Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!

Hello all! I've got a cute little post here. One thing I really, really missed while I was in Japan was American-style Halloween. I mean the kind of Halloween where you go to pumpkin patches and carve pumpkins and drink apple cider and make pie and watch scary movies. Well, I've been doing a bit of that now that I'm back in America and it's October!

My friends Maggie and Kat invited my apartment-mates and I to come over and carve pumpkins, so Melissa and Dylan and I headed on over. Lots of awesome ensued!

At their apartment, there was a cute kitty named Phantom! My apartment doesn't have a cat, so I feel very pet-deprived. Here's Melissa petting the kitty!

And our big pile of pumpkins!

Phantom wants in on the action:

Kat and Maggie decided to put on Rocky Horror Picture Show in the background. I saw that movie, like... ten years ago, so I didn't even remember it.

Some of us drew with permanent markers on the pumpkins, while others printed out stencils online and taped them to the pumpkins to make more accurate carvings. We were supposed to be carving, but I think we were more intrigued by the film at first:

Here's Dylan drawing on his pumpkin. He's drawing a ghost that's saying "FEED ME CAKE." No, I don't know why, lol.

I printed out and pasted a kitty face onto my pumpkin, lol! Sounds cute, but in a fit of morbidity I stuck a knife in its head before cutting the top off, lol:

Pumpkin guuuuuuuts!

Okay, I'll stop being morbid, I swear:

Carvin' away...

Kat's very excited about hers, lol:

Here's how mine turned out (yes, I gave it fangs, lol):

And then I highlighted the edges with permanent marker:

Here's Melissa's.

Then we put candles in them!


We put candles in all six of our pumpkins and put them outside in the dark:

Graaaar! Mine came out kinda looking like Nyampire, lol:

We even had a creepy night sky above to make the mood complete:

Then we came back inside, where Phantom decided he loves my purse and snuggled up in it. Aaaaaaw:

And that was pumpkin carving! Super fun!

Also, I've discovered a giant folder of pictures I took over Winter Break in Japan that never made it on the blog. A lot of them are really awesome and I can't believe that entire month of photos went neglected. I'll probably start working on Winter Break photo dumps of Japan for upcoming blog posts!

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