Friday, October 30, 2009

Tokyo Decadance

Here we go! The Tokyo Decadance fourth anniversary Halloween party! For those who haven't had the chance yet, please check below for my post about the V-Rock Festival Day 1.

Anyways, after I left Chiba prefecture from the V-Rock Festival, I hitched a train back to Shinjuku for the Tokyo Decadance party! Unfortunately, by now, my feet were completely hosed. Nonetheless, I was determined to make it to this party, lol! I got there in about an hour and met up with some friends around Shinjuku station. Grabbed some food, wandered a little, waited for various friends to show up, blah blah blah. Also... it was kinda raining, ew. But anyhoo, once everyone was gathered, we basically huddled in the east exit of Shinjuku station and did our makeup in public (even though it's considered rude to publicly put on makeup in Japan, lol). I did my makeup in less than ten minutes, while standing, with a compact mirror. Here's how it turned out (my face looks stupid in this picture, lol):

This is a better angle. Also, for those wondering how I kept my bangs in those curls... I actually smeared false-eyelash glue into my hair, haha.

Here's some of my Spanish-speaking friends getting ready, lol.

Sorry for the shaky photo. Who took this picture? David? Anyways, lol! Here's a bunch of us. Not all were going to the party, but this is a cute picture anyways, lol. Sorry my outfit's hidden under a sweatshirt... but it was really cold in the doorway, lol.

After we'd dropped off some crap in the coin-lockers, we walked to the Christon Cafe where the party was taking place. The line was snaking down the road, filled with assorted weirdos sporting strange makeup and wigs and boots. We had to wait in line for over an hour (oy, my feet...). My friend Geri and I were getting hit on by this Total Asshole from Kyushu. His friend was adorable and nice and held an umbrella over our heads for us, but the Total Asshole just went on and on about America and Japan and commented on our boobs, etc. But other Japanese people in line were really nice and friendly and fun to talk to. The whole line thing was good Japanese practice, lol.

Anyways, I took a picture once the line moved indoors. The totally adorable Japanese guy covered in blood is my friend's friend. He was really nice, and I helped him do his make-up, lol.

Here's Geri posing with Total Asshole and his friend. Total Asshole is, of course, the one torturing his poor friend. His friend kept saying "uruseeee!" at Total Asshole, roughly translating to "shut uuuuuup!" or "you're being obnoxious!!!"

Once we got through the doors, we had to go through a haunted house. I HATE haunted houses, so I made Geri go first, lol. Of course, Total Asshole was clinging to me. Ew, lol. After the haunted house, we had to go through a dress-code check from this crazy drag-queen (who, as Geri pointed out, makes a guest appearance in a Plastic Tree music video. Ten points to anyone who can find our drag queen in a Plastic Tree music video, lol). Dress-code was pretty strict, with 4000 yen charged to those without costumes and 3500 to those dressed up. 3000 yen discounts were only given to the most outlandishly-insane people. Luckily, I pre-purchased a ticket, so I got in for 3000 yen, haha.

Here's a picture of the party from the stairs leading down into the restaurant. Yes, the Christon Cafe is heavily Jesus-themed, lol. I love irony, haha.

Once inside, everyone got a free Bloody Mary. We dropped off our stuff, admired the assorted costumes, and checked out the dance floor. All manner of assorted weirdo was bopping to typical club-style music. People were sucking on penis-shaped lollipops or glowing candy. There were men in nothing but thongs. There were foreigners, Japanese... even some guy on crutches. We had cross-dressers, cosplayers, lolitas... Oh, and the organizer's host club friends were there, so there were lots of pretty men in suits drinking alcohol and pretending to be bored, lol. Oh, shout out to foreigners: if you're going to get blasted at a Japanese party, don't turn into a fucking asshole and start molesting the Japanese girls. ESPECIALLY YOU, ASSHOLE ITALIANS IN THE BACK ROOM.

Anyways, soon enough this... thing, came onto the dance floor. I think he's called "Rare Robot Shinji" but it was this dude who had built himself a giant, 10 foot tall robot suit that he was able to completely control from the inside (it was a fully-functioning robot). Anyways, this Gundam-like thing came out onto the dance-floor and like... he danced, lol. The robot was totally rocking out to the music, haha. And you could totally dance with the robot! I decided to stay in the inner-circle and party with the robot, lol. There's a good video of Rare Robot Shinji later in the post!

Among the dance floor... here's my friend, looking like he just got hazed, lol.

And (bragging moment): HERE'S ME WITH DJ SISEN WHOOO!!! It was almost impossible to get near him because everyone was surrounding him and talking to him all the time and he was usually too drunk to understand anything (once his performance was over he just drowned himself in a bottle of whiskey, as you can see). But still, I TOOK A PICTURE WITH DJ SISEN - YEEEEAH! All credit goes to Geri for the picture lol (thanks for putting up with DJ Sisen being too drunk to know his name, haha).

