Sunday, October 18, 2009


This weekend went strangely, haha. I knew I needed this weekend in order to prepare for Tokyo Decadence, since I will literally be gone all of next weekend either partying at night in Shinjuku or all the way out in Chiba (which isn't even in Tokyo).

So, to start the day, I decided to look ridiculous for an outing to Harajuku. This picture doesn't show how I actually looked cuz I took this after most of my make-up had worn off, but I kinda looked like a painted whore, lol. Anyways, just keep this make-up in mind for later, lol...

I met up with my friend Geri in Harajuku cuz she's going to Tokyo Decadence and also wanted to do some shopping. While there, I got one of the most expensive and fantastic crepes to date. This is a chocolate strawberry crepe with strawberries, strawberry sauce, cheesecake, chocolate ice cream... yeah, you get the point, lol.

Later on Geri and I also decided to have a mega splurge. There's a Godiva drink shop on Omotesando Street in Harajuku. It is SOOOO EXPENSIVE but oh my gawd is it good. Behold the glory of the following drink: this is a Godiva hot chocolate with caramel, cinnamon, and marshmallows. This, my friends, was sick. It was like drinking liquid sex. But the price is in the vault, haha.

Anyways, Geri and I had quite a bit of luck at Body Line (as usual) and got skirts (pictures of all that later). I came home around 6:00 and I noticed extra shoes in the shoe-area. And I heard suspicious noises. And then I realized... oh shit, the baby! My other host brother (whom I hadn't even met yet, lol) is Takeshi, and his wife just had a baby named Haru. By the way, Takeshi looks a LOT like Satoshi, but kinda more defined and sharp. But they act and talk a lot alike, lol. Anyways, yesterday was Haru's first birthday. I knew the baby would be over, but I'd heard it would be while I was gone (originally it was for noon, then I heard 4:00). I guess they were coming for dinner, lol! My host mother rushes me into the room to see the baby and meet the family. And I'm like... "oh my gawd, my FACE" haha. The wife said hi and smiled at me as we all grinned at the baby, but I was like "oh lord... she's probably wondering what crazy, painted monster just came in the house." Still, no one mentioned it and we all sat around giggling and making funny noises at Haru-chan. Then Satoshi came back home, took one look at my face, looked at the wife, and said "bikkuri shita no?" meaning "were you surprised [when you saw Jamie's face]?" She was like "it's kinda surprising, yeah" lol. Then they all talked about Harajuku and the crazy youth these days, lol (not in a mean way, more in a fascinated way, lol).

More universal constants I've discovered: in all countries, grown men and women will turn themselves into damn fools around a baby and imitate it no matter what weird noises it makes. Haru-chan kept going "uma uma uma appu appu!" and then everyone would do it back. Yeah.......... Even Takeshi, a friggin' doctor, was making every sound and face possible to get Haru-chan to laugh. Oh, babies... they can get us to do anything, lol.

Then we had a celebratory dinner! Look at this beautiful sushi spread! Good sushi really does make a difference. This stuff was just so soft and moist and delicious... worth the fortune it probably cost, lol!

This was the full meal. My host mother made the spicy shrimp I love, and we had a pickled salad, kabocha (the squash I love so much), and a red rice and beans dish that is eaten at celebrations. It's REALLY sticky.

There was a cake for Haru-chan. Here he is picking a strawberry off the cake (I've noticed strawberry cake in Japan always seems to mean birthday cake).

Then he started demolishing the cake.

Oops. Eh, we ate it anyways, lol.

Here's Satoshi playing the piano with Haru-chan!

C'mon... c'mon... say d'aaaw! You know you can't resist!

So then they took the baby home and I quickly wiped the whorish crap off my face, lol.

Anyhoo, concerning Tokyo Decadence, here's the skirt I bought. This thing was only FIFTEEN DOLLARS - I'm not kidding! And it poofs up in the back almost like a hoop skirt.

The outermost layer of fabric is decorated in spider-web designs! Perfect for Halloween!

Unfortunately, Harajuku wasn't very successful for accessories, and I needed a red/black theme for my costume. Anyways, after I took off my whorish make-up and was about to get in the bath, my friend Marina called and invited me to her boyfriend's place to watch a movie. So I hopped in the bath and, at 10 PM headed back out, lol. I knew Mark lived close by, but I was quite shocked to realize he lives like... a seven minute walk from my house, lol. How convenient! Anyways, Marina made delicious curry rice and we drank SKYY Vodka (mmm) and watched G.I. Joe. What a STUPID movie, lol! It was made by the guy who did Van Helsing - no wonder! Why does that man even make movies, lol?! G.I. Joe made NO sense! I mean, the graphics are cool and stuff but... why was I watching, lol?! Anyways, it was driving me nuts that the little Asian kid in the movie looked so familiar. Then he started doing some crazy kung fu and an idea struck me. I looked it up later and found out I was right! Anyone here seen Tropic Thunder?! It was totally that crazy Vietnamese kid with the tattoos who kicked everyone's asses in Tropic Thunder! Man, I hope he becomes the next Jackie Chan, lol!

Anyways, onto Sunday! So Marina told me some good places in Shinjuku to pick up accessories!

So I found this store called Okadaya which had floors upon floors of amazing stuff for costumes! So, we've got some fake eyelashes...

Nail jewelry...

I also bought some red and silver hair extensions for really cheap, lol. The whole outfit is coming together smoothly. I'm using a Hot Topic corset from America and these crazy red and black tights and big platform-boots. Not sure about my make-up yet... we'll see...

Anyhoo, I ran into Marina in Shinjuku (we were gonna hang out anyways, lol) and we stopped off at McDonald's. I finally tried the ebi fillet (fried shrimp burger). Soooo good!!!

Also, not Japan-related but I am SOOOOO hooked on the new Rammstein CD!

Wow... I can't believe in less than a week I'll be seeing so many of my beloved bands... it's too crazy..............

Here's my schedules as it stands so far (subject to major change, though):


11:50 Penicillin
1:10 jealkb (probably won't go, though, cuz I want a good spot for D)
1:50 D
4:25 D'espairsray (yeah, again, haha)
4:40 Plastic Tree (I'll probably miss most if not all, though, cuz it's during two bands I like)
5:35 Moi dix Mois
6:20 Fashion show! Cool!
7:40 Marilyn Manson (I'll probably ditch some if not all to get a good spot for Tokyo Decadence, though... I can see him any time in the U.S. I dunno, we'll see...)


12:10 exist trace
1:00 Merry (oh my god YAAAY!!! I wouldn't miss this for the world!!!)
2:00 The Underneath
5:00 L.MC
6:40 Versailles (this will be such a sad event......)
7:30 The GazettE

This is gonna be CRAAAAZY! See ya'll soon!


  1. Awwww. I just looked at the venue map and the stage lineups... some of your plans might change when you see those. Some of the ones you're planning on a quick switch too are on opposite sides of the venue.

  2. Yeah, that's what I figured, that's why it's subject to change. For certain bands, I'd rather stake out a spot than see the band prior to them.