Thursday, February 18, 2010

Venus Fort

Welcome to Venus Fort! Venus Fort, located in Odaiba, is one of the largest malls in Japan, and it's completely Venice-themed! The shops there weren't particularly to the taste of my friends and I, but you go to Venus Fort because the whole place is so cool looking (and if you like designer shops like Prada or Coach)!

Anyways, the ceilings in Venus Fort are painted and illuminated to look like the sky, and they even set with the sun. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the ceilings looked real enough to be somewhat disconcerting, especially since it was raining outside when we went. The whole point is to make it feeling like you're shopping outside in Venice.

They have a big light-show going on there now. This is along the ceiling:

A better shot of the mall:

This is the really cool ceiling above the fountain:

The fountain itself. I felt like I was at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, lol.

Close-up of the fountain:

Christmas-y displays in February, lol:



There was also a giant arcade in Venus Fort where Ashley and Geri and I did purikura. Sorry the glare is so bad, the lighting sucked in the purikura (probably so people won't illegally take photos like I do, lol). Here's us being stupid:

More stupid:

Trying to act innocent and cute. Yeah right, lol:

Aaaand, kitty-ears in a box! Hey, why not, lol! The left box says "mikan" meaning Geri's sitting in a box of tangerines. The right box says "moeru gomi" meaning "burnable garbage" which is apparently what Ashley and I are, lol.

Venus Fort also has a big casino where you can watch people gamble away all their money.

Venus Fort is also cool because it's a "dog friendly mall." The first floor was almost completely overrun by dog-related things, like coats for dogs, dog-food, etc. They also have restaurants where you're allowed to bring your dog in there with you. They also have an area where you can pay to rent a dog and take it for a walk, lol. It's a pretty fun place!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. 10 bucks says Shinya has been there with Miyu <3 Omg, soooo awesome! I would SO rent a doggie to walk with!!! Oh, and yeah.. the shopping looks amazing as well!

  2. Fo' shizzle Shinya's been there with his dogs! It's a dog-friendly mall! Dogs, shopping, unhealthy food... Shinya's paradise!