Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nekobukuro - A Day with 21 Cats

Now this is gonna be an awesome post. As I've said before, Japan is the birthplace of some of the world's best ideas: sushi, Pokemon, Jägerbombs... but undoubtedly one of their best inventions is the "neko cafe." Neko just means "cat" in Japanese. Japanese people looooove cats, but not all of them can afford to own one or have the space to keep one. To fix this dilemma, the Japanese invented neko cafes. These cafes are basically just like normal tea and coffee shops except... there are cats wandering around. It's a common "relaxing" activity in Japan to just sip tea in the company of cats. Well, Ashley and I decided to check out one of these cat places, and wound up at Nekobukuro in Ikebukuro, which is on the 8th floor of a department store. It's not actually a neko cafe, however. It's more of a playing-with-cats place. You pay six bucks to get in, and then you can spend as much time as you want enjoying cats. This place had tons of cats, and twenty-one of them were wandering around. Now, I've done some pic-spams on this blog before but this is my greatest pic-spam so far! Are you ready? Are you prepared for explosive levels of cuteness?! Behold: over fifty pictures of cute, fluffy, adorable cats!

Here's our first kitty. He wasn't out, but you could still see him through the glass. Soooo cute:

They were everywhere! Even up on planks overhead!


Aw, what a cute white one!


Wandering around. This one was following around one of the employees hoping for treats:

Ashley and I dubbed this cat "Grumpy Cat" because he always looked like his brows were furrowed, lol.

Sleeeeepy kitty:

Lots of sleeping kitties!


Hehe, I liked this guy. Evil little black kitty hiding in his fort:

Pose for the camera!

This Abyssinian is the mascot of Nekobukuro and their most prized cat, because he's very expensive! He was so sleek and skinny!

Oh, I love the pretty colors on this one!

Fluffy Siamese cat!

Ashley petting Grumpy Cat:

Grumpy Cat's ruining the display, lol:

This cat was very attached to this employee and eventually jumped right up on her shoulders:

He knew he'd get a treat, hehe. I guess what she was feeding them was some cheese paste that they really like:

Treats time for everybody!

Soooo cute! This black and white cat was very chill and calm with people:

Ashley petting a kitty!

Ashley petting the sweet black and white cat! He was soooo soft!

More treats! Gimme!

Words cannot even describe how huge this cat was. Pictures do it no justice. The lady who took him out of his enclosure couldn't even lift him. He's probably around thirty pounds!

He's preeeeetty though! I dubbed him Monster Cat:

Here's a pretty black kitty! He looks like a Halloween decoration! He was all evil looking but he was kinda derpy, so Ashley and I named him Zero after Zero from D'espairsray, lol (I believe the sign said his real name was actually Oreo though, lol).

Our fluffy Siamese. He has the prettiest blue eyes! Don't forget you can click any picture to make it larger! I like the juxtaposition of the cat, with Ashley's cat-shoe sticking out at the bottom of the photo, lol!

Zero jumped on Ashley's back, lol!

Then Zero jumped on the employee hoping for treats!

Black and white kitty finally woke up for some food!

Zero's hungry!

Then Zero jumped onto this guy's shoulders!

And decided to nest there since the hood was so comfy, lol:

And he made one last stop on this girl's shoulders in the hopes of getting as much black hair all over her white sweater as possible, lol!

Sleeeek kitty!

Lots and lots of kitties! The fluffy Siamese invaded Evil Black Kitty's fort!

Monster Kitty practically takes up the whole table!

I like this cat's collar, lol:

Aw, Monster kitty was such a sweet kitty!

And huge! Some people were actually going up to it and going "Eh? Neko da?!" ("What?! Is this a cat?!"). Other people were just like "waaah - deka!" ("whoa, he's huge!").

Super fluffy kitty!

There are kitties eeeeeeeveeeeerywheeeeeeere!!!

Aw, they're so cute on their hind legs! He looks like the cat from that Japanese Aflac commercial, lol (the maneki neko daaku one):

Another employee feeding cheese to the kitties!

Hahaha, I like this one's butt!

Two cats being fed together!

Now here was a very strange cat! His hair was all wavy and curly, and he had all these random, squiggly gray hairs all over his body! And his whiskers were curled too! His fur felt so weird! When I was petting him, I felt like I was petting some kind of curly dog instead of a cat! Click for a better look at him!

Hahaha, this cat was really funny looking but he was really cute!

Cat on his back!

Oooooh, preeeeeetty kitty!

Aw, look how pretty! He has a fur coat around his shoulders!

This was a bit white cat they had on display outside Nekobukuro!

And that's all I've got for today! Aren't they just soooooo cute?! So many kitties! And boy, what a life. These cats just sleep all day, then they get taken out and get all the attention and treats they want, and then they go back to sleeping! Next time, my friends and I will go to a real neko cafe and I'll have even more pictures of cats! Hope you enjoyed all the epic cuteness!

Also, check the blog post below for the latest update on Ha;qch's bassist. They still haven't found him, but the band is moving on without him.

See you all next time!