Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010 - Going Ganguro

Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank all the commenters who left such kind words on my last post. For anyone who's wondering, Melissa and Hannah and I are slowly managing to recover from the sudden and shocking death of our friend and roommate. It's been hard, obviously, but we're trying to continue with our lives and stay positive. One of the ways we decided to do that was by celebrating Halloween this year. Madison never celebrates Halloween on the actual day of Halloween - it's always celebrated the Friday and Saturday of the week Halloween occurs. However, for my friends and I, Friday was the day of Dylan's wake and visitation services, and Saturday was the day of his funeral. We wondered how we could possibly celebrate Halloween this year under such circumstances. However, Halloween was undoubtedly Dylan's favorite holiday and he even passed away wearing a Halloween costume. He was in on the group costume that Melissa and I were preparing for, and the last time any of us saw Dylan alive was when he was driving me to a store to pick up the wig for my costume. I could think of nothing more insulting to Dylan's memory than neglecting to use that wig. It was the last thing we did together, before he drove away from the store and was involved in a terrible accident.

So we pulled ourselves together after the funeral and got ourselves dressed up to go celebrate Halloween the way Dylan would have wanted us to: by going to Madison's Freakfest celebration. Freakfest is an old Madison tradition. Every year, State Street becomes a mile long party. In the past it was known to be rather dangerous and always ended in teargas being released upon the party-goers, but these days an increase in sponsors and police officers keeps things under control. We always have lots of stages set up with lots of bands. This year's featured band was OK Go but I didn't bother to go see them. I went to State Street for the costumes!

So, as I'm sure you've figured out from the title, Melissa and I decided to go as ganguro this year. For those who don't know the term, ganguro is a radical Japanese fashion style mainly practiced in Tokyo. It involves darkening one's face and wearing white makeup, as well as heinously bright clothing. In the past, Japanese girls paraded around as ganguro as a way to rebel against traditional fashion and beauty ideals. Melissa and I thought it would be really funny to try and do the fashion ourselves. And here's how it went...

Melissa and I darkened our faces by mixing bronzing powder with moisturizing lotion, rubbing it into our faces, and then powdering over it with bronzer afterwards. The white makeup was a white cream-based stage makeup that I had used a couple of years ago to turn Dylan into Mana (see the post below for a photo). Here was the most basic stage:

Next, I added jewels to my face (using eyelash glue), and the pink wig. Voila!

Whaddya think? I thought it came out really cool! And the makeup wasn't that hard - it took me only a half an hour or less to do it. Here's a more complete body shot:

Ouch, my eyes, hahaha! Here's how Melissa and I wound up looking together:

Hahaha, we look so ridiculous!

Smooch <3

And I feel that I must show off my shoes. Dylan drove Melissa and I to Savers one day and we all went looking for "ganguro-like" shoes. I wound up finding the world's most absurd shoes for only $8. Hot pink platform sandals with pink, jeweled sea turtles on them. Behold!

Anyways, enough about my shoes! Let's get to the action! After pre-gaming at our apartment (ahem, Jägerbombs, ahem), we went to our first bar of the night. Before he died, Dylan bought all sorts of accessories to make himself into a ganguro for Halloween. One of those accessories included a blue-green starfish. Wanting to take Dylan with us to State Street the only way I could think of, I put the starfish in my purse before we left. Anyways, here's a great photo taken by the bartender. From left to right, me, Melissa, Jamie, Marshall, Katie, and Amanda.

I have to give a huge, special thanks to Jamie and Katie, without whose kindness and support my roommates and I never would have made it through that terrible week. I'm eternally indebted to both of you!

At the bar, we ordered a round of Liquid Cocaine shots and had a toast to Dylan. We miss you buddy, but we know Heaven throws better Halloween parties than we ever could!

State Street itself was getting goofy even before Freakfest started. Here's a guy dressed as the nurse Joker pedaling some kind of weird wagon in circles and laughing. And yes, if you asked for a ride he'd let you in the wagon and drive you around:

Here were the crowds getting lined up for Freakfest. We had over 60,000 people attend this year!

We had lots of ridiculous costumes out on the streets that night! Here's Melissa and Towelie from South Park. He kept asking if we wanted to get high, hahaha.

Squeeze toy aliens from Toy Story!

Dude, it's the chick from Kickass! I just saw that movie!

Pacman and ghost!

I don't know what the hell this one is, but it's awesome!

Then Melissa and I found The Ghostbusters!

There was also this amazing Jack Skellington costume:

My favorite part... he had a floating Zero on a leash. OMG so cuuuuuuute!!!

Okay, I don't even know what's going on in this picture. We've got Optimus Prime, stormtroopers, maids, and Ironman. Typical Madison, lol.

I found Beetlejuice!!! He was waiting in line to get into a bar, lol.

Probably one of my favorites of the night. Melissa and I, the ganguro, found the Oompa Loompas! Hahaha, we match, don't ya think? These Oompa Loompas even burst into song while our picture was being taken, except some of the words of the song were changed to things like "suck my dick" instead of the original lyrics. Once again, typical Madison, hahaha.

And here was my personal favorite of the night... Standing in the middle of State Street, unmoving, was Frank from Donnie Darko. This thing was so... freakin'... creepy! He was just standing there and people were totally veering away from him. Well, Melissa decided to run up to him for some reason, and he just turned his head slowly and stared at her like this:

Frank did not stop staring at Melissa until she freaked and backed away. Even then, he didn't turn his head:

OMG I can't believe how perfect this rendition of Frank was. This guy replicated Frank perfectly!

I also ran into the guy from The Hangover!

Aaaaaand I have no idea what the hell these things are, lol:

All the crowds leading up to the Capitol:

Eventually, we went into a gay bar that was heavily decorated for Halloween:

While there, something happened to me that is so absurd, it sounds almost made up. I don't mean to be insensitive, but I'm just gonna put this bluntly: an armless little person in a gay bar told me I was hot. Yup, you read that correctly. A little person without any arms in a gay bar told me I was hot.

Looks like I can cross that one off my bucket list!

While I sat down and rested my feet, my friends danced and had a great time!

And ran into an Obama impersonator. Huh, I didn't know Obama likes to go to gay bars, lol (also, I totally did the eye makeup for both Jamie and Amanda in the picture below. I'm gettin' pretty good at manipulating eyeliner, lol):

I also saw the most amazing Mad Hatter costume I've ever seen. This man accomplished this costume purely through makeup, my friends. Wow:

Then we left Freakfest and got indoors to warm up!

And that was our crazy night! We had lots of drinks, laughs, and got to see all sorts of people! And an armless little person in a gay bar told me I was hot! Good times!

I hope you all enjoyed my blog and my brief attempt at being a ganguro! See you all soon!

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