Monday, April 26, 2010

Indies, “Death trap-GIG”, 4/23

Could it be... more Indies?! Yes, it could be. If you saw the post below, I saw D'espairsRay on Friday (if you haven't read it, I give it a huge recommendation). This blog's show was on Saturday! Sunday was D's 7th Rose tour final, which I will post after this show (since I imagine some people are quite eager to read about D's tour final).

Anyways, for now, let's have a very brief glance at Saturday's indies! The show was being hosted by VAJRA in light of their fourth single release.

So I'll be brief! The venue was at Yotsuya Outbreak, which is the one right near my university campus. But before going I simply had to indulge in sakura gelato with vanilla ice cream, biscotti, white chocolate pieces, and green tea syrup. Goddamn.

Anyways, we got to the venue and took our customary spots... AKA sitting in the back so we can ignore all the bands until something we like shows up. We were really only there for Navir and VAJRA. We were also sad to notice that a certain VAJRA fan was not in attendance... our dear Nesting Girl. More on that later.

So, first band up... Virulent:

I don't remember much about them, but I didn't think they were very good. The vocalist was another one of those guys who's trying to be either Kyo from Dir en grey or Ruki from the GazettE at the same time and, thus, looks really silly.

Next up, HAMELN (a rehearsal session band):

Being a session band and all, I recognized a few of the members as people I'd seen in other bands. Especially the vocalist, who I remember seeing at Rockmaykan. They weren't very enjoyable. They have some support keyboardist who is more annoying than helpful, and the guitarist has about as much talent as a five year old playing Smoke on the Water on repeat. The only notable thing about this band is the vocalist (top-left), who may have done a serious amount of crack-cocaine before performing. Seriously. He spazzed and flailed around so much I think he broke a piece of equipment at one point. And the thing is... he couldn't calm down that pace. He couldn't. When he tried to MC, his eyes were bugging out and he was shaking head to toe and couldn't remember what he wanted to say because he couldn't fucking slow down for two goddamn seconds. Seriously, dude, calm the fuck down. That or lay off the crack, geez. It was kind of hilarious, though, lol.

Next up, Code: SevIIens:

Hmm, I've seen them before... but I don't recall their name having a "Code" in it. I think they lost a member, so maybe the name changed after that. Anyways, they are also a very uninteresting band. They're not bad exactly, just not my kinda thing, maybe. Plus they have no drummer (it's pre-recorded) and the tape got messed up and they had to stop a song. But for some reason they decided that if they tried the song over again, somehow the tape would magically work. Of course it didn't, and simply wasted a good ten minutes of everyone's time and embarrassed the crap out of the band. I couldn't even look at them because I was so embarrassed for them. Only memorable moment... at one point, the vocalist climbed onto the barrier, leaned backwards, and dangled upside-down into the crowd by his knees. He continued screaming like that. Now, the dangling wasn't what amazed me, it was that he was able to effortlessly pull himself right back up onto the stage without his arms - like the world's most epic sit-up. He must have some killer abs under that outfit.

Next up... guardant:

It seemed like a lot of people had come just to see guardant. I don't really know why. So many people were up and rocking out to them that I figured they must be something interesting but... they felt the same as all the others. Oh well.

Next up... Velgat:

This was an extra band so I had to do some super-sleuthing to figure out who the hell the extra band was. I'm 99.9% sure it was Velgat. The vocalist is really amusing. He's terrifyingly energetic and crazy. He's like a little lemur running around and spazzing out. Also, he's fucking tiny. My gawd, it's not every day you see someone with a tiny bone structure like that. I really had an urge to grab him by the waist and see if I could get my fingers around him. I bet my fingers would touch.

And finally we get to something we wanted to see, good ol' Navir:

Out of date picture is out of date. Anyways! Navir was enjoyable as always, plus it felt good to finally stand up and do something. They're always a fun band. A good mix of hard rock but also a sort of casual, fun atmosphere mixed it. And a bit of rapping.  One thing I really like about them... charisma and audience-connectivity is just as important in a band as the music, and that's something Navir is really good at. The band is... encouraging. They're not threatening, but they try to get you to have fun and rock out in the most encouraging ways possible. For example, if Maya (the vocalist) wants you to yell with him, he doesn't get up in your face. He just sorta... gestures repeatedly and looks you in the eyes and tries to get you riled up with him. And what I like is that... if you do yell with him, you get a smile or a satisfied nod. His band mates are the same way. I really like that. They encourage you to participate and have fun without being threatening, and at the same time I think they genuinely just want you to enjoy yourself. That's cool of them. Plus Maya likes to fist-bump with the audience, haha

So Navir was a lot of fun and I rocked out and finally enjoyed myself. When Navir was done, my friends and I noticed some new person with blond and pink hair dressed in horribly over-sized clothing hovering towards the back of the crowd... Why... it was Nesting Girl! Hurray! Hilarious antics were now guaranteed! Nesting Girl is obviously following VAJRA, but I suppose due to a lack of interest in the other bands or school or a part-time job or who knows what, she showed up towards the end of the show when VAJRA was scheduled. It's always a gamble with these shows because no exact times are known. In fact, I've seen Nesting Girl get up and rock out to Navir, so I get the feeling she didn't mean to miss Navir. Oops. Such is the risk one takes when they show up late.

Anyways, next band up... MoNoLith:

Yeah, more lame. Ashley and Geri and I sat back down for these guys.

Anyhoo, after MoNoLith it was finally VAJRA time!

