Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Lawd, Another Food Post... and Some Stupid Stories...

Oh geez, look who pigged out again and had to talk about it. Thank god my host mother only feeds me healthy food or I'd be so fat by now, lol. Anyways, yesterday Geri and I went to Shibuya for another one of those 90-minutes-to eat-all-the-sweets-you-want places. This one was even better than the other one, OMG. To start off with... PASTA!!! This was friggin' awesome pasta. It was garlic pasta with some Canadian bacon thrown in. Mmmmmm... I had seconds, lol.

Before we dive into the next two pictures, please bear in mind that this food is TINY, okay. This is not as horrifying as it looks, lol. This is a normal-sized plate covered in sweets. My stomach has a limit just like a normal person, lol. So yeah, here's round one of awesome:

Aaaand, good god I went back for seconds, lol. But they had cinnamon cookies! You know how hard it is to find cinnamon in Japan?!! What can I say, I like a side of diabetes with my dinner, lol.

Anyways, while Geri and I were eating, I suddenly came to realize that the view outside the window was.......... interesting. The sweets place was sort of underground, so the window was level with the street and you could watch people walking by. And I began to realize that, since we were a bit down an alleyway, all manner of strange people were walking by. Like, fancy and/or shit-kicker types of people. As I was observing, this one man walks by... and he's kinda short and he's with a super-fancy girl who has long, blond hair in ringlets and a fuzzy white coat and fake eyelashes. And this short guy... he has copper-colored hair, kinda wavy, really long on one side. And he has this sort of attractively-scowling face. And I suddenly got a good look at his face and my stomach almost hit the floor. Mah friends, this man was the fucking SPITTING IMAGE of Kyo from Dir en grey. Like... I watched him with microscope levels of scrutiny for about fifteen seconds before he disappeared, and not one thing about him could lead me to believe he was anyone else. And yet... I was damn sure Kyo was still in America, lol. When I got home, the first thing I did was check online and, yeah... Dir en grey are in America for one more day. But holy shit this guy scared the crap out of me, lol. I wish I had a picture! He was OBVIOUSLY trying to look like Kyo, though. I mean, really... the hair? Why else would anyone cut their hair so that the two sides are a good five inches different in length?

Well, these fellers walking by got me and Geri talking about JRock a bit. And I mentioned that I've always been disappointed that for all the concerts I've seen and all the concert DVDs I've watched, I've not ONCE seen a JRocker sneeze on stage. Cuz like... I think that would just be the funniest thing ever. Well, let's fast-forward to after we leave the sweets shop. Geri and I parted ways at Shinjuku station and I continued on to Ikebukuro. At Ikebukuro, this dude gets on the train...  He was short as hell (maybe... 5'3"?) and he was dressed to the nines, with chains, a leather coat, over-sized boots, over-dyed, super-shocked hair like he'd been electrocuted. This guy didn't walk on the train, he fuckin' strutted onto the train. Now I looked up immediately and I was already scrutinizing... Weeeeell, he saw me scrutinizing and made a strange face and then decided to make shit awkward by sitting right next to me. Sigh. And I mean... so very next to me that he elbowed me continuously since he was the type who obviously "don't fuckin' care cuz he be too cool fo' yo' mama" or whatever. And god DAMN was he trying hard to impress me or something. When the intercom started blah blah blah-ing about not using your cell phone on the train, he purposely whipped out his cell phone and started calling somebody. People were staring at this kid in shock, lol. No one EVER makes a call on their cell phone on a train in Japan. Anyhoo, when this little dude was done with his call, he pulled out his headphones (elbowing me several more times) and I stole a glance at his phone. On the background of his phone was a purikura photo of himself with four other equally over-done guys. Who IS this guy, damnit?! Well, anyways, I was staring at his phone in the rumbling silence of the train when alluva a sudden... this guy let out the most explosive sneeze I've ever heard. Now, sneezing alone is funny. Sneezing on a silent train is funny. Sneezing after you just had a conversation about JRockers sneezing........... oh my god, I could hardly contain myself. I was holding my breath and turning red trying not to suddenly explode with laughter. I was pretty much shaking in a silent fit of hysteria. And just when I was about to get a hold of myself... he nearly pitched off his seat and sneezed again. I'm surprised I didn't just split at the seams laughing. Strange sounds kept threatening to pop out of my mouth, lol. I was almost crying holding it in. I pretty much shook silently till we got to my stop, lol. But yeah, I never did figure out who this kid was... But as a closing tidbit to our short story, when I got up at Heiwadai to leave the train... this kid, for no reason at all, scooted over and took my spot and sat there. Uuuuuuum. Okay. Not too strange, lol. What a sneezing weirdo...

Also, here's a story to be added to my list of "strangest things that have ever happened to Kita." It's a difficult list to compete with, since it includes such events in my life as slipping down a staircase covered in beer, being the accidental cause of a man with his hair gelled into horns cracking his head open on a floor, and Tokyo Decadance in general. Anyways, this story is short and strange. And this is all it is: me sitting at a table of Japanese people cheering while fish skin dangles out of my mouth. That's the story. I was literally reeling a whole strip of scaly fish-skin into my mouth when Satoshi suddenly cried out in elation that the white-girl was actually attempting such Japanese cuisine, and then everyone applauded while the fish skin dangled out of my mouth in surprise. Yeah........ I've led an interesting life to say the least, lol.

Well, that's about all for now. This is me wasting time instead of studying for the grammar midterm that's... tomorrow, lol. Whatever, don't care!!! Tra la la!

See you all soon!!!


  1. MANSON CONCERT!!! MANSON CONCERT!!!! I called it! I totally win 10 points XD

    That is all XD

  2. YAAAY! 10 points for Dylan (I knew you'd get that one right, lol)!!! Although... I still say it wasn't my fault that guy cracked his head open... I could not have been expected not to fall forward, lol. That was his fault for being a stoned-out druggie, lol. Still, he didn't seem to unhappy. He cracked his head open and then merrily crowd-surfed away, haha XD And I don't think anyone will be able to guess the other story so I'll just say... Korn concert on the second floor of the Avalon, lol.