Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday I spent the day in Kamakura! Kamakura, like Kyoto, is one of Japan's old capitals from the "medieval" period. Because of that, there's still some old-school stuff lying around Kamakura. What? Jamie doing "real Japan" things in Japan?! What is this madness?!

First we checked out a famous temple!

Here's the purification area where people are supposed to wash their hands and mouth before entering the sacred area. It was cold... so Geri and I didn't purify... One-way ticket to Hell, whoo!

People heading towards the temple grounds:

Uuuh, closer shot:

Okay, I just thought this sign was funny. I was like "aw, damn... and I so wanted to build a bonfire!"

ALBINO PIGEON! HOW AWESOME IS THIS PIGEON?! If you click on it to enlarge the picture, you can see his crazy red eyes! I love albino animals... this pigeon made me very happy. I've never spotted an albino animal in the wild before! You'd think an albino pigeon would look like a dove, but... I guess not, lol.

People walking the steps up to the temple. Guess who was too lazy to go up the steps? Me and Geri! Tourist fail, lol.

A cool tree all bound up:


Anyways, Geri and I checked out the most famous site in Kamakura: the Daibutsu. Daibutsu literally means "Great Buddha." It's a statue of Buddha that stands at 44 feet tall. So yeah, obviously... it's really big.

And here he is! Pictures don't do his size justice. He's huge in person.

Biiiiiig Buuuuuudhaaaaa:

Yeah, look at the size of this woman compared to his hands! He's huge! And that big table of fruit in front of him is like offerings and stuff:

Seated, meditating Buddha, happily finding salvation:

Buddha face!

Fancy incense holder:

Aaaand, you can go inside the Buddha! Here's a picture from inside! I walked inside the Buddha and accidentally blurted out "it's dark as fuck in here!" Then I was like "wait... I shouldn't swear inside the Buddha, that's sacrilegious." But then I looked up and saw how many asshole foreigners had carved their names inside the Buddha.  Really, look what those jack holes did in there!

Anyhoo, looking upwards towards the Buddha's head:

The other great thing about Kamakura... they specialize in purple sweet potato things. At one point, Geri and I stopped off for ice cream because they had a swirl ice cream of half green tea ice cream, half purple sweet potato ice cream. Sooooo goooood. They also had purple sweet potato filled croquettes but... I was too full, lol.

Anyways, that's Kamakura! Now be sure to be on the look-out for my next post... which is about the two hours I spent playing with twenty-one cats! Oh yeah!

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