Monday, May 3, 2010

Cat Cafe - My 100th Post!

Well, believe it or not, this is my 100th blog post! Okay, maybe it's not that hard to believe when you consider how horribly chatty I am and how many stupid things I blog about (indies, indies, indies...). But yes, this is my 100th blog post! To celebrate, I'm going to blog about something that isn't J-Rock! I'm going to blog about... kitties!

I mean, who doesn't like kitties?! Which is something Japan is very aware of. Japanese people loooove cats, so they came up with the brilliant idea of "neko cafes" ("cat cafes") in which people can simply sit around, drink beverages, and play with cats. My friends and I had been to Nekobukuro in Ikebukuro which is a place where you can see and play with cats, but it wasn't a real cat cafe. So today my friends and I traveled out to Kichijoji to see a real cat cafe and enjoy some kitties!

To celebrate my 100th blog post, enjoy pictures of adorable cats!

The cats were all obsessed with bubble wrap and loved to sleep in it or play with it:

A beautiful Himalayan lying atop a bookshelf of manga:

This pretty orange cat was named Mikan (tangerine):

My friends and I named this ridiculous creature Grandpa, even though it's a girl. For some reason, she had her hair cut short everywhere except for her head and the end of her tail, and she was wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt (probably so she wouldn't get cold). Plus, like a grandpa, she ate her meal really slowly and then went to sleep. Literally nothing would wake her up. It was pretty funny:

Here's a picture of Mikan from below, lol:

Nothing can wake up Grandpa!

Here's the beautiful tail of a cat sticking out of her little den. I thus named this cat Fancy Tail:

Another sleepy kitty:

Fancy Tail curled up in her little hole:

This was a very strange cat. All its hair was thick, curly, and frizzy. It felt very strange to the touch! It was an absurdly friendly cat, though. People could pet it without stopping and the cat would never get annoyed. Eventually she got up and curled up on a woman's lap and stayed there until the woman had to leave:

A cat stretched out on a bookshelf:

A really cute, white Scottish Fold having lunch:


Everyone's admiring the cats while they eat, lol:

They're sooooo cute:

This adorable little kitty is named Ichigo (Strawberry) because her spots look like the seeds of a strawberry. As you can see, she was an incredibly friendly cat. One guy made really good friends with her and I think that guy would have paid big money to take her home, that's how attached he got. He was looking at her with the kind of love a man has for their own child:

We, of course, dubbed this cat Bowl Kitty, lol:

Even if you shook and spun the bowl in circles, this cat wouldn't budge, lol:

This is our darling Mimi-chan. Mimi-chan was one of the sweetest and most adorable cats at the cafe. She was so soft and friendly and sweet:

Ashley posing with Mimi-chan, lol!

These cats reeeeeeally love that bubble wrap!

I found a good spot on Mimi-chan while petting her and she rolled over and stuck out her furry little paw, so I took a picture of it, lol:

Another cat in love with the bubble wrap!

Ashley petting a very sleek cat. These cats were constantly sitting by the windows, intrigued by the birds flying outside:

More people enjoying the kitties:

Here's a full shot of the cat cafe:

And that's my 100th blog post! I hope you enjoyed all the kitties! See you again soon!


  1. Okay, I have never commented on your blog before, and lately it has been making me feel like some sort of blog stalker or something XD... So, I decided I would actually comment for once... ANYWAY, I really, really enjoy reading ur blog, since I have a great interest in Japan. I also happen to love cats, and these cats are just so dang adorable I couldn't resist commenting on their cuteness!!!! Thank you so much!

  2. Hello crookedrhyme! It's very nice to see another commenter on the blog! Stalking is fine (I think many people stalk this blog because I see it quoted on LJ by strangers, hahaha) but commenting is always great! I'm glad you enjoy the blog! And I'm glad you enjoy the cats! I'm hoping to go to another kitty cafe soon to take more pictures!!!