Friday, October 2, 2009

School Shmool

Just a quick post about my first couple days of school before the TOTALLY AWESOME CONCERT REPORT THAT CAN BE FOUND ABOVE.

I hate school. Seriously. No matter what country I'm in, I've always hated school. My problem is, I'm a very contrary person. So... hours upon hours of being told what to do doesn't sit too well with me, lol. For starters, it's been raining for days, and a typhoon is coming in right now and shaking my windows like some kind of horror movie. Second of all, stupid Sophia stuck me back in intermediate Japanese because I suck at kanji - which is fine and all, that's probably the right level, but I'm relearning the fucking IJ again. Just when I thought I was free of the goddamn IJ.  And re-using the IJ means I have to redo the workbook again!!! AND, because I'm taking intensive Japanese, I have two new kanji books to do for homework, tons of new kanji I didn't learn last year, and lots of new handouts and homework sheets to fill in. EW EW EW. Three hours of Japanese a day........... I can't fucking taking it. YUUUUCK.  I attempted to argue with my professor about maybe moving me into the next highest level to escape from the IJ, and I even threw enough honorifics at the professor that I might as well have just bent over and exposed myself. When I explained I'd already learned the IJ from the FUCKING WOMAN THAT WROTE IT he goes "ah, Madison desu ka?" Yeah, Madison, asshole. He then tells me it's not uncommon for Madison students to test back into the IJ textbook again.

Well, isn't that just all kinds of ironic.

Anyways, the professor told me to sit in on 270, see how it goes, and then talk to the 280 teacher if I still think it's too easy. But after sitting in on 270, I've decided to stay. Yeah, it's the IJ again, but... we're spending three hours a week JUST on kanji - we have a special kanji teacher and everything, and we're spending serious amounts of time on the IJ. Like, I was worried that fifteen hours a week meant it was the IJ but slower. But no, we're learning the same stuff but diving WAY deeper into it (OMG I finally know the difference between -ta bakari and -ta tokoro - THANK YOU). So I'm going to stay put, especially because I have to take at least two other courses or one super hard course because MADISON IS SO FUCKING STRICT ABOUT CREDIT TRANSFERS (seriously, all the Europeans are taking intensive Japanese and nothing else! Madison wouldn't let me DARE!).

Anyways, yeah, this shit makes me irritable. Plus, I got lost on the way to school today (walked out the wrong exit at my station - whoops) and I was fifteen minutes late for class, which is bad cuz they're super strict about it. Thankfully, I whipped out my keigo honorific crap and said "osokunatte sumimasen deshita" (rough translation: "will the lord ever forgive me for being late, good GOD I'm sorry") and the professor let me off the hook, lol.

If my credit transfers don't work out better, I dunno if I can finish my majors in four years. Ugh. I'm trying for upper-level credits right now, to at least finish those requirements, but... damn, senior year looks like it's going to be horrendous.


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