Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pokemon Center

Time to visit the Pokémon Center! The Pokémon Center is the best idea Japan has had since... well, Pokémon (and Jägerbombs). The concept: take hundreds of adorable creatures that everyone already loves, make 5000 different merchandise items out of them, and stick them all in one adorable place right on the metro's easy-to-access Yamanote line. Pure heaven.

Because let's face it... anyone who grew up liking Pokémon still likes Pokémon. You can say what you want and pretend you've gotten "too old for that shit" but you know what? If you think you're "too old for that shit" - then you are. Pokémon are still as fun and awesome as they were ten years ago!

Anyways, here's the entrance into the Pokémon Center complete with giant Pokémon statues! OMG charmander - cuuuuuute!

The merchandise is endless! They had a whole wall of Pokémon stuffed animals! Here's Ashley checking out some critters (I think she's holding a Suicune). Some of these stuffed animals were painfully cute. They had the fattest little Marril. I wound up caving and buying a stuffed animal as well (see below).

The food products were intense. In this picture alone I can see Pokémon macaroni, Pokémon nori (a type of dried seaweed), Pokémon cornflakes, Pokémon silverware... Some of the stuff in this store was incredible. Pokémon tea sets, Pokémon t-shirts, Pokémon aprons, Pokémon school supplies... Not gonna lie, it's hard to resist buying everything in sight because it's all so cute!

I'm not even sure what Ashley's holding here. Pokémon cookies and candies I think.


Yeah, that's one thing I've got to say about the Pokémon Center. It was like... 90% adults, lol. I mean, I'm sure many of those adults were shopping for their children, but there was also a fair number who were just there because they like Pokemon. And how can you not? The games are fun and challenging, the critters are cute but some of them are bad-ass, the series is constantly updating itself (the new Pokemon games for the Wii look like so much damn fun). They were showing samples of some game called My Pokemon Ranch where you can transfer Pokemon from the Diamond and Pearl games onto the Wii and care for them on a ranch where they all look like tiny little baby Pokémon. My friends and I were just gazing at the TV screens in awe, broken by random squealing at all these cute little baby Pokémon running around. Baby Vaporeons... uuuuugh cuuuuuuuute.

Anyways, I had to buy a bit of merch, of course. First of all, here's my tiny little Mewtwo action figure! Yeah, that's right, I bought a Mewtwo. Because we all know he's fucking bad-ass. He's a cat who can blow shit up with his mind. He's a murderous, rampaging cat! Hell yeah!

I also bought some Pokémon fruit drops because the candy is tasty and I can keep the tin forever. Front of the tin:

Back of the tin (aaaaaaaw Cyndaquil is so cuuuuuuuute!):

Speaking of Cyndaquil, my best purchase of the day was a little Cyndaquil stuffed animal. LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!!! LOOK AT DAT WIDDLE FACE!!! He's like ^_^ all the time! Aw, I love fire-types.

Anyways, yup, that's the Pokémon Center! Hope you enjoyed the cuteness overload! There's some kind of Charizard feature at the store next month, so you can guarantee I'll be back, lol!


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