Sunday, November 29, 2009

Small Shopping Spree

Well, I've been informed from a few people that my last blog was kinda depressing so... let's perk it up a little shall we? We can contrast starving Africans with an extreme surplus of food in an industrialized country, lol. Anyways, I really didn't feel like doing any homework on Sunday, so Geri and went to Shibuya to just dick around and waste our time (and really... wasting one's time is simply the best way to spend it!!). I wound up opening my wallet a few too many times, but I was overall frugal about the whole thing - honest! Let's just start off with a weekend's-worth of food, lol.

This first picture is tonkatsu curry rice. Tonkatsu is Japanese pork cutlet. Usually in America I avoid pork like the plague because I think it's disgusting. Even in Japan I almost never touch pork. But for some reason... I really, really like tonkatsu - especially over curry rice. I eat tonkatsu curry rice at school all the time, but this was a restaurant-style katsu-curry, so... it was better, lol. This was some kind of black curry, too. Geri laughed in disbelief as I put about two tablespoons of spicy chili oil into my curry, lol.

Later on we found a bakery-cafe that actually had cinnamon buns! Cinnamon is almost non-existent in Japan, which torments and tortures my spice-loving self. Nothing will make me sadder than a holiday season without gingerbread cookies this year :-( But still... this place had apple cinnamon buns! It was soooo good! And I got hot chocolate too! The little green thing is a very Japanese concoction. It's a "mochi doughnut." Mochi is pulverized rice that turns into a sticky paste. So this doughnut had a blob of mochi in the middle, lol!

These next pictures were from today. Geri and I went to an omu-rice restaurant. Omu-rice is a very strange Japanese invention but it's very popular here and very tasty and many restaurants specialize exclusively in omu-rice. Omu is a Japanese contraction of "omelet." So they basically take a big mound of rice (usually buttered rice or tomato-rice) and then cook eggs over the top of it like an omelet. So it's like... a rice omelet? And then they usually put all sorts of bizarre stuff all over the omelet, like weird sauces or seafood or cheese, etc. This particular one that I got was grautin-style omu-rice. So it was a pile of tomato rice covered in egg, and then the whole thing was sitting in a cheesy, creamy sauce. Devastatingly unhealthy, to be sure, but tooootally delicious!

We ate the omu-rice at around 4:00 and skipped dinner entirely. Later on, around 8:00, instead of dinner we went to a dessert shop. This below is a tira-misu parfait. Uuum, yeah, they might as well have put sex in a cup, lol. It had full chunks of tira-misu cake, all on top of whipped cream and a swirl of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and fudge and caramel sauce. And the bottom was corn flakes, lol. Soooo good.

But enough about food! HAVE A HEALTHY, DAILY DOSE OF ENGRISH!!! YAAAAY!!! This was on the back of a sports jacket, haha:

Anyways, as we wandered Shibuya, I wound up making some purchases here and there. But... to my credit, I haven't done that in at least a month! First, I found the cutest little side-hat!!! I had one from Hot Topic in America that cost thirty bucks but... it broke after only one use (the whole clip-thing came off). I was irritated, but brought it to Japan anyways. Well, I'm gonna throw it out cuz this new one is AMAZING! It was only twelve dollars and it's actually way cuter and... instead of one big comb-thing that can easily fall off, it has two, solidly-stapled clips that sit on opposite ends of the hat, meaning it gets secured in your hair completely. So yeah, this thing is SOLID. I'm gonna wear it to a concert for sure!!!

As you can see in the next picture, I bought what might very well be the cutest goddamn gloves EVER. And it's getting cold here so... I feel justified, lol. Plus, they match the equally black-and-white-striped scarf I bought for the winter. They were cheap, too, and the only pair they had. There were tons of gloves like this but... in ugly colors. They only had this one pair of black and white. And they were 10% off! They were only around ten bucks! Aren't they cuuuuuute?!! And they're super warm and soft and fuzzy!

We also stumbled upon this great store that only sells socks and leggings and leg-warmers and stuff... but super, super cute. Stuff you'd never see in the U.S. There was a pair of sparkly leggings with stars all over them that I'm pretty sure I'll buy in the future. See... I wasn't sure if I could buy leggings in Japan because sizes are so limited and... I'm not exactly a small person. But I only own thin, see-through tights or thin, see-through leggings. And it's getting cold here so, if I'm going to wear skirts, I need something thick and warm. Plus... solid colors just look more flattering. The largest size they had was just listed as M-L which was 85-95 cm in the hips. I was like... what does that even mean? I calculated that to be a maximum of 38 inches in the hips. I was pretty worried cuz... I don't think I'm under 38 inches in the hips... but I didn't want to invest in any cute leg-warmers or other leggings unless I knew I could get away with it. So, feeling nervous, I bought a cheap, ten dollar pair of thick, solid, black leggings. And guess what...? They FIT!!! They fit perfectly well! I'm still totally shocked! I can buy shirts in Japan but... I never thought I could buy anything below the waist! I'm still totally amazed! Now I have to go back and get all the sparkly leg-warmers or star-covered leggings and other crazy stuff they sell! It's all decently priced and I wear that stuff almost every day (because I have a weird sense of fashion, lol) so... OMG excited!!! God... I'm so glad I dropped over thirty pounds before coming to Japan, lol XD Otherwise that shit never would've worked! Fitting into those leggings makes me feel a little less fat... Or at least, as not-fat as I'll ever feel without... actually being less fat, haha XD

Anyhoo, I moved onto Tower Records after the department stores because Amazon had failed to understand my address for some reason and never shipped out my special edition Rammstein CD (grrrr). I also knew Dir en grey had been featured in some magazines, so I wanted to check it out. Sure enough, I found a really, really beautiful spread of Dir en grey in Ongaku to Hito magazine but... it was only a few pages and absolutely no other good bands so... I decided not to buy it.

BUT! Dir en grey was totally on the cover of GiGS! Oh my GAWD. This I bought. And it's so cheap, too! If I wanted to buy GiGS in America, I'd have to go to Mitsuwa and pay $15 or more for import price. This magazine in Japan, my friends... 7 dollars. That's it. Seven fucking dollars. Such a steal!!!

Here are my wonderful, sexy boys on the cover!!!


Sorry for the glare but.......... AAAAGH SEXY!!! LEATHER GLOVES - SQUEEEE!!!

Here's Die and Kaoru's page. Man... Die looks PISSED.

Here's Shinya and Toshiya. Geez, Shinya looks like a girl.

And the magazine came with a butt-load of STICKERS!!!


And finally... yay!!! They had one last copy of the special edition of Rammstein's new CD "Liebe ist fur Alle da"!!

Oh, and for my Dir en grey fans here... Tower Records also sells the original versions of Dir en grey's "I'll" single in those tiny little disk formats - and they're only fifteen bucks! Of course, the song sucks so... it's not that big of a deal but... it's an interesting that they still sell that single from 1996 and they still sell it in the original, half-sized format. Well, I thought it was interesting anyways, lol.

Hope this was a perkier post that the last one! Back to school tomorrow so... goodnight, all!

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