I wish I had more details about this party but my feet hurt so bad that I spent the majority of the party sitting in the back room in agony, lol. I did get up for a vodka and ginger-ale, though, haha. Oh, and I also got onto the raised block in the center of the dance-floor and danced up there, haha. I stole this picture-evidence off Nao's Facebook, lol:

Anyways, even though I don't know his music at all, one of the acts I most wanted to see was Kaya. This lovely cross-dresser (yes, it's a he) is Kaya:

Here's another perty picture:

Unfortunately, I had no idea when he'd be performing. We got to see Rolly perform. He's that nutcase from the movie Suicide Club (Jisatsu Saakuru) who rapes people in bags and sings weird songs. He's also a main actor in the Japanese production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. He's just... weird, lol. You can see him in the video I'll post at the end. I ran into Rolly in the back room as he was leaving. I smiled at him and he smiled back, lol. Unfortunately, thanks to my stupid feet, I missed Issey and the Fire Dancers. DAMNIT. Oh well, maybe some other time... But I did get to see the girl with the nose-band doing her stripper-dance. Anyhoo, around 4:30 AM they wheeled out the giant, penis-covered cake for over 1200 people. Then this cross-dressing guy got on stage and he seemed... he seemed like he'd had a rough night, lol. He was wearing a haphazard kimono that was barely on, and his hair was all over his face. He got up in front of the cake and started performing some really catchy music. Then he just sorta... lost control of himself. He started running up and down the stairs, draping himself over the banister... then his clothing started coming off. Soon he was half-naked, grabbing at audience-members, making love to the banister... Geri and I were cracking up at this ridiculous lunatic. We were like "what is UP with this psychopath?!!" But the audience was eating it up. People were reaching out for this guy like he was the Second Coming. And the dress-code check drag-queen was standing on the balcony clutching a hand to his chest and fanning himself, lol. Anyways, after several songs, the crazy person finally gathered up his kimono and left, lol. At that point, I was too tired and in too much pain to stay for cake, so I decided to leave. I was really upset that I was leaving before I got to see Kaya, but... I knew I needed to rest before I returned to the V-Rock Festival, lol.

Geri and I left together and stopped off at an internet cafe, which is this great Japanese invention for people who missed the last train. For a minute-by-minute fee, you get your own room for really cheap, with internet, TV, porn, etc, lol. And people often sleep there. Here's our room:

Here's me dicking around in the room, lol:

Anyways, I'm a cheapskate, so I only stayed for 45 minutes, lol. Then Geri and I left, caught breakfast, and I wandered Tokyo till I decided to find a train back to Chiba.

So real quick... let's fast-forward to over 24 hours later. I'm back at Sophia, talking to my friend Mark. Here's how the conversation goes:

Mark: So when did you leave the party?

Me: Umm... around 4:30, I think.

Mark: Wait, did you even stay for Kaya?

Me: [pouting] No....

Mark: Well, anyways, this person totally ruined Marina's shoes at the party. See, after Kaya performed, they served the cake and -

Me: Wait. AFTER Kaya performed, they served the cake...?

Mark: Uh... yeah?

Me: So you mean... that lunatic in the kimono was KAYA?!!

Mark: The guy who was completely convinced he was a woman? Yeah, that was Kaya.

Me: ...but... but Kaya is usually... so elegant... and... THAT WAS KAYA?!!

Yeeeeeeeeah. Kaya, lolita-esque, dainty, elegant, playfully-prancing Kaya had ONE HELLUVA NIGHT. I am not unfamiliar with Kaya. I've seen how he usually performs ontage. He's usually dainty... refined... elegant... WHAT HAPPENED?!! Mark said people just usually do stuff at Tokyo Decadance they would never normally do. I spoke with Marina later. She said she talked to Kaya after the show and he said he was "a little bit hyper, since it was after four in the morning." Really?  Just a little bit hyper?!!

So yeah... that was my adventure at Tokyo Decadance, lol. Good times were had by all! I danced with a robot, smiled at Rolly, saw Kaya's nipples, and got a picture with DJ Sisen! I was left totally crippled, but that didn't stop me from going back to V-Rock Festival for day 2, haha. So stay tuned! I'm SUPER excited to talk about day 2 because it was AMAZING so keep an eye out for my next V-Rock post - coming soon!


  1. I'm determined to find that PV for you. PT have way too many effing PVs, but the upside to it is that I am finally getting around to watching a lot of them.

    I'll post several links with any potential appearances by this drag queen you mentioned. This one has some clown characters in it, and I can't tell for sure if the one in the wedding dress is a guy.

    This one has some circus-y folk in it. It's actually a really creepy video @.@

    This one's got some strange characters. I really like Ryutaro's wings when he's on the swing. I want them... and I think I want to cosplay that next year... He also ends up being a marionette in this one ;D

    This one has some freaky characters too. Very creepy vid D:
    Plus the angel character has Rytaro's wings too :D

  2. Sorry Evan, it's none of those videos :-( I'll give you a hint: robots/video games. Good luck, haha.

  3. OH DUH. It's their new one for Consent

    I know exactly what you were talking about now xD

  4. Oh, and I remember a long chat about this on JrockNYC
    His name is Onan Spelmermaid

  5. Hahaha, BINGO you win!!! Plus ten points!!! Yeah, the dress-code check was done by Onan (he's only listed as Onan at the party) and he was the one swooning over Kaya on the stairs, lol. And he's also in the Plastic Tree video for Consent. He looks even weirder in person, lol.

  6. It looks like you had an awesome awesome time! What was Rolly like live? Creepy?

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