Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hi y'all! Not much to report today, but I've collected a ton of food pictures that I think are ripe for the viewing. Yeah, I know, all I ever talk about is food... but I AM American, right? I mean, we breathe pizza. So, enjoy a brief post on Japanese food (well, mostly sweets...)!

So, to start, we have this horrible monstrosity at the 7/11 on campus. This is cocoa in a milk carton. And it's huge. And delicious. Imagine your favorite brand of chocolate milk for a moment. Now imagine that chocolate milk with three times more chocolate. That's this shit.

This next image is a snack (dessert) that many Japanese food fans know about, but for those who aren't familiar, this is a pancake filled with "sweet bean paste." For those unfamiliar with Japanese food, that probably sounds disgusting, but it's actually quite delicious. Red beans are basically mixed and creamed with five gallons of sugar until it's sickeningly sweet, then they put it in stuff, like bread, or mochi (smooshed-up rice). Sometimes bean paste is even eaten plain. It's like peanut butter in that it comes in "smooth" or "chunky" or other varieties. And, much like peanut butter, I prefer smooth, and this one was a bit too chunky for my tastes.

The katakana on this container in this next picture quite literally says "kari kari double cheese." These seem like the Japanese equivalent of cheesy Fritos or something, lol. They tasted insanely unhealthy, haha.

Tiny little cups of tira misu! Aaaaaw!

Haagen Dazs in Japan has some magical flavors (like maple syrup). This is one of my personal favorites: sweet potato pie.

Also, swirly cream rolls! Here's my friend Geri eating one that I think was chestnut flavored?

Later, Geri and I decided to hang around Harajuku at night and do random crap (like go to Kiddyland, haha). While we were in Harajuku, we had the following picture for dinner... This is basically a fucking gigantic ball of takoyaki. For those who are unfamiliar with takoyaki, this may sound disgusting, but tako means octopus and yaki is fried, or cooked, etc. So takoyaki is basically an "octopus dumpling" or "octopus ball." It's a big, soft, fried dough ball with a bit of cooked octopus in the center. Then it's covered in something similar to Worcester sauce and fish shavings. These fish shavings tend to traumatize people because the steam rising from the ball makes the shavings look like they're waving around and moving. Anyways, it sounds awful, but takoyaki is quite delicious. I've never known anyone who didn't like it after trying it. Even people who are like "no way am I eating octopus" usually try it and go "damn... that's pretty good." It tends to be a favorite food among Japanese people. So this here is a JUMBO takoyaki (they're usually bite-sized). I forgot what it's called when it's jumbo but, yeah... due to its size, it also had shrimp and squid and oyster and sausage in it. Amazing. And the radioactive drink next to it is "melon soda" which is also amazing. Geri and I also split our money and splurged on some amazing cheese nan at an Indian restaurant (Indian food is SOOO expensive in Tokyo). Mmm... I love nan, lol.

Hope you enjoyed!!! See you all next time!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Those crows are huge and freaking awesome!!! So smart! Dude. The one actually WAITED for the crossing sign to go on!

    And damn... your noms sound amazing! I wanna try the sweet potato pie ice cream! And the toxic melon soda! Yummy! I can't wait to try some of those things!

  2. Crows really are smart. I like them :D

    Sweet Potato Ice Cream?!

  3. that cocoa beverage appears to be different brand but the EXACT THING ERIN VICTORIA AND I GOT LITERALLY ADDICTED TO FOR THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE IN JAPAN!!! beware my friend, beware.

    Commercial was amazing

    Crows were rediculous....I want one