Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fuck You, Harajuku

Yeeeeah, so yesterday... I discovered something faaaaar more dangerous than Like an Edison. If Like an Edison is the One Ring to Rule Them All, then this... what in the world would this be?!! What could possibly be a more corrupting force than the One Ring?!! I'll tell you what: going to Harajuku alone. Don't EVER do it. Because, you see, when you go to Harajuku with friends, there is someone there to tell you "hey, you shouldn't buy that, that's expensive and unecessary." Well, you know, I can one-up that too. You know what's even more dangerous than going to Harajuku alone? Going alone in a bad mood.

See, when I'm in a bad mood, there are only two things I know how to do: eat and shop. When I'm in a bad mood, there's no telling what useless crap I'll purchase, and what I'll put in my mouth (haha, that's what she said). So, because I was in a bad mood, I decided I didn't want to bring down the mood of my friends, so I was gonna hoof it alone. I'm not one of those sympathy-seekers when I'm crabby - I'd rather fester alone - with my wallet and a chocolate bar. So, I went to Harajuku alone, and by the end of the day, I'd eaten TWO crepes (shut up, one was really small) and spent....... more money than I even want to think about. I spent the whole train-ride home simply mortified, unable to comprehend the shopping I'd just done. Shall I confess to it all? Shall I? Sure, why not...

So, I had become very aware that my cell phone was NOT cool, lol. In Japan, if your phone isn't covered in 800 lbs. of glitter and 10,000 lbs. of accessories, then you just suck and should leave the country. So, my phone is NOT done yet, but here's the progress we've made so far. Yeah, I'm blingin'.

Anyhoo, as far as crepes go, first I got a cinnamon chocolate chip crepe. Good god, it's just wrong, it's so good. And it was cheap too, as far as crepes go. At first it was disappointing, till I realized the boiling hot cinnamon had melted the chocolate chips into a hot, fudgy pool of awesome halfway down the crepe. Later I also had a crepe with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. God, F my life.

So the shopping spree starts now! First, I bought a ton of hair accessories and other such useless crap.  Then I found the most AMAZING store. It's called Body Line, but you have to keep an eye open for it because it's on the second floor of another store, so it's easy to walk right past and never see it. Anyways, Body Line is amazing because it sells all manner of goth, lolita, and gothic lolita clothing, AND it's incredibly decently priced with a huge selection, AND - and this is a biiiig "and" - they sell all their outfits in sizes between S and 4L!!! So no matter if you're fat, got big hips, big boobs, or you're skinny as a fuckin' rail, you can get clothes here! Unfortunately, they don't let you try stuff on, but it's easy to eyeball and all my purchases fit great! Here we have a fantastic skirt
Best part? This skirt was only about $35. I got twice the fabric, twice the bling, and twice the win for half the price of a Hot Topic skirt. Unfortunately, I don't know how cool this skirt will remain. EVERYONE is buying this skirt. The cashier who rang up my stuff was wearing it and I saw about seven different people looking it over and/or buying it. Eh, what can I say, Japan has good taste, lol. Now, here's the real winner! I actually managed to buy a fantastic one-piece dress here!!!

Isn't it lovely? And it was only around $35! I wish I had a better picture from the back, because the back has a huge bow and it ruffles up in the back. Anyways, one piece dresses are always impossible for me because, um... I have a serious problem in the boobage department. Even in America it's hard for me to find one-piece dresses that will go over my boobs. Usually I wind up with an outfit that fits in the boobs but is baggy in the waist, or fits my waist, and is too tight in the boobs. So I eyeballed these dresses and grabbed a 2L and, you know what? It fits PERFECTLY! It fits perfectly over my boobs and, because of the bow, the waist-size is adjustable! This store is just FANTASTIC!!!

Also, I found the store with that crazy, bat-shit insane woman who used to do sizing and make clothing for visual-kei bands. Anyways, she saw my shirt and dragged me over and started showing me pictures of her hanging out with Dir en grey, lol. Then she's like "what are you looking for?" (she spoke all in English) and I was like "um, just looking..." So she's like "well, if you wanna look like Dir en grey - all black!!! They only wear black!" I was like "uum... sure..." Then the lady grabs these ridiculous-looking, red plaid pants and goes "except Die. Maybe him, he wear these." I was like "OMG no, haha, he would NOT wear those." Then the lady points at a bunch of skirts and goes "but that Toshiya... always with the skirts! Always, always, he want skirts!" Then I laughed because Dir en grey isn't visual-kei anymore and Toshiya is STILL wearing skirts, haha. Anyways, she tried to shove some clothes on me, but I kinda just wanted to escape lol. She looked me up and down and she was like "you need LARGE size, yeah? You not find it in that section, big Kyo clothing over here." I was like "whoa, okay, running away now" lol XD That woman is seriously nuts 0__0

Anyhoo, that's my fail for the weekend. I spent the whole train-ride home hating myself, trying to figure out what the hell I'd done. From now on, my wallet is OFF LIMITS. I'm serious. My wallet is CLOSED.


  1. Dude, that 2nd story store with the cute goth clothes sounds amazing! I love the clothes you bought! So cute! Cute phone too!

    Ruki costume.... Wowowowowowowowow, lol.

  2. Oh god, you would LOVE the Body Line store. It's just amazing. You can get ANYTHING there. The only tease is that they have fucking adorable hats, but the hats tend to cost more than the clothing :-( But the skirts, the dresses... everything is SO cute. And they have a huge bin of fake eyelashes to pick through, lol.

  3. Ruki Costume is AWESOME!!!! Even though it was a bad-mood day of least it turned out some awesome clothing XD

  4. You mail your wallet here right now! That costume store guy was probably laughing all the way to the bank when you walked out of that store!!! I could maybe understand the hat, or maybe the gloves, but a full replica? @.@

    Not that I should be talking... since I just found a buttload of unopened limited edition Pierrot cds from a store in Osaka on eBay... and Merry cds and dvds... and Kirito albums... and MUCC.... oh god...

  5. Evaaaaaaaaan, no, haha XD

    And yeah, the shop-keeper kinda had this look on his face like "I can't believe she's spending all this money on this ouftit." But honest to god, I KNOW I will wear that stuff. Maybe not all together or all at once, but all those items of clothing will be worn at some point - and probably sooner than you think, lol.

  6. Hi there! Just found your blog and I couldn't stop reading on the various concerts and interesting shops in Japan that you went to! A quick question: where is this EVIL STORE you were writing about in this entry? I didn't see it in my last 2 visits to Harajuku! Does it have a website with a map or something? I did find the store with that "crazy, bat-shit insane woman" you mentioned; her english's really good and told me that hyde gave her tics for the VAMPS live that day (which I was gonna attend) but was too busy to go and was really protective of the photos taken with bands scattered around the store. And you forgot to mention that mana's shop's fitting rooms are coffins -__-