Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Parents Visit Japan

Hello all! Sorry for the long absence (yes, a week is a long absence for this blog). However, the absence was due to my parents visiting the Land of the Rising Sun! I stayed with them at the Tokyo Hilton in Shinjuku to ensure things went smoothly (such as helping them avoid food with eyes), and I think, overall, my parents had a good time (even though it rained almost every day). I took them to Akihabara, Asakusa, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and around Shinjuku as well (and that was all in four days). I won't embarrass my parents by going into too much detail but, predictably, my mom bought a purse and my dad bought a watch. Omotesando in Harajuku is a dangerous street, lol. In Asakusa, at the Sensoji temple, we saw something that was a first even for me - a man taking his ferrets for a walk! Oh good god, look how cuuuuuuute!

The man would dangle his phone in front of the ferrets to get them to hold still for a picture. Oh my god so cuuuuuuute!


I didn't even know Japanese people were aware that ferrets could be kept as pets. Ferrets are legal in Japan, but I don't think you can buy them here. This guy's ferrets were so cute!!!

Anyways, some highlights included... well, my parents visited with my host family and got to see the house and everything. My dad tried real, authentic, hot sake and even tried sashimi (raw fish) and liked it! See, raw fish is delicious! For the most part, I took my parents to pizza and pasta type places to avoid "creepy" food (well, I have no problem with Japanese food, but it's not my parents' cup of tea), but I also had my parents eat tempura, and my dad tried some authentic foods (which greatly pleased my host mother). My parents got to see many transvestites in Harajuku and Shinjuku, and my mom also enjoyed getting to walk through a herd of at least thirty host boys to get into Don Quijote in Shinjuku. I've never seen so many in one spot in all my life! Their combined hair spray may have been enough to burn down the store.

Anyways, here's a picture of my mom being silly:

And my parents pointing to their obsessions. Seriously, we spent half the trip hunting for Coke and Coke Zero. My dad was dying from the lack of diet soda in Japan.

Anyways, I won't embarrass them by rambling on and on about the whole thing. My parents seemed to enjoy the trip, and I think it went pretty well with very few hitches!


  1. I WANNA SEE KAYA!!!! Ahh! Lol, have fun!

    Lol at you taking your parents through the host boys in Shinjuku... sounds like you had quite the crowd!

    That movie sounds really good! I hope I can see it sometime :-)

    Asakusa... how I miss thee... Lol, I wish I had seen those ferrets, they look adorable!

  2. Oh, I know the ending...
    It was sooooo scary... although it's not a horror movie..
    I felt bad for Naoki...