Saturday, September 26, 2009

NOW We're Talking... Talking... Talking... Hablando...

Well, yesterday was QUITE the day. What started out as a totally shitty fucking day turned into a great day! The day started out quite early, since I had to be at Sophia by 10:00 for my stupid placement test. So I got up at 7:00, pretended to study, had breakfast, left the house at 8:30, went to Sophia all by myself for the first time, got to school, and joined the queue for the elevators. I was one of the idiots taking the "intensive" placement exam. Yay. Brief summary of the exam: grammar was easy as hell and I aced it (only one keigo question?! Seriously?!). Kanji section.............. fail. But that's okay, everyone failed. Anyone I spoke to who had taken intermediate Japanese like I had agreed that they hadn't even made it past the beginner kanji section. So... I'll probably be stuck in goddamn easy Japanese for half a semester, sigh. But it's an intensive track, so it should go fast regardless.

Anyways, after the exam, I attempted to try and make some friends with all the other complaining gaijin. Everyone was already forming cliques, so I was feeling pretty lonely. Standing by myself, I decided to head off alone and go get some food. I met up with a girl named Geri and we had lunch together for a few minutes before she had to run off. Still feeling lonely and watching other gaijin standing around talking, I decided to say screw it and went out into Tokyo myself. I had nothing to do for four friggin' hours, so... I headed this way (see below).

For those who immediately think, "oh god, Kita went off into Tokyo alone?! With HER sense of direction and no phone?!" - don't worry. My rule was to go in a straight line only, lol. So I walked two hours one way, switched sides, and came back another two hours in the other direction. Tokyo never really ends anyways, lol.

Found this advertisement in a bookstore:

After walking for three hours, my feet were killing me. I stopped off at a Japanese Starbucks to give it a shot. The employee was very helpful and understanding of my crappy Japanese (I remembered how to order food right after I ordered, lol). I got a green tea frappuccino ^_^ I wanted one of the really tiny, shot-glass sized frapps they have here, but I don't know what size that is! I ordered a tall, thinking that would be the smallest, but... a tall here is the same as an American tall, lol.

During my wandering I found a really nice park. There was a children's playground, a tennis court, and a huge baseball diamond. It was kinda peaceful in the midst of the concrete jungle.

I'd been meaning to take a picture of this for awhile but, for some reason... there are a lot of palm trees in Tokyo 0_o I really can't explain that one... Tokyo isn't tropical, lol...

Oh, shout out to my friend Dylan, but I totally found a store called "Dunlop." I should've taken a picture, haha. I thought that was awesome. Also, the most common coffee shop I see here is called Excelsior, lol. Makes me want to cast a spell or something XD Anyhoo, as seen below, I bought a Disney Halloween chocolate that was pumpkin pudding flavored, lol. The consistency was weird, but it was tasty ^_^

Also, I was frying under the Tokyo sun, so I bought a pretty, lacy black parasol for only ten bucks:

Anyways, 4:30 finally rolls around and I sigh and head to the exchange student welcome party. I found a girl from my high school there (what are the odds?!). We chatted a bit, but I lost her in the midst of a toast, lol. So I was standing around, lonely and frustrated again. I couldn't seem to start up any conversations, and if I did, it would only last a few seconds. I wound up sitting with Geri and we complained a lot, lol. We thought it was like some awkward, high school prom, lol. Here's the welcome party below:

Anyways, this tale has a happy ending! I'm sitting with Geri when I notice this girl... I'd noticed her before and admired her from an aesthetic standpoint. She had the most AMAZING hair. It must've been three and a half feet of flawless, straight brown hair... no split ends, everything perfect. It could've been a wig, it was so perfect, lol. She was also wearing a spiked collar, gothy clothes, and really cool make-up with pink eyeshadow and dots. Then, as she was reaching for some sandwiches, I noticed her shirt: Moi Dix Mois.


I ran over there like my pants were on fire. I stood awkwardly next to her and accidentally pointed at her boobs and I was like "uuum... I like your shirt." She looked confused. I noticed her nametag said she was from Madrid, Spain. So I was like "uuum... do you speak English?" She said she did (with a great Spanish accent). Then I explained that I liked the band on her shirt. We started talking about JRock. Dir en grey is her favorite band - squee!!! And she wants to go to Day One of the V-Rock Festival! Anyways, we were getting really chummy when she spotted another Spaniard from Barcelona. They were speaking in rapid Spanish, but I can follow Spanish pretty well. Within ten minutes, I was standing in a crowd of Spaniards, them speaking Spanish, me responding in English. Then some Japanese Spanish-language students joined in. Now it was a mix of Spanish, English, and Japanese. It was insane! Thank goodness I took six years of Spanish 0_0 Anyhoo, the girl from Barcelona, her name was Elena. At one point, the girl from Madrid (Sonia) took off to speak with some really cool guy from Switzerland we were talking to. So Elena says, "uum... there was something I heard about you. Um, what kind of music do you like?" So I told her, "Japanese hard rock." She was like, "do you like visual-kei?" I was like "hell yeah!" She told me her favorite band is The GazettE! She points at her shirt and I realize it says "A Moth Under The Skin." Good lord, I totally didn't notice! Derp! I wound up leaving the party with a crowd of Spaniards, haha! And Sonia lives in Azalea House, which is only a 25 minute walk from my house! She and I took the train home together. And Elena wants to possibly see D'espairsRay with me on Thursday (yay for being reckless on the first day of class!). And she wants to see The GazettE with me on December 24th and possibly go to V-Rock. So I have friends now! Hell yeah! Spanish J-Rock fans are AWESOME!!!
Anyways, just a quick story from this morning: Satoshi teaches violin, and he had two students coming in - a four year old girl and a six year old boy. He told me I should watch the lesson cuz they're so cute. Oh man were they adorable. They had these tiny little, toy-sized violins! They were such spazzes, lol. I gave them American Jelly Bellies and every time they took one they'd ask for another. It was good Japanese practice for me, though, since I had to know the names of a lot of flavors, lol. At the end of the lesson, the little girl wanted to give me Japanese candy in return, lol! Omigawd were they cute... ugh, it was painful they were so cute (and hyper, holy crap)!


  1. haha that load should take u to shinjuku :)

    and yeah, the tiny one is not tall, but small lol
    but i think jp tall nd american tall is totally different!! i remember pissing off about it rite after i came back here xD

    and and i just came back from Azalea House today hahaha
    my friend lives there, nd my bf is staying there for next few days, until he moves to nerima kasugacho :D

    and and and (haha) are u going to see D'espairsRay on thursday? at CC Lemon??
    wheres ur seat?? im going too!!! :D ill give u a phone call when i get there :)

    sry its a long ass comment xD

  2. Waaah, Marina, hi!!! I'll reply to you on Facebooook ^___^ <3

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