "living room" with the lovely legless couches.

This is where you enter the house. You always have to take off your shoes and put on slippers. There's a kinda process to it, and I did it wrong on the first day and the host father was like "dame dame dame" (no, no, wrong!) and instructed me properly, lol.

The TV and other electronics. This is the only TV in the house and everyone sits around and watches it for hours after dinner, and it's ALWAYS on during meals. The shows are often subtitled, though, so it's good kanji practice.

This is the kitchen, where something is pretty much ALWAYS cooking. It tends to smell fun in here, lol.

Customary overly-complicated toilet...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand a sink sitting out in the middle of the hallway, lol.

I'm hoping to snag a couple pictures of the crazy bath/shower room... and maybe the tatami-mat bedroom my host parents sleep in. Or the acoustic music room. And we have a veranda!!!

Also, I was watching Japanese news and I just wanna give a shout-out: RIP to the writer of Crayon Shin-chan. On the news a couple days ago they were following a story about how they were trying to find him cuz he disappeared in the mountains. This morning the news said they found him and he's definitely dead. They think he got lost up there. RIP to the man who wrote a seriously ridiculous but very influential show. I would eat Super Jumbo Ramen in his memory but... I don't think it exists XD

Also, here is your dose of Engrish for the day: Yesterday I saw a cream puff stand called "Beard Papa's Pipin' Hot Cream Puffs." Yeeeesss. I also saw a guy in a t-shirt that said "Kill your television." And... I dunno why this made me laugh but I passed a restaurant simply called "Big Chef."

Anyhoo, depending on weather, I might be going to some famous, Edo-era town in Northern Tokyo today. Also, Satoshi might be taking me to Akihabara today, tomorrow... I dunno, lol. There may be more pic-spam coming, so keep checking up on my blog if you're enjoying it ^__^


  1. Dude, yo hizzle is fo' shizzlely awesome! I love it! Beautiful house! It sounds like you're getting on just fine :-) I can't wait to come see it all with my own eyes! You're doing an awesome job at blogging, keep it up!

    Oh, and sad panda for Crayon Shin-chan man... RIP.

  2. That is mad awesome, you and your food talk is making me so envious! Ughhhh!

    How can you not like teriyaki chicken?? Word??

    Damn tho... I loved Shin-Chan.... ughhhh.

  3. Hahaha, the food here is win, fo' shiz. Seriously, waffles stuffed with cheese is food of the gods. Heat it up and...mmmmmmmmmmm. Today I had tempura at a famous place, haha.

    And I dunno... I just don't like fatty meat. If the chicken and pork was skinned... it would have a much less offensive consistency, lol.

    And don't be envious, Mike! You'll be here soon enough!