Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update on Ha;qch

If you've read the post below about yesterday's indies live, this is a follow-up to that. So, as I stated below, Ha;qch performed without their bassist, Saku, right? We all figured he was sick or something.

Well, according to Chihiro's blog, Saku has literally gone missing. I'll try and translate the blog post, but I'm not a fluent speaker of Japanese, so I apologize for any mistakes I've made.

Good job today, everyone.

About bassist Saku's current live status.

I'm going to relay what I said at the MC yesterday.

Since yesterday, we have not been able to contact our bassist, Saku.

We haven't heard from him and he's broken contact with us.

Yesterday, we decided what the four of us would do about future lives.

To those of you who always enjoy Ha;qch, to those of you who are always Saku's fans, as for how future lives will go, I apologize deeply.

From here, the band has plans to discuss and decide what to do about Saku.

Thank you so much for yesterday.

And... I'm very sorry.

Is it just me, or does that sound bad? I hope something didn't actually happen to Saku! Chihiro did seem really upset. Damnit, just when I'd found a really fun indies band... the bassist fucking vanishes! Greeeeeeeeat.......


  1. Yeah, this sucks. Either it was a fight or something terrible has happened, or maybe he's just being irresponsible. Either way, I don't think Haq;ch is over. They'll find another bassist if they have to. Although I think his name is read as Saku, not Tsuitachi, maybe. Japanese name kanji are evil. Chihiro needs to lay off the cold meds, though. He was obviously upset and sick. Ah well, we have to actually go out and headbang for them next time, because I'll feel bad if we don't, okay?

  2. Hahaha, I thought it was Saku too, like the Dir en grey song, but on Shattered Tranquility he's listed in English as Tsuitachi. Bah, who knows, we'll have to ask him since kanji is so evil, lol.

    Anyways, yeah... I don't think Ha;qch is over, it's more just worrying that we don't know what happened to him. I've never heard of a bassist just disappearing. If it was a fight, I hope they can patch it up, but... if he's just being irresponsible or something bad happened then that's not good. Hopefully nothing bad happened to him, especially since Chihiro seemed upset.

  3. Well, Shattered Tranquility is probably wrong. His blog address has Saku in it soo... I'm pretty sure it's Saku. Anyway, something will eventually happen and hopefully Chihiro will be a little more composed at the next live.

  4. Yup, I switched it to Saku. It rolls off the tongue better, lol. SUCK IT, SHATTERED TRANQUILITY, lol. I hate using that site because all their database pictures are fucking tiny and half their links to bands' OHPs don't even work.