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Yokohama, Asakusa 2, and the Ueno Zoo

I'm baaaaaack. Too soon? Lol. Anyways, this post is a little late, sorry. The events I'm writing about happened on Monday and Tuesday, but this isn't being posted till Friday. If that's a problem, try talking to my Japanese teachers, who seem to thoroughly believe I have no life outside their classroom. Even as I type this, I'm glancing wearily at the 50+ kanji-words I'm supposed to know for a small test tomorrow, lol. Blah, such is life.

So this post is SUPER PICTURE HEAVY. But most of the pictures are of cute animals, so I'm sure you'll enjoy, lol. So, because last weekend was a four-day weekend, my travel-buddy Geri decided we should explore beyond Tokyo a bit. Thus, on Monday, we decided to go to Yokohama, which is just outside Tokyo. On the way, we stopped at Mos Burger, which is a Japanese burger joint I'd been dying to try. I had a shrimp burger of course, lol:

After that, we decided to try and find this famous shrine where the maneki-neko (waving-cat statues) supposedly originated. For those who are unfamiliar with maneki-neko, they look like this:

It took awhile to find the place, but lots of shops in town had bazillions of waving-cat statues in their windows, lol. Here's a random picture of me on the way, looking totally evil. Bitchin', haha.

Then we found the shrine! There were no waving-cat statues here, lol, but the shrine was quite lovely to look at. I took more pictures than I'm posting, but I'm too lazy to post them, lol. But here are some nice ones. This was a strange little offering-area:

This was the front gate:
A bell:
A cemetery. Is this bad? Should I not take a picture of this? I feel guilty, lol.

After the shrine, we went to McDonald's for McFlurries. In Japan, one McFlurry reigns supreme: the marron McFlurry. This is basically a chestnut-cake McFlurry. Far superior in deliciousness to the McFlurries of America, lol.

Anyways, Geri and I wanted to venture Yokohama at night, when it supposedly looks its best. I wholeheartedly agreed, especially because poor Jasmine You of Versaille's dying wish was to see the night-sky in Yokohama, which he saw, but only from inside the car since he was too ill to get up. I wanted to know what it was that he found so lovely about the Yokohama night-sky...

Anyways, Yokohama is famous for this massive Ferris-wheel. It also happens to be the world's largest clock (it's called the Cosmo Clock 21). This thing is HUGE, lol:

REALLY huge:

And this was a giant amusement-park ride near the Ferris-wheel. You shoulda heard the screaming coming from this thing, lol.

Big-Ass Ferris-Wheel:


So I took a ton of pictures from up top in the Ferris-wheel. The view of Yokohama from up there is quite beautiful. See the tower all the way on the left? That's the tallest building in Japan:

More aerial shots:

I love this one. I definitely came to realize what Jasmine You loved so much about the sky in Yokohama. Although the sky is just as light-polluted as the sky in Tokyo... it seems so much less crowded, somehow. Like... it's just big. And wide. And endless. And it reflects on the water in Yokohama. It's really quite beautiful.

My favorite shot of the day. This is a shot from above the roller-coaster that rides around the Ferris-wheel:

Reflections on the water:

Here's a large boat:

Also, Geri and I stopped at Coldstone to see how it differed from America. For one thing, it's expensive as hell, lol. But the flavors are great. They have earl grey tea ice cream! Anyways, I got a friggin' delicious one called Green Tea Party. It's green tea ice cream mixed with whipped cream and chunks of yellow cake, topped with green tea powder. OMG YES.

And that concludes Yokohama! On Tuesday, Geri and I decided to go to Asakusa. I've been there three times now, but it's always a good trip. Anyways, does anyone remember me miserably lamenting a beautiful fan in Asakusa that I was too cheap to buy? It was in my previous Asakusa post. Well, they were still selling it!!! This time I didn't let it slip by, lol. Isn't it beautiful?!! It's an albino peacock, and the whole thing is trimmed in gold. I love it!

Anyways, Asakusa was lovely, blah blah blah. I don't need to post more pictures, lol. If you'd like to see Asakusa, check out my previous Asakusa post on the blog. Oh, and because Geri and I are lame, despite being in a traditional part of Tokyo, we stopped off for Indian food instead, lol. For ten bucks it was all you could eat! Mmmm... soooooo gooooooood.

Also, a random festival was going by in Asakusa. I thought these crane-ladies were awesome, lol:

After we left Asakusa, we figured we were near Ueno, and Geri had heard there was a zoo there. Off to the zoo! So who's ready for some totally freaking adorable animal pictures?!! You ready?! Ready to squee?! Here we go!

First off, half the reason I wanted to go the zoo was because Geri said they had red pandas. In fact, I overhead someone say the zoo is FAMOUS for its red pandas. As many know, red pandas (also known as firefoxes) are my favorite animals. I like to joke that, in the Garden of Eden, Adam asked God, "what is the answer to the question of cute?" and God created red pandas, lol. They are quite possibly the cutest animals in all of existence. Now, they're pretty endangered, so most zoos are lucky to have even one red panda. This zoo had SIX 0___0 Ready for pictures?! OMG I'm ready, lol!


Red panda sleeping!!!






Damnit... no more red panda. I took even more pictures but, I don't wanna kill you guys with red pandas, lol. But all around me Japanese people were going nuts and squealing "kawaiiiiii!" ("cuuuuuuute!") lol. Red pandas... ugh, they're just too cute.

Here's a peacock:

Some cranes and ducks:

Monkeys with awesome tails, lol:

I dunno what the hell these things are, but they're really cute, lol. They were like fuzzy warthogs, but without the ugly, lol:



Elephants! One of them was really young and kept honking and bothering its mother, lol.

Bitchin' Owls:


A Proud Lion:

Sorry for the crappy picture. I don't know what these things were, but they were SO cute! They had a weird name. I guess they were some kind of Southeast Asian coyote. Anyways, they were making really cute noises and chasing and nuzzling each other, lol.

Crappy picture is due to the fact that I took this photo in the dark, lol. Some kind of awesome cat:

A Friggin' Huge Japanese Crane:

I don't know what this bird is but it's massive and awesome. Although... I kept thinking, "how pathetic are you? 65,000,000 years ago, you used to be a raptor!" lol.


OMG CUTE SEAL!!! This seal was my hero. He just seemed so totally full of himself, lol!

This is the same seal:

Look how cuuuute!!!

For some reason, all the seals suddenly got excited and gathered at the side of the enclosure, lol:

Here are some huge Emperor penguins having lunch:

This one was just staring at us from the window. He wants your sooooooouuuuullll!!!

And that concludes my trip to the zoo! Did you enjoy it? Hope you had fun! See y'all next time!!!

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