Wednesday, April 28, 2010

D 7th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 「7th Rose」 Tour Final

Hello all! Time to complete the three-concert weekend bonanza with D! As you recall, it was D'espairsRay Friday, Indies Saturday, and D Sunday! Let's get to it, shall we?

We've met them a few times on the blog, but once again this blog post shall be about the lovely, rose-obsessed young men of D (yes, men):

This year marks D's 7th anniversary as a band, so of course they've been touring and having fun with it. The show I attended was the tour final for the 7th anniversary tour, and it was being held at the Stellar Ball in Shinagawa. I'd never been there, so I wasn't sure what kind of venue to expect...

As it turned out, the Stellar Ball is held in the friggin' Prince Hotel in Shinagawa. Meaning this place was fucking fancy. And it was a huge show. Maybe like... 3000 people? I'm not sure exactly. Here's a crappy picture I took of the merchandise line with my cell phone:

Now, one thing I really love about this giant crowd of D fans... D fans are classy. I mean, you see goths at any kinda show I go to, but the goths at D are dressed in expensive, classy goth clothing. Ashley and I were admiring this one girl who was wearing some kind of beautiful Moi-même-Moitié dress that probably cost a few hundred dollars. There were also bazillions of cosplayers decked out in fancy kimonos, leather, fur, etc. I felt terribly under-dressed, lol. Then again, Ashley and I both burst out laughing at these two girls who walked by wearing the D'espairsRay tour shirts from the show we both saw on Friday. Hahaha, what?!

Anyways, the merchandise line took a good half an hour. The problem is that there are certain things you pretty much need to be in the D audience (the flags, a fan, maybe a flag case if you want to keep them safe). The line was huge and blocked off by sections. The huge crowd also took a good hour to get inside even once doors had opened. Ashley and I had rather crappy tickets since any non-fan-club ticket is bound to suck. But that's okay. We had to go inside the Prince Hotel to get to the Stellar Ball and... wow... that place is fancy as all hell.

There was a friggin' carousel inside the building next to the line! Look at this thing!

There was also a dolphin with a lei around its neck that I found really funny:

Anyways, as for merch, I already had my flags in their respective flag case (I hadn't been sure how to keep the case on myself, and I ultimately wound up chaining it to myself, lol), but now I needed a fan. Twice now I've seen D without a fan and it's really lame without one because the audience fan-dances for at least two songs per show. But this time they were selling special 7th anniversary fans! They were a little pricey but really beautiful and everyone had one, so I was more than happy to buy one! Isn't it lovely?

Anyways, Ashley and I had some trouble getting into the venue because the stupid coin lockers only took 500 yen coins and by the time I noticed there was an exchange booth, a lot of people had beaten us into the venue. Not to mention our tickets weren't that great. But we got inside and joined the audience towards the back. Things were more spread out back there and there were some really lame fans but... there were also some awesome people back there, thankfully. A lot of guys were back there because they're too embarrassed to be in the fan club, lol. Those guys tend to be awesome, though.

The show started a little late for some reason... but then the lights went down and it was shooooow time! And I'm happy to say I have the setlist (and I apologize for any errors in title - I had to Romanize the kanji myself, and I've never been known to be very good at kanji, lol)!

Ayakashi Kitan
7th Rose ~Return to Zero~
7th Rose
Waga Teki wa Ware ni Ari
Kaze ga Mekuru Peeji
Aoi Kajitsu
Hanatsumi no Otome ~Rozova Dolina~

- Drum solo -

Independent Queen
Crimson Fish
Sleeping beautiful beast
Mikazuki Youranshuu
Yami no Kumi no Alice
Karakuri Emaki
Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no A Cappella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria
Toki no Koe
13gatsu no Yumemioka
Day by Day

Encore 1:
Taiyou wo Okuru Hi

Encore 2:
Meteo ~Mubi no Koku~

Encore 3:
Dearest You
7th Rose

If that looks like a long setlist to you, that's because it was. The length of the show shall be revealed at the end, lol.

Also, just want to give a super special thanks to Ashley for helping me smooth out any memory errors I had before typing this and making sure I didn't write anything stupid and inaccurate!

