Monday, April 12, 2010

Indies, Ikebukuro Ruido K3

Time for another round of indies!
So... I'm back in school. Yes, the inevitable has happened. So what does one do when they have their first day of school the following day? Why, go to a concert with Ashley instead of preparing, of course!

Also, warning, being back in school means my use of the f-word is probably going to double for all future posts, including this one, lol!

Today's venue is Ikebukuro Ruido K3. Actually, there are several Ruidos in various locations in Tokyo. They're nice venues with very nice lighting and a fancy, club-style bar. However, as for the Ikebukuro Ruido... the place is shaped like a banana. I kid you not. The stage is this narrow thing stuck on the stem and everyone crowds around unable to move, trapped in the narrow innards of the banana-peel walls. What I'm trying to say is, Ruido K3 is too fucking long and too fucking narrow. The result is too many people smashed into a place where everyone wants to get closer to the stage... and can't. Especially for an event like this that had popular bands, it was simply too many people vying for too many spots. There was virtually nowhere to sit, so many people resorted to standing in exhaustion and high heels. And people were constantly climbing over each other, resulting in a lot of tripping, falling, and general face-planting.

Also, it came to our attention even before the show started that there was a wonderfully familiar face in the audience with poofy blond hair and a shiny silver coat. Yeah, you guessed it - Nesting Girl was back! Hurray! Nesting Girl was up to her usual antics - roaming around the venue barefoot in extremely baggy clothing, jumping or dancing for seemingly no reason...

But enough about that... let's get on with it, shall we. I have to get up at 7-mother-fucking-AM so I'll be quick about this.

First band up we've met before: α:Vout:

Still as uninteresting as last time. The vocalist was determined to get everyone on their feet and into it, and became so frustrated by the people sitting down that he flew off the stage, ran into the crowd, and started pointing his finger in the faces of sitting people and yelling "Stand up! Stand up!" I, who was sitting, gave him an incredibly dry look, lol.

Next up... another stupid band we've seen before... 0801ni209336. Yes, that's their fucking name. Remember these idiots?

The level of stupid hadn't improved. Because Ikebukuro Ruido K3 apparently knows it's shaped like a banana, there were several TV screens set up so that you could sit and watch the bands if you simply couldn't see over everyone or... were lazy and didn't care, like me.

Now, the next band up is the only band that appeared at this show that I hadn't seen before (unless you count the two bands we skipped, lol). Today, I am very, deeply, truly sorry to introduce you to... PIECElang:

You can click to enlarge the picture but... please don't. Really, I express my deepest regrets that something this terrible is even on my blog. What can I even say about this band, other than the fact that it may be the Sauron of Oshare-Shit. The Great Eye of Oshare seemed to be drawing in a lot of the crowd with its spastic colors, use of pom-poms, and a band member who served no purpose other than to dance and jump around the stage like an idiot. So Ashley and I did the only thing that can combat the power of the Great Eye: we sat the hell down and didn't look at it.

Next up, we once-a-fucking-gain have ALSDEAD:

Really, does this band have some mission to be at every show ever performed in Tokyo? Anyways, blah blah blah, ALSDEAD is enjoyable, they had some amusing technical error and the bassist (whom I refer to as Dorkmaster) proceeded to point and laugh at the drummer for half a song, blah blah blah, lots of foreigners were there to see them... blah blah blah, yeah.


So, I kinda went out of order... Everything is in order but I skipped a band since I figured I'd put the good shit at the end. So, who do you think went on second? Yup, they're back! The return of Ha;qch! Man, outdated picture is outdated...

Damn, I wish I had a better picture... well, anyhoo... so Ha;qch went on second but, much to my surprise, the crowd to see them was huge. Generally, going on towards the beginning means a smaller crowd, but I guess Ha;qch's gathered enough followers to combat that. Unfortunately, the big crowd meant some of us getting screwed over. Like me. I couldn't get very close, and there were too many people squished together for me to headbang or do much rocking out in general. But I can put a positive spin on it: it gave me a chance to just watch the band and admire. Chihiro seemed... oddly happy? Of course, by happy I mean he wasn't glaring at as many people as usual, and he didn't spit on anyone, lol. He did take the time to drool all over himself though, lol.  Also, at every show I see Chihiro at, his hair keeps getting higher and higher and higher, lol. Anyways, the new bassist seems quite happy with his position. He's got pink hair, tons of face piercings, and he's always smiling at the audience. Good for you, jack!

Anyhoo, during the show itself... so yeah, Chihiro drooled gallons all over himself... Also, I looked to the side and noticed... good lord, Nesting Girl was nesting again! A bunch of her friends were sitting down and she was curled up in a ball asleep in a nest of... friends? That girl's got some serious sleeping talent, lol! Also, during the gyaku-dive part, while the girls were hanging over the bar like dead meat, Chihiro threw his leg over a girl and basically sat on her head. But the girl got the last laugh. When gyaku-dive was over, the girl jumped back down, meaning Chihiro kinda... fell onto the bar with his balls. I don't think it hurt him at all, though, because he didn't even react, but still... it looked like it should have hurt, lol!

