Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Brief Post

Just a quick post here! Yesterday I went to Harajuku and Shinjuku alone again. Anyways, I snagged a few pictures and had one good story to tell, so here we go!

First we have our weekly (bi-weekly? I dunno) Harajuku crepe update. This was a GODLY crepe. This was a "matcha pudding crepe" (matcha is green tea). It had a large slab of solidified green-tea pudding, doughy rice balls, sweet red bean paste, whipped cream, and the whole thing was smothered in brown sugar syrup. Oh my GAWD.

Also, amusing shout-out, mostly to my mother, lol. I FOUND SPICY GUACAMOLE PRINGLES IN JAPAN. Ahahahahahaha. I always tell people they're near impossible to find in America (my friends have seen me buy them spontaneously at gas stations in the middle of nowhere when I actually do find them). My mom searches for them all the time but, they're like impossible to find. Well, Kiddieland in Harajuku sells them in their "foreign foods" section, hahahaha! Now I'll have an easier time getting these than Americans, lol XD

On the train, I saw the greatest Engrish shirt ever. This is literally the greatest shirt I have ever seen. The best. If I wasn't against having complete sentences on my clothing, I would wear this shirt. This shirt... is perfect.

GIANT DACHSHUND PUPPY COIN LOCKERS!!! Come on, says "d'aaaaaaw" with me, lol.

Fantastic shot of Shinjuku at night:

I decided to give Baskin Robbin's in Japan a try. See, Shinya from Dir en grey once said his favorite ice cream was Baskin Robbin's and, like... he usually has kinda "classy, expensive" taste. So I found it hard to believe that would be his favorite since 31 Flavors in America is kinda... crap (well, maybe I'm just spoiled by Wisconsin ice cream, lol). Anyways, um... I get it now. Baskin Robbin's in Japan is WAAAAY better. It's really smooth and creamy and rich (not hard and cold like in America) and they have so many fantastic flavors you can't get in America (like green tea and Belgian chocolate chunk). And they give you lotsa free samples! Anyways, they had a big Halloween special going on with tons of flavors. They had candy corn ice cream! And they had this one that was mint ice cream swirled with dark chocolate ice cream and red candy pieces. Anyways, being the Pumpkin Fiend that I am, I had to get pumpkin pudding ice cream. With brown sugar swirl! Uuuuugh, amazing!

Then they had a free "scratch coupon" thing that came with your ice cream. I won a free Halloween ballpoint pen, lol!

Anyhoo, back to Harajuku. So I was looking for the Sex Pot Revenge store, because I couldn't find it last time. Well, I found it this time, and realized I had missed it last time because horny black men had chased me away from the street.  This time I found Sex Pot Revenge, where they had an epic freebie. Gara from Merry was actually posing on the cover of Vinyl Syndicate. Uuuuuuugh. Shirtless? Really? Are you trying to KILL me?!!

Oh my GAWD. This was FREE.

Sweet Jesus on cracker.........

The lady working there was kinda being a douche, so I took three copies, lol. They also had flyers for the Tokyo Decadence Halloween party in late October:

Buuuuuuuut, there's a slight problem. This party is on Oct. 24th (Sat.). As some know, that is the same weekend as the V-Rock Festival, which goes from the 24th to the 25th and cost me $200. Now... I'm a firm believer in having your cake and eating it too (obviously, hence all the food posts). So... I might try and see if I can do both. It would require being awake for 48 hours but... I've done that before, lol. See, I would have to go about two hours to Chiba for Day 1 of V-Rock, then catch a train back to Shibuya (hour and a half? Two hours?). Tokyo Decadence starts at 10:30 but goes till 7:00 AM (actually, you can't leave before dawn). Then I would head BACK to Chiba for Day 2 of V-Rock. Tokyo Decadence has a wild dress code requirement to enter but... V-Rock Festival is also probably gonna have some wildly decked out people, so..... hmm.... I could always sleep in an internet cafe, lol. See, V-Rock has over fifty bands, and... Tokyo Decadence will have DJ Sisen as usual and, I don't know how many have heard about this but, um... Kaya will be at Tokyo Decadence this year (along with Rolly. Fifty points to anyone who can tell me what ridiculous Japanese movie Rolly is from ^_^). So yeah... who here thinks this is a good idea, and who here thinks I'm being totally reckless? I would have school on Monday but... the following weekend is a four-day weekend so... I'd catch up on sleep at SOME point, lol XD

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