Sunday, May 16, 2010

Update on 『L.』 Leaving VAJRA

I just want to clarify the post below about 『L.』 leaving VAJRA. I know he says he's leaving due to "musical differences", but it seems that's not the case. Having checked the blogs of all the members of VAJRA, a very different story comes to light. I've mentioned on the blog before that 『L.』 liked to participate in rather rough activities with the audience. He'd punch fans, pull girls around by their hair, baseball-pitch water bottles at girls, and other such behaviors. He also, on several occasions, waited until the audience was "slam-dancing" across the front of the stage to spray water on the floor and cause people to slip and fall over each other. Well, it seems that 『L.』 did something with water at a concert in Sendai and... people got hurt. I'm making these assessments based off the band members' collective blogs (because, again, I wasn't there and can't say anything for certain). What I can make out is that some people were hurt or almost hurt, this caused trouble for the staff, and embarrassment for VAJRA, as well as the hosting band.

All the members apologized profusely, and Kiyuki in particular made a point to mention that the band had warned 『L.』 on several occasion to be careful, but he didn't listen. Kiyuki also felt that the band was responsible because they should have simply told 『L.』 to stop doing such rough behaviors.

Anyways, in Yuuri's words, the band put 『L.』 on "house arrest" and barred him from future lives as "punishment" until they could figure out what to do. My guess is that the band either decided to save face and kick 『L.』 out, or 『L.』 decided to save his own face and leave, stating "musical differences."

So that seems to be, more or less, a more accurate picture of why 『L.』 is so suddenly leaving VAJRA. It's a shame that things had to turn out that way (especially because there are hints on 『L.』's blog that he didn't really want to leave). But I guess that's how it has to be. Indies can get a little rough sometimes, but at its core it's always supposed to be fun. 『L.』 liked to dance dangerously close to the line between "dangerous" and "fun" and, unfortunately, it seems he finally tripped over that line. So, again, it's a shame that this happened but I wish 『L.』 the best wherever he winds up, and I wish VAJRA the best as they move on without him!

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