Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Weirdest Dream Ever

While I don't post anything particularly personal on this blog - I had a dream so unbelievably ridiculous that I decided it absolutely had to be put on the blog. This is the stupidest, most bizarre dream I've ever had. Enjoy!

So the dream starts out with me going to a Dir en grey concert in America. I'm going with my friends Melissa and Hannah, and we're determined to get in the first few rows. The doors to the venue open, and I go running for the front. But for some reason, Melissa and Hannah stay behind. I don't think much of it, because I notice that, although several rows are filled up, there's this massive gap at the barrier in front of Toshiya's part of the stage. I make a run for it and grab the barrier, then drape some jackets and bags over it to save the spot for my friends. I feel guilty because I swore I'd stand in front of Die's area of the stage - because I never do - but I just take what I can get. But for some reason, my friends just don't come inside. In fact, only about a third of the people in line come into the venue and everyone else hovers outside for no reason.

Well, my brain actually skipped the concert itself, so let's fast-forward to after the show. I come outside and ask my friends why the hell they didn't join me during the show. They can't seem to give a reason. Just as I'm about to press them further, a man comes up to us and asks if we want to be in Dir en grey's next music video. Well, obviously we don't turn him down. The man gives us tickets to go to this hotel with a fake beach and explains that we have to go there for the shooting.

Anyways, we go to this hotel, and sure enough, there's this fake beach kind of like the ones you see at certain Vegas hotels. Anyways, of all things, the Japanese musician Miyavi is lying on the beach, half-submerged in the shallow water. He's lying there with his eyes closed like he's dead, and Rihanna, wearing a bikini, is bent over him dabbing at his mouth with a napkin. Yes, you read that correctly. Rihanna. As in the American R&B singer, Rihanna. Yeah, this is where the dream completely falls into insanity. I ask someone what the hell's going on, and they explain that this is for Miyavi's next music video, and he's pretending to be drowned. I ask where the cameras are, but no one answers me, and Rihanna continues to dab at Miyavi's mouth with a napkin while he floats in the water.

Anyways, for the music video, they tell us that we all have to go to the top of the hotel, to the roof. We do as we're told, and now I can look down, where Miyavi is still floating in the water next to Rihanna. They tell us that we all have to hold hands and jump off the building into the water below, and that we all have to do it in an oval formation shaped like an eye. I mutter to the people around me that this sounds dangerous, because Miyavi is lying on the beach, half submerged, meaning this water is really shallow. The man in charge overhears me and says we'll be fine; that the water gets deeper. He says we'll be fine so long as we do it right. To me, it seems impossible. I look over the edge, and I see Rihanna gazing up at us with extreme concern on her face.

Well, it's too late, we all agreed to do this. We all close our eyes, hope for the best, and leap.

Anyways, my brain skips that part too. We fast-forward, and now I'm coming home from the music video excursion. Anyways, I feel really bummed about the concert still, and Miyavi, and everything else that happened, so I tell my friends I'm going to my room. For some reason, I'm back in my Nihongo Hausu dorm-room in Madison. I go into my room and slam the door, and my room is pitch black, covered in filth, and boxes, and spider-webs, and it looks like something out of Silent Hill. In fact, it doesn't look like my room at all. I sit down on the floor and lean against my refrigerator, which is in a completely different spot from where my refrigerator really was in Nihongo Hausu. I lean against it, and then I notice this strange compartment at the bottom of the refrigerator. I open it up to see what's inside, only to be assaulted by cold smoke and fog. It's a freezer! I reach inside and see a giant white box. I cautiously open the box, and I realize it's an entire container of cheesecake! I grow extremely excited, and decide I must have put it in there at the beginning of the year and forgotten about it! I wonder for a moment if it's too old to eat, but I decide I don't care. Sitting on the floor like some goblin, with the light from the freezer glowing as the only light in the room, I start gorging on the cheesecake. I just started digging in there and eating it like an insane person.

Suddenly, the door flies open. I stop immediately and look up in horror, realizing I've been caught being a glutton. But I see a bunch of my friends from Nihongo Hausu standing there, and they're holding some kind of aquarium. I slam the refrigerator compartment closed and ask what the hell's going on, and they tell me they felt bad about the concert, so they picked up these really cool fish at the hotel's fake beach, and they wanted me to have them. I stand up and take the aquarium from them, and I see these disturbing fish with legs. Human legs. At first, I'm kind of grossed out, but then I notice that my friends barely put enough water in there.

"They don't have enough water!" I scold. "They need more!" I start to pry open the top of the aquarium so that I can put in more water, but one of the fish suddenly leaps from the tank and into my mouth. I start freaking out and spitting and clawing at my mouth, trying to spit out the fish. Part of me is laughing in embarrassment, and part of me is freaking out, and the fish is wet and slimy and squirming and horrible. Finally, I manage to spit the fish into my hand and I quickly throw him back into the aquarium and close the top. One of my friends says to keep the top closed, and they'll go fetch some water for the fish. I'm still spitting, and my friends laugh a little and tell me it's no big deal, but I feel completely violated. We get some water and manage to sneak it into the tank. I put the aquarium on top of the refrigerator in the darkness of my room, and my friends tell me we should go get lunch, it'll make me feel better.

I follow them back to my old haunt in Madison: the Liz Waters cafeteria. I grab lunch, but every time I try to eat it, I just feel a fish squirming in my mouth and I absolutely can't. Everyone tells me to get over it, it's just a fish, but I can't get the thought out of my head. I can't even drink water because I'm afraid I'll drink the essence of the fish further into myself. I stare at my food in some sort of traumatized horror.

And then I wake up at exactly 10:30 AM, all by myself, which was exactly what time I told myself to wake up the night before! Ta da! How absolutely ridiculous was that?! And I remember it so well! I woke up still feeling kind of horrified, with the feeling of a phantom, legged fish squirming in my mouth. Isn't that lovely? I can't even begin to make sense of that dream. All I can gather is that the concert thing at the beginning must have been related to Ha;qch's failed performance that I saw last week. The beach thing... maybe because I'm planning on going to Okinawa over break? But I couldn't help but notice this recurring theme in my dream of water, and never enough of it. Not enough water for Miyavi to drown, not enough water for us to jump into the fake ocean, not enough water for the fish, and I can't drink water at the end. Did I go to bed thirsty? But what about the cheesecake and stuff? That part made nooooo sense. And Rihanna? What the hell?! What was she doing there, and why was she there with Miyavi?! Why was he even there?! I don't listen to or pay attention to either of them. God, I don't know. That dream was on crack, I swear.


  1. You should totally sell this shit to a publisher. @_@

  2. ...That is some of the most cracked out shit I've read in a long time! Wow. Why didn't Hannah and I follow you to the show?! Aww... I feel bad that I missed it, even though it was in a dream. Hahaha, well, my only guess is that you should probably drink more water...

  3. Hahaha, no publisher would accept that garbage, lol XD

    But yeah, maybe I should drink more water before bed. But then I'll have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, lol!