Of course, Nesting Girl was up and right in the front for this. Almost every single person standing for VAJRA seemed to be talking animatedly, and they seemed to be scheming something, though I wasn't sure what yet. And for whatever reason, Nesting Girl decided to pick up a friend of hers, who weighed at least twenty more pounds than her and carry the girl around for awhile. Nesting Girl is awesome because she doesn't have to make sense, lol.

Anyways, we've met them twice on the blog now, and once again we have VAJRA:

When the show started up, it suddenly became clear what the VAJRA fans had been scheming about. As each band member came out one by one, one or two of the front-row barrier girls would climb up onto the barrier and straddle it. I think they did it by favorite band member. For example, when the drummer came out, a couple girls climbed up onto the barrier and started screaming. Then they got down and someone else would get up for the next member. Leave it to Nesting Girl to get up on the barrier when friggin' 『L.』 came out. God, he's freaky. Then Nobro came running out, revealing that his face was smeared with freaky red make-up and he had in white-out contacts.

Also, this is a silly thing but... you know what I like with these guys? They don't rely on their costumes. Nobro had his horns but not his coat. And 『L.』 and Yuuri and Rohan weren't wearing their face-masks (Rohan the drummer was kind of adorable... he replaced his butterfly face-thing with nerd-glasses). And Nobro changes his make-up a bit every time we see him.

Anyways, the band was up to its usual crazy. I rocked out until I was in pain the next day. We also got to slam-dance back and forth like crazy (I slam-danced into Nesting Girl just for the hell of it, since she loves to take up so much space). The only problem with the slam-dancing is that 『L.』 decided to take it upon himself to throw water into the crowd during this, both drowning the crowd and making the floor dangerously slippery at the same time. Why does he do these things to us? He really loves to inflict pain, doesn't he, lol? There was booty-bumping too (I think I slammed this one girl a little too roughly a few times but... you don't take barrier for VAJRA unless you want some pain). 『L.』 was being creepy as always and constantly smiling and making weird faces. Ashley and I made the mistake of smiling at 『L.』 at various times which resulted in him eying us continuously and making creepy faces.

Also, the mystery of Nobro from the last show has been solved. We weren't sure how Nobro started bleeding at the last show, but I had a theory based on Nobro's obvious man-crush on Kyo. Sure enough, I'm sure any Dir en grey fan can guess in two seconds how Nobro does it. You guessed it... fish-hooking. Just like Kyo, Nobro puts his fingers in his mouth and violently scratches inside his cheeks until he spits up blood. Like Kyo he also punches himself in the face to get more blood out. Bottom line is... Nobro is a rip-off of Kyo? Also... after Nobro had spilled blood all over his lips and chin... he kissed 『L.』. Eeeeeew, lol. 『L.』 didn't seem to mind, hahaha.

A particularly amusing moment a la Nesting Girl... When VAJRA was done, we called for encore. The band came back, and... Nobro was drinking soda instead of water like performers usually do. My first thought was "is Nobro drinking soda? And is that..." Sure enough, Nobro rotated the bottle a little and... it was friggin' Dr. Pepper. What the hell? You can't even buy Dr. Pepper in Japan except at import shops. Now, everyone was calling out to the band as they came back, Nobro drinking his Dr. Pepper. So Nesting Girl's calls went like this: "Nobro! Nobroooo! Nobro! Eh? Soda? Soda?! Soda!!!" Next thing we knew, all the girls were chirping "soda!" at Nobro. Nobro looked a little miffed and took a huge chug of his Dr. Pepper. Then he lowered his head and rather sheepishly said "Dr. Pepper ga suki nan desu..." ("but I like Dr. Pepper..." Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

Then 『L.』 took the microphone and very creepily said something like "even if you guys hate me, I looooooooooove you!" Uh, sure dude...

Well, the band could only do one encore cuz stupid Code: SevIIens took up so much fucking time screwing up. Oh well, it was fun.

After the show, we loitered around a bit. The vocalist of guardant was making me sad because he was sitting at his merch booth all by himself without anyone paying him any attention and he eventually collapsed onto the table in exhaustion and laid their like a corpse. Aaaaw, dude, don't make me feel bad. I'm a softie, don't do that. Navir's guitarist was also hanging around handing out free samples of their new single. It took awhile for my friends and I to go over there and pick them up, so he kept looking over at us expectantly and seemingly confused that we hadn't taken the free shit yet.

Anyhoo, that about sums it up! I rocked out way too much for VAJRA and wound up with a sprained foot and a neck and back that hurt so bad I couldn't turn over in bed. Yay me!

Next up, D's 7th Rose tour final! Be on the lookout!


  1. Such a nice post, i really enjoyed reading it - even if now my eyes hurt 'cause of the white letters in dark background xD but that's my fault!
    Vajra... Vajra... Vajra...
    you really think Diru sucked at first? Tsk, then I really love them (love is blind~ i mean, deaf) 'cause i love their fist songs, ioncluding La:Sadie's songs...

  2. 「Dr. Pepper が 好き なん です...。」 かわいい!!! ^-^
    VAJRA が 大好き ですが、Nobroくん が ちょっぴり こわいねぇ?

    I apologise for my English.
    "But I like Dr.Pepper..." Cute! =)
    I love VAJRA, but a little Nobro scare me...

  3. No need to apologize! Your English is fine! そして、日本語が分かるから、大丈夫よwww! Nobroくんはこわい。。。かな?XD ちょっとね!