Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NOW We're Talkin'

Ne, I update this thing too often, don't I, lol? At least once or twice a day XD Don't worry, school starts in about a week and then I'll probably only be able to update at a minimum of every other day. Till then... PIC-SPAM!!!

So... today was a good day (except for YOU Dir en grey. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you...!). Today, I finally got to do one of my favorite things in Japan: shop at their friggin' huge malls. So, that means a pic-spam, of course, haha. Check it out: Halloween is coming!!!

And here we have tiny freaking food. Look, a tiny bagel!

And I just thought this was funny as all hell... Chupa Chup bath powder?!! What the HELL?!! That is strangely awesome, lol.

Tiny food erasers! So cute!!! Seriously, I said kawaii (cute) so many times today I feel like it may have lost all its meaning.

Daily, healthy dose of Engrish. This was a child's t-shirt 0_o

Aaaaand, I can't even make any sense out of this one, lol.

OH MY GOD I FOUND THE VISUAL KEI SECTION OF THE CD STORE!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Here we've got Yomi from Nightmare on the left... with Nightmare beneath. Uuuum, the sign is covering it, but hide and L.MC were underneath that yellow thing. Who the hell is my host mother pointing at?

A sad moment: this was a sign that was up in the visual kei section informing everyone of Jasmine You's untimely death. It was sad to see this sign up, even three weeks after he died. They were selling a bajillion copies of Ascendead Master underneath this sign, so... feeling sad and guilty while reading this news bulletin, I bought a copy... Came with a DVD of the music video, though! Only about thirteen bucks for the single + DVD!

Okay, quick time-out. My host family is AWESOME. First of all, according to my host mother, Satoshi was actually onstage with frickin' Orange Range and playing violin for them 0__0 Satoshi... played violin for freaking ORANGE RANGE. I almost hit the floor in shock and awe. Second of all, see this CD down here? The guy on the right? These are some of Johnny's Boys (Johnny's Jimusho). So the guy on the right... my host mother taught him back when she was a teacher XD She even knows where he lives!!! Gaaaaaah. Freaking awesome.

Anyhoo, there was a "family entertainment" show going on in the center of the mall. People were crowding around like crazy. The children were nearly pissing themselves with excitement.

Look at this... in order to get up against the railing in the mall to see the show up close, you had to take your shoes off! Oh, Japan... XD

As it turned out, this show was a live-action Power Rangers performance XD I was way more entertained by this than I should've been...

Yeeeeeah! Real stage fighting, haha! All the children kept shrieking and screaming "gambare! Gambare!!!" ("you can do it! You can do it!") at the Power Rangers.

Of course... customary food post. I wish I'd taken a picture of this when it was still pretty, haha. I only thought to take a picture after I'd already eaten some of it. This is fried shrimp with rice and red miso soup (very strong and salty, with clams in it). Also, you put spicy, wasabi mustard on the cabbage. This meal was crazy delicious.

Anyways... I would just like to give a quick shout-out to FUCKING DIR EN GREY. Screw you guys, seriously.............. I finally get to live in Japan, and what do you guys do?!! Go to AMERICA?!! What the HELL?!! Gaaaaah................ YOU'D BETTER GET YOUR SKINNY GODDAMN ASSES BACK HERE IN DECEMBER OR ELSE!!!

Oh, speaking of Dir en grey... last night, jet-lag finally caught up to me and smacked me bad and I passed out, still in my clothes, at 9:00 PM. Then I had the most effed up dreams 0__0 I dreamed I was Kyo during the Gauze era, with the leather kilt and the make-up... For any Dir en grey fans here, I looked like Kyo walking up the mountain in their 304 music video. Anyways, I was running along a highway in platforms and stumbling. I saw my band-mates and I waved to them, but they were standing alongside a parked car and screaming at it like in that famous painting "The Scream." They weren't saying anything, just... screaming 0_o I was freaked out, so I ran past them and wound up at a mall (I'm still Kyo, btw, for this whole dream). I started window-shopping, and I was suddenly led into a bakery. I saw a pumpkin muffin and asked if I could buy it. Then the shopkeeper was like "only one? That's not enough!" Then I was force-fed various pumpkin baked goods till I was SURE I was going to explode, and I knew, at that moment, that I had gained a ton of weight! Then I ran away, screaming, and woke up. YAY BRAIN!!! YOU WIN!!! Speaking of which, I saw a shop called Kyo Ramen. Best kind of ramen, haha.

Tomorrow I'm going to Sophiiiiiiiia!!! Luckily, my host father is driving me there for the first time, cuz they don't want me riding the trains without a cell-phone, lol. But Friday... I've got to navigate the Tokyo bus system myself 0___0

Ja, mata ne!


  1. omg lol. She's pointing at 12012, not sure which member though. That's from their Taiyou single photoshoot. I'm surprised they don't have a more recent shoot up O.o

    Your host brother is total win. Orange Range? Seriously?! Probably was a fun ass show.

    and LOL dreams.

  2. Dude! That guy is from NEWS! That is a side project of NEWS called Tegomass XD Okay, lamesauce on our part, but Hannah and I have been kinda fangirling over Yampi from NEWS and Kame from Kat-tun...>_> FAIL XD They're soooo cute! And are in Dramas we watch :-)

    But dude, that's a crazy-assed dream you had there! Pretty much equally as weird as that Toshiya with the one stringed bass dream I had.. Dir en grey + dreams = messed up shiznit..

  3. Neeee, thanks Evan! I NEVER would've guessed 12012, lol (I just can't get myself to listen to a guy that choked a bitch, haha). I knew you'd know who they were, haha <3

    Also... wow, didn't expect Melissa to know who that Johnny's Boy was... wow, haha. + 10 for my friends, lol.