Friday, December 3, 2010


How about a post about puppies?!! Who doesn't love puppies?!!

I went back home to Chicago for Thanksgiving break, where the family dog, Bailey, had grown up quite a bit since the last time I was home! He's now a whopping ten months old and he's gotten much longer! He's a bit of a chicken, so every time I've seen him since we brought him home, he always seems wary of me and sometimes hides himself when I'm around. I was something of a stranger to him, after all. However, when I came home for break, my dad carried Bailey downstairs and Bailey began wagging his tail at the sight of me. I thought it was a fluke, but it turned out Bailey had finally decided to like me after all! Now he likes to sit on my lap, sleep on me, lick my face, and follow me around. Who would've thought?!

Anyways, enough about me, let's get to some pictures of PUPPIES!!!

Here's Bailey lying under a table:

Bailey with his static ears (by the way, based on the background of this photo, can you tell my parents really like Dachshunds?):

Sitting on my mom in mid-yawn:

Look at Bailey's beautiful, golden fur!

Asleep with his nose squished into my skirt:

Look how long Bailey's gotten! He's abnormally long, even for a Dachshund!

He's also grown fond of chewing on stuff:

Aaaaaaw! In a doughnut!

He's such a lap dog!

I just had to show off his pretty fur. As he gets older, Bailey gets lighter. In natural, outdoor lighting, his hair is this beautiful, pale color:

And, while it may not be a Dachshund, it's still long, fuzzy, and cute... Here's me holding an adorable ferret!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw! Don't photos of animals just brighten up any day?

Anyways, next time I see you guys, I'll have just come back from New York and the epicness that is a Rammstein concert ^_~

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  1. OMG SO CUTE!!! What a adorable little doggie he has become! I <3 Bailey!