Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Sales + Creepy Story + Karaoke

Why, hello, all. Just a brief post before I post about my entire Winter Break with my friends in a few days. For now, let's talk... fashion!!! Right now is the most dangerous fashion time of all in Japan. We are experiencing New Year's sales. And not just small sales... big, humongous sales on all that shit you've been drooling over all year. My friends and I hit up O1O1 One to check out some of the goth brand name stores.

For starters, we went to h.NAOTO. I am in love with h.NAOTO stuff, but it's really, really expensive, so I've never been able to get myself to buy anything. Well, shit is on killer sale there right now, so I splurged and bought a necklace that normally costs $70 and was marked down to $30. Look at this wonderful bling!

It's so looooong and bling-tastic!

Waaah, I love it!

Unfortunately, despite sales, I just couldn't bring myself to splurge on the clothing. I was tempted, mind you, but I couldn't find anything that just jumped out at me and screamed BUY ME. Actually, I wanted some kind of crazy, lacy goth purse from h.NAOTO but, again, nothing jumped out at me. I think a lot of the good stuff was already picked through, lol.

Well, after h.NAOTO we hit up my other weakness: Sex Pot Revenge. This is where things got ugly. Or amazing. The thing is, I had drooled over certain things at Sex Pot Revenge as recently as a few days ago, but walked away because of money. Well... those same items I had drooled over only a few days ago were now 30-50% off. How could I not take advantage?!!

For starters... completely amazing sweater complete with chains and patches. By the way, I'm not naked in this picture, lol. I have a short skirt on under the sweater! The big patch has some great Engrish. It says: "The Orion singing beautifully. So it is fallen dew and frost. A mark of the turning skies." The smaller patch near the bottom also says "so it is fallen dew and frost." Looove.

Arm warmers were all half off! How could I say no?!! And the belts are adjustable, so you can fit this arm warmer to your exact arm size! This pair was only $15!

Ah, but here's my big oopsie. Okay, so I'm kinda in a pimp faze right now. Like, I've been walking around in leapard-print sunglasses with red lenses. I've been wearing too much jewelry and over-sized necklaces. I don't know what's come over me. Pimp is in.  Well, anyways, I caved completely and utterly and bought a............. leopard-print fur coat. But it was marked down 50%, and it's a really popular item, too. I've seen it around Tokyo a lot. Everyone dresses pimp here. This coat used to be $150! Not anymore! Soooo, I couldn't resist!

Yeah, I'm ready to slap some hos in this thing, lol.

Anyways, enough about fashion. Let's have a scary story!

Okay, so I went to bed and I had a really crazy dream. The dream sounds funny, but it was actually really horrible. I dreamed that my friends Hannah and Melissa and I went to see a Girugamesh concert in America, which makes no sense because Girugamesh is a Japanese band and I don't even like their music. And I don't think Hannah and Melissa are particularly thrilled with them either. But in the dream we went to see Girugamesh at an outdoor concert in America, on a dark, stormy-looking night. Anyways, after the show, Melissa and Hannah suddenly decided that Girugamesh was awesome. For some reason, I started yelling, and then I ran away screaming. Sounds funny, but in the dream it felt horrible. Well, anyways, back in the REAL world, I woke up suddenly because the sound of music had blasted through my dream. I sat up in horror, because music had suddenly started blaring in my room at around 5 AM for no apparent reason. I squinted in the darkness across the room and realized, to my shock and horror, that my iPod, which was ON HOLD, had turned itself on and had raised the volume up to its maximum potential. I kid you not. By itself, my locked iPod turned itself on to full volume and was playing the Mindless Self Indulgence song Molly (live version) all by itself. I was so afraid of my iPod that I didn't dare stop clutching the sheets or go turn it off for at least thirty seconds. Then I rushed out of bed, grabbed my iPod from my purse, moved the hold button back and forth, pressed pause, and tossed my silent iPod back into my purse and ran into bed. When I woke up again in the morning, I re-checked my iPod and, sure enough, the volume was still on maximum (I never raise it above half) and the battery was drained. Yeah, I can't explain this story at all. It's verging on the paranormal. I almost wonder if I did it with my mind somehow. Like, in the dream I ran away screaming from music I don't like, so my iPod clicked on and played music I do like as if in response to what happened in the dream. I mean, I've heard of strange ESP stories like this but... never thought I'd experience it. I don't have a logical explanation for it, but I swear it happened. No lies. Totally creepy.

Full Winter Break blog coming soon! Be on the lookout!

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