Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Blog Translations

Uuuurgh, moving into a new apartment in Madison. Didn't have internet for several days, but now it's back! To procrastinate and avoid fixing up my room, I'm going to do a random blog translation. A little while back, I got a request from a commenter for a VAJRA blog translation. Nobro's hilarious blog was deleted, but the others still keep very amusing blogs. The other abundant source of laughs in VAJRA is bassist Kiyuki, so I selected his latest blog for my translation because it was the most recent, and it made me chuckle. Here goes:


I ate ramen for dinner.

I am way too freakin' full.

It hurts.

Because there's a delicious ramen shop only five buildings away from where I live, when it comes to ramen, there's no problem getting some.

Just a note: "freakin'" was just my way of handling the slang way in which Kiyuki said "yabee."

Hope you enjoyed! Hopefully I'll write about something more substantial soon once my apartment is settled!

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