Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Terrible Thing has Happened

As the readers of my blog probably know, I was an avid collector of JRock magazines while I was in Japan. I rarely left a CD store without a magazine. Along with all the concerts and the ticket stubs I collected from them, my magazine collection felt like a part of my "legacy."

Unfortunately, the boxes I shipped to America have arrived and nearly all my magazines have been stolen. A box containing six magazines arrived intact. However, my box containing sixteen magazines and a stuffed animal arrived, opened and re-taped by god-knows-who, with the stuffed animal inside it and nothing more. All sixteen magazines have been stolen. This includes my V-Rock Festival magazine, my DIR EN GREY cover features, my Beautifool's magazine, and all the magazines I'd collected throughout the year and held dear to me. For no reason whatsoever, a person has opened my personal belongings, taken my inexpensive and useless items, and robbed me of something that was important to me. This was done for no reason whatsoever.

It's frustrating that these sorts of things have to happen in life. It seems like such a trivial thing... they're just stupid magazines... but it was a part of my experience and I loved them. I jokingly referred to my collection as my "magazine addiction." I could never have enough magazines. When I found out from my parents that my boxes arrived, it wasn't the CDs or the DVDs or the books that I was excited to tear from my box... it was the magazines. It was the thing I most looked forward to... only to open my box and discover it empty, with a doll face smiling back up at me as if to mock my stunned expression.

However, on the positive side, all my CDs and DVDs are okay, and six magazines did make it, including the Toshiya and Shinya Rhythm and Drums Book. Also, none of my expensive DVDs were taken. Many of my most personal possessions also arrived, including my signed VAJRA CD, my Pokemon memorabilia, and free demo tapes I got from indies bands. For that, at least, I'm grateful. If my DVDs or signed items had been taken, I don't know what I would have done.

Still, this is a very sad thing that's happened. I'd love to say I learned my lesson, but I didn't have any choice but to ship things home. Next time, I guess I'll just have to try and believe in the goodness of people. Even though there's not much to believe in.

Hopefully I'll have something a bit more legitimate to blog about soon.


  1. Horrible !! probably the person can't even read Japanese and doesn't even understand their value.
    it's like what happened couple of days ago when a friend's concert ticket was stolen before the concert, someone saw that it was an old man, who probably didn't come himself to concert but had to steal it still...

  2. omg!! that SUCKS! :( I have a magazine addiction too~ so I understand your pain >.<

    good thing your CDs and magazines made it!!!!

  3. I meant to write: "good thing your CDs and DVDs made it!!!!" but somehow the word "magazine" magically appeared instead XD lol~

    btw... a while ago I broke down and bought the [zi:] magazine with the photoshoot of Ryutaro and his cat after seeing the pictures you posted from it XD lol~

  4. @Anonymous: That sucks about your friend's ticket! I don't understand why people even bother to steal things that mean nothing to them! Humans are so frustrating >_<

    @Tora: I'm glad my post encouraged you to buy that magazine! Isn't it lovely? The [zi:] magazine DID make it to my house (thankfully) and I'm really glad because it's one of my favorites. It's so pretty!

  5. yes~ I really, REALLY love that magazine!! and you were so right about Ryutaro and his cat looking alike lol~ XD
    glad that magazine made it!! I also especially loved the part with Hitsugi :)