So D opened up with Ayakashi Kitan, which is a total bad-ass intro. I never cared for the song Day by Day, but this song was a sick B-side. The band came onto the stage in their 7th Rose clothing (as depicted above). I don't know how Asagi moves in that giant rose-dress, lol. I've seen him in that thing twice and I still don't get it, lol. Hide-zou, Ruiza, Hiroki and Tsunehito were looking great as always! Tsunehito having red hair has really grown on me, lol.

After Akayashi Kitan, the band went into the tour title song: 7th Rose! If you haven't heard this song yet, you're severely missing out. Here's the song in all its awesomeness with its totally bad-ass music video! Plus the outfits in this video are the exact outfits the band wore on stage:

Can you tell the band really likes roses?! For this song, the band rained paper rose petals down upon the audience for the entire song! It was cute watching people leaping and trying to catch them, lol.

Now, actually... I don't want to go over this show song by song because I just don't have the memory for it, but I do plan to cover each of the new songs from the new album because, well... they're new and I hadn't seen all of them live yet. This may come as a surprise to some but... I actually really loved the 7th Rose album. From start to finish I think it's a fantastic release. Honest to god. And what was interesting about this show was that Asagi had a different "shtick" for every song on the new CD. I'll go over that later.

As for the audience itself, Ashley and I were sad to see that our area was too far back for anybody to be squishing up together or anything like that so... I guess we just sorta handled it like it was an indies concert. If you give me that much room, I'm going to use it. This resulted in a lot of headbanging and unnecessary jumping just because I fucking felt like it.

Anyways, when the band played Waga Teki wa Ware ni Ari and Kaze ga Mekuru Peeji, we all whipped out our fans for some fan-dancing! And for the first time, I had a fan during D! Unfortunately, I stuck my fan in my flag-case because I didn't know where to put it and... I couldn't get my fan out, hahaha. Took me a good minute! Anyways, I suck at fan-dancing. I'm pathetically uncoordinated, lol. That's okay, I had fun!

After that came Aoi Kajitsu, in which Asagi whipped out... castanets. Yeah, castanets. Only Asagi could possibly use castanets during a metal concert and still somehow make it work. He's a ridiculous man, but it's quite lovable. He guided us all into clapping along with his castanets.

The next new song on the setlist was Hanatsumi no Otome ~Rozova Dolina~. Asagi Shtick Time! I loved this song on the album and I'd been dying to see it live. For this song, Asagi got out a tambourine. Yes, a tambourine. Then he guided the audience into various hits he would do on the tambourine, urging us to clap the beats with him as if we had tambourines. This was way more fun than it should have been. There are tambourines in the song, so it makes sense. Asagi also had this tambourine dance he would do at times during the song which involved him basically wiggling and gyrating from head to foot, lol. The fact that he does this in leather short-shorts makes it quite terrifying and hilarious all at once.

After that song, the band left the stage and left Hiroki to have an epic drum solo that lasted at least five minutes. This drum solo was huge and crazy and Hiroki urged us to yell and throw our fists with him. I felt kind of bad, though, that everyone in the band got a break but him.

After the drum solo, the band returned to play another song I loved off the new album: Independent Queen! Hmm... what was Asagi's shtick for this one...? Oh, right, the riding crop! Asagi kept whipping the riding crop and doing this absolutely terrifying yell. It's kinda like... you know when some goes "ow ow!" at something being kinky? It's like the second "ow" of that, or something... except way louder and freakier.

Then Night-Ship "D" happened and that of course means... flag time!!! Asagi brought out his giant D flag and waved it around, signaling that we all needed to pry our flags out of our cases.

Anywaaaaaaaays! After that came another new song: Crimson Fish. I've consulted Ashley, and we believe Asagi's shtick for this song was to act like a broken doll. It was pretty creepy. He was all twitchy and jerky and broken. But most of all I remember that the song was awesome, lol. I love the random parts in the song where the bass-line suddenly busts in. The audience would all start headbanging suddenly with the bass and then stop just as suddenly.

