Wednesday, January 20, 2010

D'espairsray In-Store Event

Anyways, now to take a step away from Dir en grey and talk about... meeting D'espairsray.

They've come up a bazillion times but... D'espairsray are these guys:

From left to right: Karyu, Zero, Tsukasa, Hizumi.

Anyways, I bought their C.C. Lemon Hall DVD, which gave me a ticket to do a handshake meeting at Like an Edison. I wound up going with Sonia, Elena, and Ashley - who got an extra ticket that I had. Anyways, we had to wait around outside Like an Edison and freeze our balls off for almost an hour. Laaaaaame. But at least I got to meet a really cool girl named Caroline in line!  But I was really just at the in-store event to procrastinate and not work on my speech about whaling, lol. There was a time when I would have peed my pants to meet D'espairsray but... I haven't been into them much lately (hopefully they'll redeem themselves in the future... since their Redeemer CD didn't "redeem" anything for me, lol).

Anyways, they ushered us inside Like an Edison pretty quickly, and the band was sitting behind a desk, starting at the right with Zero, then working to the left, with Karyu, Hizumi, and Tsukasa. Anyways, I find meet-and-greets rather awkward and I had nothing I really wanted to say. I also noticed that many of the giddy Japanese girls had brought presents for the band. I was like... aw CRAP. I wasn't sure if I was expected to have a gift or not. Stupid, confusing gift-giving rituals in Japan...

Well, I decided to play the "Stupid Foreigner Card" and hopped right on up to Zero. Here's where things just got fuckin' weird. I held out my hand and Zero grabbed my hand, but he didn't shake it, he just held it. He looked at me really expectantly, and for a horrible moment I was sure that look meant he was expecting a present I didn't have. Then, suddenly... he pointed at my boobs. I was completely flustered and confused, so I pointed at my own boobs. Then I looked down and realized Zero could see my D'espairsray t-shirt through the v-neck in my jacket. I nodded, embarrassed. Then Zero, still staring at my boobs, made a "spread your jacket wider" gesture. Being a naïve jack-ass, I let go of Zero's hand and wrenched my jacket open like I was flashing him. Zero continued to stare between me and my boobs, not saying anything, the same strange, somewhat satisfied look on his face. Then a staff woman began shoving me out of the way to hurry up the line. I wanted to whip around and yell "don't tell me to move, tell Zero to let me go!" Well, in the nano-second between me moving away from Zero and onto Karyu I suddenly realized what Zero had been trying to make me do... and I'd completely fallen for it... Wow, I'm really naïve, aren't I? "Oh, sure, Zero, do you like my D'espairsray t-shirt that everyone else in line is wearing? Isn't it pretty?" Yeah, I'm an idiot. Well, I made a very pervy Japanese man very happy. Apparently Zero blogged about the meet-and-greet that night and said he was still "horny" from it. Greeeeeeat...  Lesson learned... if Zero says he wants to see your D'espairsray t-shirt, it really just means he wants you to flash your boobs at him.

After Zero was Karyu. But the awkwardness continued. Karyu grabbed my hand and held it a moment, and I looked into his eyes and felt pinned suddenly by the fierce, electric-blue contacts he was wearing. They were laser-blue with a dark edging. Not knowing what the hell to say, I pointed at my own eye and said "kontakuto wa kakkoii desu ne..." ("your contacts are really cool").  Well, I don't know if it was because Karyu was surprised I spoke Japanese, or if my hand gesture bewildered him (Japanese people don't gesture much, so he might've thought I meant my own eyes, lol), or if he's just never heard that compliment before, or what but... the response I got was like "eh?" and a blank, blue-laser-beam stare right through the face. Yeah, I was fuckin' pinned. I pointed at my eye again and said "kontakuto wa... kakkoii..." ("your contact... it's cool..."). He nodded, but it was a "I'm still not sure what this crazy gaijin is going on about"-nod, lol. Oh well, whatever, lol.

Then I went up to Hizumi, who just looked like he needed sleep. I shook his hand and said "arigatou gozaimasu" ("thank you") and he smiled through his haze and nodded and thanked me back. Aaaaaw, I wanted to put him to bed. He looked like a puppy that's been playing with toys all day and needs a doggie-bed, lol.

After Hizumi was Tsukasa, who looked... well, you know Tsukasa, he looked stoically bored out of his mind, lol. Typical drummer. He seemed to do a double-take when I shook his hand. I wanted to be like "yeah, I'm foreign, get over it... I'm not the only foreigner in line..." I said "arigatou gozaimasu" and Tsukasa did his best attempt at saying "thank you" in English, which always sounds like "sankyuu." That's okay, I appreciate the effort, it's cute, lol. I let go of his hand and turned away and he said, in Japanese, "hope to see you soon!" - or something to that effect - as I turned away. I smiled over my shoulder at Tsukasa's surprising sweetness and shuffled out of the line and out the door so I could get as far away as possible from Zero's perving eyes, lol.

Yeeeeeah, that's my wonderful, crack-tastic D'espairsray story, lol. All I learned is: Zero's a pervert, Karyu's really dense around foreigners, Hizumi needs sleep, and Tsukasa hates meet-and-greets, lol.

Hope you enjoyed another one of my stupid adventures! See you all soon!

Oh! Also! I just bought tickets to see Plastic Tree in February!


  1. Wowwwwww.... what an experience XD I can't believe you didn't realize what he was up to at first! I mean, I guess I do because I would have still been in the mindset that he thinks he should have been raised as a lady and that he is most likely gey, lol. But yeah, I can see him being a huge perv as well. It's sooo creepy that they don't shake hands right! They -must- know how to do it properly since they've spent so much time abroad. Maybe they were playing "stupid Japanese-person" Like you play stupid foreigner.

    Karyu... I wonder if he thought you were talking about your eyes or something. Huh. Or he's a dopehead. One or the other, lol.

    Poor Hizumi... he should sleep!

    And yeah... Tsukasa. Cute, but typical, lol.

    Thanks for the sweet details!

  2. Yeah, I kinda thought Zero was probably gay too, which is why it really stunned and confused me at first. But according to a friend of mine who's in the fan club and even did the fan club trip with the band, he's always a pervert like that and never stops looking down girls' tops and stuff. Like... I guess in Japan he's known for being a serious perv. Had I known that going in there, I wouldn't have been so naive and innocent about it, lol. I just thought he liked my t-shirt :-( Stupid Zero, lol.

    And yeah, Karyu seemed really dopey. He can't actually be stupid, since he pretty much writes all the music for the band, but he's really good at appearing stupid, lol.

    Hizumi... is just living in a crack-haze. Everyone knows that, lol XD

    And Tsukasa... he's just a weirdo. But then again, find me a drummer who isn't a complete weirdo XD That's why those drummer parties keep happening in Japan. So they can all be weird together and feed Shinya cocktails, hahahaha XD

  3. lol..omg...i laughed my ass off reading this...Zero is my favourite from Despa...I like them all,but his is something special ^^ anywayz...this is one of the best concert and meet and greet report :) really liked it,and its realy honest one,without trying to show guys too much perfect ^_^

  4. I think I just died XDDDDDD
    just wtf ZEROOOOOOOOO
    do you know what kind of presents fans give them?