Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Last... Food Post... Hopefully

So, I'm hoping this will be the last food post cuz, um... the whole eating everything in sight thing has to stop, lol. Back on ye olde diet. I've got some serious partying coming up in a few weeks so I need to start getting in shape and stop feeling like a fat cow. So, enjoy the pretty pictures now cuz, uh... this girl's goin' back on the greens, lol.

So today I hung out with my lovely Japanese friend Marina ^_^ We went to Hikarigaoka, even though neither of us had any idea what was there. At the station, we ate at a restaurant that serves various dishes of rice covered in egg and sauces. So we both ordered the same thing: cooked egg over rice with cheese and tomato sauce. It was like a rice-y, egg-y pizza, lol! Delicious! I also had this delicious drink... it was like iced coffee with milk and chunks of chocolate, and the chocolate sorta melted into the drink throughout the meal. Mmm.

Later, after realizing there wasn't much to do in Hikarigaoka, we met up with Marina's boyfriend and went to Shinjuku, lol. We hit up Baskin Robbin's again and I decided to go all the way. This was about seven bucks, but worth every penny. This is the Halloween Sundae, and you get to choose two ice cream flavors from the Halloween ice cream selection. So, to describe this monster... The pumpkin itself is a cream puff shell with an almond stem and chocolate eyes. Inside of the puff is my first ice cream flavor: Magical Mint Night. This was dark chocolate ice cream swirled with mint ice cream and mixed with crunchy, red candy pieces. Alongside the edge of the cup is whipped cream topped with fudge and peanuts, and a little white-chocolate ghost. Under the pumpkin-puff is my other ice cream flavor: Candyman. Candyman is hard to describe but it's chocolate ice cream with various candied... stuff in it. I detected some caramel and definitely some toffee going on. This whole concoction was, um... orgasmic. This was orgasmic ice cream. Possibly the most delicious thing I've ever eaten.

After ice cream, I parted ways with Marina and Mark and went home. However, I suddenly realized that I had never had dinner, apart from ice cream. And I was feeling oddly hungry, despite the sundae. So I decided to give in and try a Japanese McDonald's (Marina and Mark ate it earlier while I was with them, so that must've put the idea in my head, lol). Four year ago I was in Japan for two weeks. Now I've been in Japan for over three weeks. So, in all, I've lived in Japan for almost a month and a half of my life. And not once have I ever tried the McDonald's. I don't really like McDonald's in America but... I figured what the hey... I ordered the "set" which was about six bucks. Here we have a teriyaki burger, fries, and grape Fanta. It was a risk because I don't like teriyaki or hamburgers, lol. But, after biting into my burger, I realized it definitely wasn't beef. Was it pork? I don't know - it was whitish. Everyone always tells me the teriyaki burger is great and, um... yeah, it was pretty damn tasty, honestly. No creepy, beefy meat going on. Mayonnaise, lettuce... It was pretty damn delicious. But I think next time I'd rather try their shrimp burger, lol. Fries were the same as America (which is good cuz I like McDonald's fries). Grape Fanta is great. See, in Japan, soda is sweetened with sugar, not corn syrup, lessening the calories and making it taste way more delicious.

Also, to help me diet, I bought some grape-ish flavored gum. Gum in Japan is ridiculously pricey but I love it cuz it comes with a roll of little sheets you can use to wrap your gum in when you're done, lol. Every time I crave sweets from now on, I'm popping a piece of gum. This is gonna be my Nicorette, lol.

Anyways, some might remember my V-Rock/Tokyo Decadence dilemma in the last post? Problem solved. I spoke with Marina, we looked over maps, etc. etc. Anyways, Marina went to the Loud Park Festival last year, which is run by the same people as V-Rock. She says the festival probably won't start till around 1:00 PM. Then it ends somewhere between 10:00 and midnight. From my station to the Makuhari Messe, it's actually only between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on train route. Anyways, from Makuhari Messe to Shinjuku (where Tokyo Decadence is) it's only about an hour. So yeah, fuck that, I'm doing both. I'll go to concerts all day Saturday, party all night in Tokyo, sleep in an internet cafe in Shinjuku (Marina showed me a good one with an "all girl's" floor) for about five or six hours, then go back to the festival for Day 2 of concerts. Then go to school on Monday. But really, I've done reckless things like this in the past. My friends and I used to go to school on Tuesday, then run home, do homework, change, and go to Club Five and dance for four hours straight till two in the morning. Get home at 4:00 depending on after-party activities, sleep a few hours, then go back to school. Or Dir en grey... We bussed it three hours from Madison to Chicago, waited in line to see Dir en grey for seven hours, spent hours at the concert, went to my house, slept two hours, hitched a 6:00 AM bus back to Madison and made it back with only twenty minutes to spare to get to class. I'm used to doing stupid shit with no sleep, lol. Honestly, I'm excited. This sounds fucking EPIC. Usually, only California girls cracked out on cocaine party for 48 hours straight with no sleep but... I'm going to prove it can be done on nothing but coffee and Red Bull, lol.


  1. Oh my god, I have always wanted to go to a Tokyo Decadence party!!! I can't wait for your report of it...Watch out for dealers though. ;)

    (This is Allison btw)

  2. lols, we just spent like twenty minutes on Wednesday last week talking about that lightbulb dude. He's Itou Atsushiro, and that instrument he invented is called the Optron. He's part of the "Noise" scene in Japan.

  3. Yaaay, Allison, hi!!! It's nice to see you on my blog!!! Honestly, going to the Tokyo Decadence Halloween party was one of the #1 things I wanted to do in Japan (I'll probably go to the Christmas party too). My friend Marina went last year (she's going this year too) and she knows the guy running it. It's going to be sooooo fucking awesome. And don't worry, I'll avoid the dealers! Sophia has a strict "if you get caught with drugs you get expelled" policy, lol.

    Also, wow, Evan... leave it to you to know who the random lightbulb guy is, lol. The only person I recognized in the whole video was DJ Sisen, obviously. I don't care for "Noise" music but actually... that whole act looked awesome, lol.