Monday, August 2, 2010

Thanks Everyone! And Random Blog Translations (Yuuki from UnsraW)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give everyone a huge thanks for all the sweet messages I got from the readers about the "end" of this blog! It's amazing to me how many people enjoy my blog and my writing style! I didn't expect such a thing, so I'm stunned and quite happy to see such wonderful responses! You all inspire me to keep going and I'm truly grateful! Thank you soooo much to anyone and everyone who reads my blog!

Anyways, I'm back in America after a full 24 hours of traveling. Ashley is still in Japan for another week or so, so I'm still hearing about some scattered, remaining concerts from her. According to Ashley, VAJRA is doing fine. She's also going to get to see UnsraW again! Aah, I wish I could go!

Speaking of which... So I don't want this blog to really "die" or anything. Other than concerts and other miscellaneous things, I figured I could continue the Random Blog Translations every now and then. As always, these are selected based on whatever I found interesting or amusing amongst the many blogs I glance at. I hadn't done a translation of anything from Yuuki of UnsraW because, despite being the band's lyricist, Yuuki is a man of few words on his blog. Besides, I think there are other people out there who are translating UnsraW blogs, aren't there? But still, I checked Yuuki's blog recently and discovered a post he'd just written that was very, very lengthy and... quite beautiful, actually. Rather than just that post, however, I'm translating two of his entries because the long one makes references to another post from several days earlier. So here are my translations of both those posts, with translation notes marked by number and listed at the end.


Aw, crap [1]

For some reason, since this morning, I have intense pain running through the left side of my neck down to my shoulder.

I thought I must have slept in a strange position, but painkillers have been useless. If I pulled the muscle, this will be seriously annoying.

I'm gonna fix this by tomorrow.






Ow! [2]

I heard fireworks some time ago.

I wanna try shooting off fireworks in my neighborhood.

I wonder if I can go to this year's fireworks show.

Well... it's no use.

I'm not really that interested but...


Ah, neck, please fix yourself!

[1] The original word is "yabai"

[2] This was originally a play on the Japanese word "ashita" ("tomorrow"). In Japanese, the lines are written: "Ashita (kanji). Ashita (hiragana). Ashi... ah... ah. Ah!" However, since "tomorrow" ends in "ow" I figured the joke worked similarly in English!



Good work, you guys.

Thank you.

On the way back, I went to Maa's house [1], watched the DVD [2], and had a reflective meeting on it.

For me, personally, there were regrettable parts, however, the fact that we were able to keep up the spirit from last time is really good.

My poor neck is surprisingly okay.

Sorry for making you worry.

Today, in regards to myself, my tasks have increased by one.

This was thanks to Ryou. Thanks, man! [3]

Regarding this matter, it can be said about anything and it's quite an obvious thing but, in general, everyone tends to lose sight of their "original intention."

We absolutely cannot forget what our original intention was.

I was able to reaffirm this.

While we are breathing, we are living. We naturally pass through this day call "today" and face the unchanging tomorrow. We go through this naturally.

How long can we be happy with this?

We can only live this life once and to leave behind regrets... we carve the proof that we are living into our everyday lives.

We're supposed to be able to see something.

My life

I want it to be like a firework...

Kaboom- [4]

I want to launch into the air and scatter brilliantly

Like lotuses

I'm going to pump nutrition from the muddy swamp of this fucking [5] filthy world and blossom as beautiful as can be.

[1] From reading a few of Yuuki's blogs, I've been able to determine that Maa is guitarist Madoka.

[2] I'm assuming he's referring to the film recording of the performance they just had.

[3] I'm not sure who Ryou is. If anyone knows, help out this idiot! Also, "thanks, man" was a stylistic choice I made based on the incredibly informal way Yuuki wrote the sentence "sankyuu, ne."

[4] The original word is the onomatopoetic Japanese sound "dokaan"

[5] I added the curse "fucking" because Yuuki describes this world with the Japanese curse word "kuso" meaning "shit." However, its usage here seems to match up with the English equivalent of fucking [insert noun here].

Hope you enjoyed! I found Yuuki's thoughts to be very interesting and rather... lovely? Thus, I decided they'd be good to translate. I'm certainly not the best translator out there, but I did my best to try and maintain the original, poetic quality of his entries. I hope it came out okay!

See y'all soon!!!


  1. sweet Yuuki ^^ no matter I don't listen UnsraW.

  2. Loved the translations!

    Glad you're keeping the blog going!

    Thank you ^.^

  3. um can you do some translations for blogs by VAJRA members? im really getting to like them, they seem interesting

  4. I'd be more than happy to translate some VAJRA blogs! Unfortunately, a few months ago Nobro decided to delete his entire blog off the internet. I have NO idea why he did that, and it's a shame because his blog was funny and interesting. However, the other members also post interesting things, so I will see if any interesting blog translations come along and translate them! If you see one that looks interesting (like a funny picture or something) I'd be more than happy to translate that too!

  5. uh can you post a link to their blog or site or something, cause i cant find it... sorry i feel stupid

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