Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Blog Translations: Jin's Saga

My featured Random Blog Translation for today will be Jin, the bassist of UnsraW:

This is a little different from my usual translations because it encompasses multiple blog posts and "nau" status updates. "Nau" is like the Japanese blog version of Twitter, literally deriving from the English word "now", as in "I'm doing blah blah blah now." Recently, Jin from UnsraW had a bit of an adventure in Red Bull usage and, at my friend Melissa's request, I'm going to translate what happened (Melissa also reads Japanese and was following the little saga with me).

As always, a warning that I'm not a fluent speaker of Japanese and I make mistakes. I apologize if there are any inaccuracies or errors in my translations (I do these translations for practice and no other reason). Notes will be numbered in parentheses and explained at the end of each of Jin's separate posts.

For days before this little blog saga began, Jin was complaining of extreme insomnia. He hadn't slept in days and was getting very frustrated. Our adventure begins with this blog post from Jin:

Ah... We're done with the studio.

In place of tobacco... Red Bull.

I'm far from sleepy.

One might think it helped my physical condition but...

It's an optical illusion.

It's beyond ible-horr fection-per

From here we move to pre-production.

(1): Jin likes to flop the syllables of his words, sort of like a Japanese form of Pig Latin. Japanese is a syllabic language and Jin's way of speaking is to break two-syllable words in half and reverse them. For example, the word "hidoi" ("horrible") became "doi-hi" (which I turned into "ible-horr").

Following this post, Jin made a Nau update with a picture of himself holding three Red Bulls in one hand and this message:

I entrust myself entirely to Red Bull.

Melissa and I were somewhat horrified at the realization that tiny Jin was going to be drinking that much Red Bull. You're not supposed to drink more than two at a time, and even that can be pushing it. Much to our horror, Jin soon followed up that Nau update with this one:

The result. Even though I'm drinking three Red Bulls, I'm drinking five at the same time.

Although it's hard to determine, it appears that Jin drank somewhere between five and eight Red Bulls within a twelve hour time-span. Ouch. Somewhat fearing for the guy's health, Melissa and I looked up what happens when you drink too much Red Bull. The first thing to pop up was a story about a man who drank eight Red Bulls and had a heart attack. Jin soon followed up with this somewhat spastic blog post:

Leaping about...

We're done with pre-production.

Various musical phrases are racing about inside my head.

♀△¥%☆Ω〒$#◎♂… (1)

We're challenging ourselves with an area we've never been before.

As a result of asking that Red Bull support me, I drank too much and it's too effective.
The look of death has appeared on my face.

I thought I was calm and composed, but I certainly had an ible-horr look on my face
Tonight especially I wanted to get a good night's sleep, but I also want to take time to become accustomed to the new song.

Of course, that means Red Bull.

(1): I typed this up as literally as possible. As I mentioned before, Japanese is a syllabic language, and what Jin typed up was literally a series of spastic katakana syllables. I did my best to space them and give them the rhythm Jin was aiming for. I also copy-pasted the exact symbols Jin used at the end of the line. For those who's computers can read Japanese and wish to see the original, this is how the post looked in katakana:


(2): See the note above about Jin's syllable-flopping way of writing.

Jin didn't post for a good 24 hours after this experience. I began to worry about him, thinking he may have really overdone it on the Red Bull. I mean, all I could think when I read the above post was, "that dude's trippin' balls." Sure enough, that very morning Jin woke up and wrote this Nau update:

Beware of over-drinking.

He must've felt like crap.

Well, no such saga would be complete without some kind of horrible suffering to follow it up. This was Jin's blog the following day:


Right now all my laptop's data... poof

My desktop is pointlessly clear.

(1): Jin's original onomatopoeia was "pa".

(2): Jin literally wrote "fuck" in English.

The next day, Jin wrote that he spilled apple tea all over his PC keyboard. That guy just can't catch a break, can he?

At the time I'm typing this, here is Jin's latest blog, which I think appropriately sums up the entire saga:

When you get into something and you just can't stop.

It's that kind of personality.


It's a disadvantageous personality

A few days ago, while listening to the new song, even the approaching morning wasn't so bad.

In one hand, a cigarette.

In one hand, a Red Bull.

What in the world are you doing, Jin

(1): This is a play on words. The sentence "that kind of personality" is "sonna seikaku." Then Jin corrects himself and says "son na seikaku" which means "a disadvantageous personality" (a "son" is literally a "disadvantage").

(2): Jin doesn't actually name himself in this sentence but instead refers to himself as "ore" (a rather arrogant, male way of saying "I"). In that sense, Jin is referring back to himself as though he's talking to himself.

And that's the saga! Quite an adventure, isn't it? It was good practice for me, and hopefully somewhat amusing to everyone else. I don't want my own blog to decay, so I'm hoping to keep doing stuff like this. There are a few random things I can blog about which I might post here soon.

Hasta luego!


  1. please keep up with your blogs! i really like the random translations!

  2. <3 Awesome job translating! Jin is quite the character, huh XD Well, at least he didn't explode or something from the Red Bull :-S I remember how worried we were about him! Oh, Unsraw... I just love reading about the shit they get themselves into :-P

  3. @Anonymous: I'm glad you enjoy my blog! I'm going to try and keep it going as best as I can! I have a bit of a backlog of things I never got around to blogging about, so hopefully I can get those up one of these days!

    @Melissa: Yeah, I must say... UnsraW's blogs are some of the funniest. It seems the stupidest things keep happening to them, but it's often their own fault, lol. I think the best term to describe them is... spazz XD