Crimson Fish was followed by the new song Sleeping Beautiful Beast and Mikazuki Youranshuu. These songs are really beautiful. I didn't expect the band to play Mikazuki Youranshuu because it's just a prologue-type song on the CD but... they played it and it's really hypnotic. Asagi just stood there singing and it was all pretty and the lighting was sort of like being in twilight. Really mesmerizing...

Of course the classic Yami no Kuni no Alice appeared in the setlist. Which is bad because it gets stuck in my head more often than is necessary. Really. In fact... it's stuck in my head now just because I typed this, aaaaaaaaaaargh.

Ooh, time for another new song! Next up is Karakuri Emaki! It was also totally awesome, and Asagi guided us all into doing Flamenco-style clapping with him. The new 7th Rose CD was just made for being played live, seriously. I recall Asagi doing some goofy dances during this song, too.

Next up was... oh boy... Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no A Cappella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria (or just Yami Yori as we'll call it from here on out). Hmm... You know, the funny thing about this song is that it was the first D song I ever heard and it made me not want to ever hear the band's music again because Asagi's "fat lady singing voice" was annoying. But somehow the song just works live. It just does. It tends to be one of the most fun songs they perform.

After that came destruction-time! Asagi started howling like a wolf and we knew it was time for Toki no Koe! This just meant lots of headbanging and general rocking out. Asagi loves to raise his arms up and down and guide the audience into a slow headbang with him. It's pretty funny. He wants complete control of the crowd. For this song, I decided to replace all the air-grab-fist move thingies with jumps because I was feeling hyper, lol. This meant I jumped up and down... more times than is necessary for a human being. That's okay, when the guys nearby saw Ashley and I jumping instead of just throwing our fists, they started doing it too. It's just way more fun that way, even if it's totally exhausting!

After Toki no Koe was another song from the new CD I'd been dying to hear: 13gatsu no Yumemioka. Now, I know some people might be thinking "what...? There's no way Kita likes that song. There's no way!" Well... you're wrong. I know I'm usually the first person to go "ew that song is and cheesy and stupid" but... for this song... nope, I actually like it. It's fun and bouncy and catchy and it gets stuck in your head and... you know what, it's okay to be silly sometimes. I don't care if the Underpants Gnomes from South Park show up at the end of that song, it's just a fun song. Asagi was being a weirdo and he was holding a cat-mask in front of his face for this entire song and making his hands into paw-shapes and cat-dancing. It was totally bizarre and hilarious and awesome. At the end, during the Underpants Gnomes part, Asagi urged the crowd to hop up and down repeatedly to the beat. I really felt like this song needed jumping, so I happily obliged. Some people started to tire out and stopped doing it, but Tsunehito never once stopped jumping the entire time, so I refused to get tired either! Jumping is fun!

After that song was Day by Day, and I believe the band rained red and silver streamers upon us. Everyone caught the streamers and held them in their hands in order to have super-shiny para-para, lol. I still don't like that song, though, lol.

And then the band left the stage. Here's where I was feeling a little worried. Remember my last blog post about D? The band came back for one encore, played one song, left, then ignored the crowd despite all their pleas for encore. The result was mass, audience-wide sobbing and it was very sad. I didn't want a repeat of that.

Well, they came back for an encore and started up with the always-awesome Taiyou wo Okuru Hi! They then played EDEN and the band cut the music and Asagi got the entire audience to sing the words along with him. Very touching, of course.

Then the band left again. Now it was time to really get nervous. Would they disappoint us again? They couldn't, could they? We'd been a good audience!

Well, thankfully they did come back! Cuz you know what? Those bastards hadn't played Tightrope yet! Why of course! So they totally rocked with that one (c'mon, it's Tightrope, you're guaranteed to have fun). After that was one of my all-time favorites D songs: Meteo ~Mubi no Koku~. That's just rockin' shit right there. That's when you get to headbang until you hurt! Plus Asagi yodels, so that just automatically makes it awesome, hahaha. At that point, I was rocking out and jumping around too much for my own good. I may have looked like an idiot, but I didn't care! I was enjoying myself, damnit!

Theeeeeeeen the band left again. Hmmmm..... They hadn't done their "final jump" yet so we could assume they'd come back, right? Well, sure enough, D graced us with a third encore!

