Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Only one more day..........

Even though I'm not in Japan yet, I figure the day before I leave is as good a time as any to start posting in this blog. Consider this a practice post, haha. Anyways, some of the fun has already begun. For example...

Whoo!! Real Japanese currency! I hit up a currency exchange to ensure I had enough yen to get by for a week or two before I open a bank account in Japan. I got me some moolah... bitches be jealous XD


  1. I know exactly where all that two-weeks worth of money is going... and it's not going to last you two weeks.

  2. Hell yeah! That is like the icing on the cake. Real tangible evidence that you'll be off in the land of Jrock in no time :-D

  3. Evan.... do I even WANT to know what you think I'm gonna spend that money on?? I can come up with multiple possibilities, and none make me sound too good, haha XD

    Oh, and Melissa, I haz lotsa pretty yen bills. I should post all the random yen currency when I get some more variety, lol!

  4. i dunno how much u've got..
    but u'll spend 30170973105times more money in this country than u do in the states T__T just to let u know >__<

  5. Yeah, I figured, lol. I'm coming with enough yen to make up for nearly doubling the price of everything, haha. Tokyo has the highest prices in the world, if I remember correctly XD