Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Indies Blog Translations: A Word from Chihiro of Ha;qch Concerning Smokers

Hello all! I've been meaning to flex my terrible Japanese skills for quite some time by doing "random Indies blog translations" just for kicks. I figured the blog post written yesterday by Chihiro of Ha;qch would be an amusing place to start. We haven't seen Ha;qch in awhile because the band is in the studio. However, our horribly bored Chihiro continues to blog (sometimes several times a day). Since a lot of these guys in indies have really funny blogs that are only in Japanese, I figured I could throw around random blog translations every now and then for your amusement!

Today's blog translation features Chihiro! Chihiro says hi! Well... in his own special way:

Okay, here we go... As always, I'm not a fluent speaker of Japanese, and I've never taken a proficiency exam, so I'm not responsible for any mistranslations on my part because you've been warned! If you re-post these translations, be sure to remind people that I'm not fluent, and that I'm only practicing! Here goes!

(Note: The legal adult age in Japan is 20, which is when one can legally drink and smoke. It seems Chihiro has been a legal adult for less than a year)


Lately, I've been mourning the fact that my chin is developing a cleft.

This is growth.
It's a sign that I'm becoming an adult.

I've become capable of eating bananas, which I used to hate.
I can eat what is considered a single portion of vegetables.
I've come to love things like raw fish.
I'm allowed to drink alcohol.
I'm also allowed to smoke.

If we're talking about smoking, the recent persecution of smokers by non-smokers has been horrible.

You see "No Smoking!" signs everywhere, and the increase in cigarette taxes and the decrease in designated smoking areas is terrible.

Particularly the increase in taxes.
It's not just a little bit.

People wonder what kind of intention these brutes have, but I somehow understand their reasoning.

It's a completely physical habit.

The fumes surrounding smokers, the bad breath, the impossibility of visualizing the act of smoking... there are probably many reasons [for the above offenses against smokers].

Particularly the bad breath. It's undeniable.

I don't doubt that my own breath when I woke up this morning smelled incredibly bad.

Soon, when I shout, the fans in the front row will pinch their noses.

But still, please don't be cold to me.
Smokers are people too.

Because I brush my teeth, please allow me to smoke.

What do you think? Chihiro's a pretty amusing guy. His blogs are enjoyable because he likes to say whatever he's thinking, straight to the point. I plan to translate more from him, along with translations for other indies JRockers that I find funny. I'm going to post translations pretty randomly, so check for them whenever and see what's up!

See you soon!

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