They came back and played Dearest You! Yay, more music! At one point, Asagi instructed the whole audience to grab hands and jump into the air together even though it was in the middle of a song. Unfortunately, the girl next to me didn't realize what Asagi wanted until mid-way through the jump, so she just kinda whacked me in the hand and left us both standing there confused. Er... whoops.

Now, after Dearest You, the band members all started wandering around whispering to each other. Then Asagi did an MC and started off all seriousl. As it turned out, however, he had a message of happiness for us all! Asagi told us that upon seeing all our faces, the band decided to give us an extra, unplanned song! At this, a girl near us burst into tears. But unlike the last show where people were crying tears of sadness, these were tears of joy! The band decided to play 7th Rose again! Oh fuck yeah! We all rocked the hell out as much as humanly possible! Freakin' sweeeeeet!

And then the show was over! Hide-zou and Ruiza and Tsunehito threw picks and smiled as we all cheered them on, and Hiroki threw drumsticks. Man, the guys near us all really like Hiroki, lol. Boys tend to like drummers, it seems. The band seemed really happy! Everyone was smiling and waving! And with that, we were done...

It was a mad rush with everyone scrambling over each other to use the coin lockers. On the way, they handed out free D CDs with a song on it called Inishie no Ibuki. It's a really awesome song with no words and it's really wild and exotic sounding.

Anyways, after the show, Ashley and I were stunned to realize that the show had lasted three hours. Holy geez. And with that, Ashley and I limped and ached our way to a cafe to get some caffeine.

And thus concludes my weekend of insanity! I wound up rather crippled and exhausted, but it was all totally worth it and I still got an 86% on the lesson test the following day that I basically didn't study for because I was at concerts. Go me!

Once again, a special thanks to Ashley for helping me make sure this blog was accurate! I had scrambled eggs for brains while I wrote this!

Anyways, as for concerts, I don't have anything scheduled till next Sunday when I see Merry! There will probably be some indies, however.

See you all whenever I have another adventure!


  1. Hahaha, no problem, I'm just happy to have someone to share the awesome memories with. D was in much better spirits that night than last time. Tsunehito was bouncing the whole time, Ruiza was smiling like such an adorable dork. I was so sore the next day from all the jumping, but that's okay, we had fun. I was so excited when he mentioned something about the white wolf, which means Toki no Koe!!! That song lasts like 20 minutes live, but it's so badass. And I howled. Everyone else should howl too, you all know you want to. Asagi wants you to. 13gatsu is awesome, somehow, I love it. And the new fans are pretty, yay. But yeah, problems with getting it out of the flag case. At least I got to do the final jump with the awesome people next to me. I felt my heart being wrenched so many times that night, though. When Asagi didn't get up, waiting for them to come out for an encore, when he started another MC after the final song... but everything ended well, whew. That was such a great weekend, we need to do this more often.

  2. I agree that they seemed to be in better spirits. Tsunehito was sooooo bouncy and Ruiza was all smiles! It was great that we could share the happiness with them! I hurt the next day too, but it was a good hurt :-D

    From now on, anytime someone mentions a white wolf I'm going to automatically think of Toki no Koe, hahaha. And that means white wolf = epic fun and rocking out! Next time I'm going to howl! Awoooooo!

    I need to figure out a way to rig the fan next time so it doesn't get stuck in the flag case. I might fashion an extra case just for the flag, lol.

    There really were some nerve-wracking moments during the show, but all's well that ends well! Asagi didn't really collapse, and the band liked our crowd! Yaaaaaaay!

    We definitely need to keep doing more concerts! But we've got Merry next week and that's going to be fuckign SWEET.

  3. BEST Encores, EVER

  4. Inorite?!! It was orgasmically amazing! Especially Meteo! I was like hoshit son!

  5. F#@$ing LUCKY!

    I wish I could see D live... Especially with that epic setlist, and those encores!
    ~Sigh~ The closest I'll ever get to D is probably the making-ofs / interviews / misc. info floating around with their CDs / DVDs.

    Sidenote: Am I the only one who's happy / proud about Ruiza, HIDE-ZOU and Tsunehito being recognized as ESP Official Artists? (Their instruments are FINALLY for sale... even though they're impossible to afford lol)