Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DIR EN GREY Fan Club Only Concerts... The Saga

Dir en grey... the moody, eccentric, pissed-off masters of J-Rock.

They're a band that likes to break records, set trends, and sell tickets to impossible concerts. What I mean is, their fan base is huge. They have more fans than anyone knows what to do with. Their fan club alone is terrifyingly massive. Every year it becomes harder and harder just to see these guys. People travel across the country to get to their concerts.

They're also the masters of hype. Let's observe the events of the last few days.

Dir en grey have been hiding in the studio, working on new music for some time. About a week ago, they suddenly announce that they're having some fan club only concerts. And by "some" they mean... two. Two concerts... in one city. You've got to be kidding me. So I did what thousands of other eager little fans did and entered the online lottery for tickets.

Things were a little complicated, though. I needed things to be rather specific. I needed two tickets, first of all (gotta have Ashley with me), I needed first floor standing (I don't do that balcony crap), and I needed the tickets to be on Tuesday and not Wednesday. Wednesday is the Lycaon concert that I already had tickets for (however, if it became clear that I absolutely couldn't get tickets for Tuesday, Lycaon would have been tossed aside like a chewed rubber chicken... no offense to Lycaon).

Anyways, they say it's easier to win a real lottery than a Dir en grey lottery. But I am the Ticket Ninja, after all, so I prayed and prayed and prayed that the gods of J-Rock would grant me my one small wish and get me these tickets.

Anyhoo, 12:00 rolled around this morning and the lottery results came online!

Congratulations to me! I'm truly the chosen one! I got two tickets, first floor standing, for Tuesday! Holy crap! I may truly be a chosen prophet... the Ticket Ninja!

I'm excited... and then my phone buzzes.

Allow me to "accurately" translate what Dir en grey's message said:

"Congratulations, blindly following meat-sack - er, I mean, fan! Don't worry if you just won or lost the lottery two seconds ago, that lottery was useless anyways! We're doing a full tour in July! Surprise! Now scramble over to the lottery, blind meat-sack! Scramble!"

Oh you fucking bastards. They planned this all along! They waited until everyone was hyped up and excited/depressed over the lottery results of this impossible show, just so they could announce, naw, we have more shows anyways, run, run, run! And give us your money!

So yes, my momentary excitement over winning two tickets to see a Dir en grey fan club only concert in June had to be shoved aside so that I could go "bwuh?" and run over to enter yet another lottery. Fucking hyped up bastards. Anyways, that lottery is also a big punch in the face. They're ending the tour in Tokyo with two more shows at Studio Coast (they seriously love that place. I think Kaoru said it's his favorite Tokyo venue or something). Trouble is, the tour ends in late July, smack-dab during finals. Hmmmm... finals, Dir en grey, finals, Dir en grey, finals, Dir en grey, finals...


Yeah, I entered the lottery. I don't care. Even if it conflicts with finals, I'll make it work. Neither of the shows would be during a final exam, it would just affect studying a bit. No biggie. So yeah, we'll see how the second lottery goes. But no matter what happens, I will always know that I reigned victorious for the rare, two-show lottery in June!

Ticket Ninja indeed.

Btw, no offense meant to Dir en grey in the above post. I still love you guys. You're lovable bastards.

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