Saturday, October 17, 2009

B-Day Party

I'm back at last! Heaven forbid I don't post at least once every couple of days, lol! Anyways, today was a quaint birthday party for my friend Geri! She's turning 21 on Monday, so she decided to take some friends out for dinner and karaoke!

Anyhoo, we headed off to Shinjuku and did karaoke first. This was a really nice karaoke joint.  One of the big draws of karaoke, I think, is the extensive drink menus, lol. So we all ordered a round of alcohol. My drink was friggin' delicious. I got a Suntory ginger-ale whiskey. After two years of partying at Madison, I really have to say that whiskey and vodka are my drinks of choice. I'm really not much of a beer fan, but a good mixer really hits the spot. For anyone who plans on doing some drinking in Japan, I really recommend a Suntory whiskey-mixer - it's really sweet, but still strong (my fingers were all tingly with just one drink, lol).

Now, many of my friends know I have a bizarre, inexplicable fear of singing, lol. It's crazy because I have no stage-fright as a person. I'm quite comfortable with public speaking, being on stage, or making a scene in public. But I can't sing. Nothing makes me squeal and run from a room faster than someone asking me to sing in public. Even a recording of me singing makes me want to curl up in a fetal position. I don't know why. Who ever heard of a singing phobia, lol?!! I had explained this to Geri, as a way of apologizing for possibly not participating in karaoke. They kept trying to get me to sing, though. I puzzled over what to do. I glanced at my whiskey. Then at the screen. Then the whiskey. The screen. The whiskey. Then I gave a toast to Liquid Courage and selected Glass Skin by Dir en grey. Before that song, I helped sing Bye Bye Bye by N'Sync as a hilarious warm-up, lol. Thanks, whiskey - I owe you one. Unfortunately, I'm too much of a scaredy-cat. I mean, I DID sing Glass Skin. But I was so quiet and my voice was so high and squeaky it sounded like someone had cut off Kyo's balls. Really a shame. My natural singing voice is quite low, so... this was definitely the castrated version of Glass Skin. Weeeell, maybe some other time. I also selected Leech by The GazettE and chickened out and skipped it. I also did a duet with one of the girls to Ain't Afraid to Die by Dir en grey, but I don't even think anyone could hear me. Much to my surprise, though, the machine played the full music video! I always forget how many piercings Kyo used to have on his face, lol.

After karaoke, we hit up a cheap Italian restaurant that was supposed to have a great selection for good prices. This menu actually included cheese fondue! They also had lotsa pastas and pizzas and other tasty things. Of course, being Kita, I had to select the most un-Western pizza possible. Soooo, I got the seafood pizza, lol. Sorry for the lousy picture - it was kinda dark in there. Anyways, this pizza was AMAZING and included shrimp, scallops, squid, oysters, and black olives.

Then there's the dessert menu! Now, I've been fairly good about sweets lately. I'm trying to lay off and not gain a million pounds in Japan. I'm going to take up running again and I'm trying not to eat any sweets during the day (seriously, I've gotten sooooo fat... uuuuugh). But this restaurant is known for its parfaits, and Japanese parfaits were one of the things on my list of foods I had to try in Japan. So I treated myself this one time. This is a caramel parfait. Parfaits in Japan are quite different from America (as I'd heard). This parfait is vanilla ice cream covered in caramel sauce and that great whipped cream in Japan that's totally different from American whipped cream. Then there's the big chocolate piece and an Oreo (yeah, I might've just gotten this for the Oreo, lol). Under the ice cream was corn flakes (yes, corn flakes) and flan-like pudding and more caramel sauce. Fucking DELICIOUS.

Aaaand, I know I swore off food posts, but these were collected over the lat few days, rather than one big binge all at once, lol. This is a Halloween special I found at Nerima Station. This is a kabocha bun. For those who don't know, kabocha is the most common Japanese squash. It's quite a bit like a pumpkin but the skin is green and the flesh is yellow. However, it's sweeter than a pumpkin and REALLY delicious when cooked or prepared in various ways (it's good raw, too). So this bread was covered in mashed-up kabocha, and a small chunk of kabocha for the stem, and the inside was filled with kabocha cream. The whole thing was made to look like a pumpkin. God DAMN was this good. I wish I'd had two, lol. Oh, and it was sprinkled with powdered sugar, too. But it was small, so I don't feel too guilty about it.

Also, just for fun... this is what the cafeteria food at Sophia is like. Seriously, this is the kind of food we can get. This is miso ramen with bamboo, seaweed, fish cakes, pork, onions, and I dumped plenty of chili powder on top, lol. The food at Sophia is soooo good compared to American university cafeterias, lol.

Anyways, after we ate Italian food, we decided to head to an arcade for purikura pictures (those picture-booths where you take glamor-shots and decorate them). I hadn't done that in four years. It's really fun, and we had a bunch sent to someone's cell phone, so hopefully I can get them online and post them on the blog soon!

Tomorrow I'm going to shop around Harajuku a bit to find some random crap for my costume next weekend. W00t! See you next time!


  1. You should keep trying it at Karaoke. Three summers ago I was in the same situation as you, and we were just doing it at a friend's apartment. I was adamant that I wouldn't do it, but we did it almost every weekend for a couple summers and now I'm pretty unabashed when it comes to karaoke (as long as it's in a private setting). I just wish there was karaoke with that kind of song selection over here D:

  2. Yeah, they had 17 pages of Dir en grey songs, 12 pages of GazettE, ten pages of Merry... and Geri kept singing Plastic Tree and L'arc en ciel, lol. Pretty wicked, haha. They have Korean music too!