Chihiro gave some kind of message at the end of the show, but I honestly couldn't hear him over the crazy feedback coming from the guitarists. Um, aren't you supposed to silence the feedback when the vocalist is talking, lol? Anyways, I had to check online later to find out what he said. I guess Ha;qch is doing something underground and secret right now, but that it's a positive, forward-thinking thing... which to me sounds like studio time. They're probably going to finally release some music, lol. Only drawback is I don't think they're really going to do concerts for awhile. Oh well...

After Ha;qch was over, Ashley and I realized that Nesting Girl... was sitting on a table. And by sitting on a table, I mean one of those tiny tables you see at a club that's about as wide as a sewer-cover. She was sitting up there in a crouch like a monkey. What made this extra funny was that the table was meant for smoking, so she was sitting in between ashtrays and smoking while other people ashed their cigarettes around her. Strange girl...

Skipping ahead, la la la... at the end of the show (and by end I mean last band before Ashley and I skipped out on the whole thing and left), we have a second-timer on the blog... VAJRA:

Oh boy... VAJRA... what to say about VAJRA... Well, for starters, it's obvious that Nesting Girl is following VAJRA. I've seen them twice, and I've seen her both times, and those are the only times I've seen her. Also, before the show started, Nesting Girl and her friend were practicing some really crazy headbanging they were going to do during VAJRA's set.

So VAJRA is an odd band. We've got Nobro on the vocals, and he has horns. Then there's 『L.』 on guitar, and I believe he may truly be insane and not just pretending to be. Then there's Yuuri on the other guitar, and he looks like the spawn of Jason. Not to mention bassist Kiyuki, who's wearing a Hannibal Lecter muzzle. And of course drummer Rohan has fake boobs, and if that's not scary, I don't know what is.

Well, actually, for this show, Nobro wasn't wearing his horns. And he took off his spiky, furry coat-thing too. He traded that stuff in for white-out contacts. The result? A man who already reminded me of Kyo from Dir en grey turned into a full-fledged Kyo-clone.

This time, I had room to actually headbang and let loose, which was nice. I guess that's the perk of VAJRA being a newer band. We also got to do that weird slam-dancing where everybody hops up and down across the front of the stage knocking into each other. People who don't want to participate in the slam-dancing usually flee out of the way when this happens, lol. At one point, someone hopped into me with such force that I fell backwards and had to grab the curtain hanging over the exit to avoid falling, lol! Good times indeed! Nesting Girl was hopping in circles, hahaha.

So even though VAJRA is new, their fans seem to be die-hards. Another interesting tidbit... so... I know I keep saying that Nobro is just like Kyo from Dir en grey but... as I mentioned in my last post, Nobro has massive, self-mutilation wounds across his chest and torso. He also has what appears to be old suicide-scars on his wrists. Well, Nobro took it one step further at this show and truly, truly transformed into Kyo. First of all, Nobro started scratching his chest till it left marks, and then... okay, I don't know what happened... I was headbanging, and when I looked up, Nobro was bleeding rather impressively from the mouth. There was blood running down his chin and he wiped at it and smeared it on his face. Holy Kyo, Batman. But I think Nobro kinda grossed himself out because he later started wiping the blood off his face like "eeeeeew." The way Nobro dresses, carries himself, and the way he performs, not to mention the VAJRA songs that sound very, very much like Dir en grey songs, and even the band's playing style in general, lead me to believe that it's very possible some of the members of VAJRA used to be in a Dir en grey cover band. It's almost as if they still are.  But maaaaan, I don't know what Nobro did to make himself bleed. Kyo scratches inside his mouth or punches himself in the face. Unfortunately, I didn't see how it happened to Nobro.

Other highlights included... so I've mentioned that guitarist
『L.』 is crazy, right? So let's see... well, Nobro did an MC, which was adorable in the first place. Everyone was yelling and then he started talking and it went quiet. For whatever reason, this scared Nobro, and he suddenly shuffled backwards clutching his hair and he was like "ah, it got quiet!" Well, duh, lol. So while Nobro was talking, 『L.』 just... I don't know... he bent over like he was going to throw up and started making weird asthma noises. I thought he was dying before he suddenly stood back up and was totally fine. What a weirdo... Later on, 『L.』 crept up behind Nobro during a song and snaked his hand under Nobro's arm and started squeezing and rubbing what I guess is supposed to be Nobro's boob, if Nobro had any boobs. Nobro was shirtless, so 『L.』 was squishing Nobro's lack of boobs. Nobro didn't respond, lol. 『L.』 also started splashing water all over the crowd. Then he threw the bottle at the crowd. It got crushed under many feet, then rolled and landed in front of me. So I shrugged, picked up the crushed bottle, and took it home as a souvenir, lol. These guys are seriously goofy. At some point, I think 『L.』 threw down his mic stand. When the show ended 『L.』 spun around in circles and faked a seizure until he stumbled off the stage. Geeeeez.

So... that was the show! Ha;qch was fun as always, and VAJRA continued to entertain me.

See you all next time (because I assure you, I will not let school put a damper on my adventures)!

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  1. Dude, that sounds like it was an awesome show!!! At first I was like... Undercode?! Really?! But I see why you went, lol. Those videos of Vajra are pretty baller as well. The singer is definitely a mini-Kyo :-P I could see myself really liking them someday.

    Hope you're doing well... Don't let school get you down or anything! Keep having a blast!