Sunday, February 14, 2010

Update on Ha;qch's Current Standing

Well, the mystery continues... Ha;qch's bassist, Saku, still hasn't surfaced, and the band has apparently given up trying. This is my latest translation of Chihiro's blog (again, I apologize for any mistakes I make):

I'm officially writing that, even now, because we've been unable to contact Saku, we're going to bring in a support bassist and continue to do lives.

This is our current status.

I'm sorry, no good words come to mind.

Anyways, I think I want to continue activity with all my might.

Aw, poor Chihiro. That sucks. What the hell could've happened to Saku?! They must've had a fight or something. What a strange thing to have happen.

And this on top of the indies band Gakido having a car accident a couple days ago that instantly killed their vocalist. Bad week for indies, I guess...

Well, on the bright side, I have tickets for a concert at AREA featuring exist†trace. And I just got tickets to see D on their 7th anniversary tour! Whoohoo! Now just be on the look-out for my post about cats!

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  1. Wow, I just got around to reading all your blog posts from the last 5-6 days. I don't even know where to start, lol.

    Pokemon Center = awesome! I'd LOVE to go there someday! I want a cute stuffed pokemon!!

    Indies concert posts = Sounds like you had a good time the first show, and the second sounds like a huge bummer! Gosh, why did they do such a fucked up order the second night? Yuck. Also, I've checked out a few of the bands you've seen and... I think I like Alsdead. And I really like the song by Ha;qch! I wish they had other recordings!

    Kamakura - dude, just read about Kamakura in a book for Ridgely's class! I squealed when I saw that you went there! Hahaha, it looks like a beautiful place. Yet another place I wanna hit up!

    Neko Cafe - You make me miss my kitties!!! Omg, I can't imagine being surrounded by 21 cats! I think I would have just died a happy camper right then and there, lol. Also, I bet that giant cat was either all or part coon cat. Those buggers get HUGE!

    Ha:qch... All of that news is seriously a sad panda. Relistening to Filthy Human a Beautiful Shit, their bassist was really good for an indies band! I think a decent bassist can replace him though. It's just super unfortunate for them... and having to put on a show like that... ugh. You're gonna see them again soon, right? Please update us on how they're doing when you can. I feel like they have a lot of potential since they are so original and unique :-)

    Sorry for being so late on all of this, btw..