Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Blog Translations: Madoka Madness

Well, I have a translation project looming over my head in school, so I figured I'd give myself a warm up by doing some random blog translations. Lately, my favorite blogs to read have been UnsraW's (even though Yuuki has stopped blogging and it's made me rather sad). Though Yuuki hasn't been blogging, Madoka certainly has been - and his blogs are absolutely hilarious. For fun (and because a couple of my friends have become huge Madoka fans), I figured I'd try my hand at translating some of my personal favorites from the last few months.

This first one was Madoka writing about the time he had Tetsu and Jin over for dinner, and Jin (who is very skinny) wound up eating not just seconds, but thirds of all the food. Here's what Madoka had to say about it the next day:


"I'm hungry."

That's what Jin muttered while eating alongside Tetsu.

He's been strange lately, I tell ya.

Is it because it's the Autumn of appetite, Jin?

It's regrettable but...

The refrigerator in my house doesn't have a fourth dimensional pocket.

Not much later, on a completely different note, Madoka had this peculiar blog entry:


You're that kinda character, huh.

You're a man with seven heads.

Come see me tomorrow, okay?

Notes: First of all, it's strange for Madoka to refer to Yuuki by -san, since it puts distance between Yuuki and Madoka (it's both unfriendly, and perhaps somewhat mocking). As for the "man with seven heads" thing... I did a little research. I know Madoka loves to use Chinese expressions or very outdated Japanese in his blogs, and I discovered that "seven heads" is a Chinese term for calling someone an "idiot" without outwardly stating that they're an idiot.
So I guess Yuuki's an idiot, lol.

Not long after this post, Madoka wrote one of my all-time favorite blog entries. This one is simply too absurd:

The black person next to me smells like dandelions.

Wrapped up in this aroma, I feel as though I'm in springtime.

This is foreign cultural communication.

What... the hell. Madoka is so weird, lol!

The last one I'll translate is also his latest post (at the time I'm writing this). This one is just too funny.

Yesterday, when returning from a live,

A young girl turned to me

And yelled

"Madoka-san, you pervert!"

I guess you're telling me a good thing.

Being a pervert,

To men

This is the ultimate compliment.

We boast about it like it's a medal of honor.

You girls who like male homoeroticism, remember that.

While I was playing my guitar, I turned to my right and there was a monster making a shockingly terrible face while singing and scattering water.

He, too, is undoubtedly a pervert.

Notes: The word "pervert" here is the now well-known Japanese word "hentai." Also, the term for girls who like male homoeroticism is "fujoshi." Yes, the Japanese actually have a word for that. Basically, it refers to fangirls who are into "yaoi" (male on male love). It's interesting that Madoka should mention these "fujoshi." According to a 2008 study on fandom in Japan, 37% of all visual-kei fans admitted to having homoerotic fantasies about the musicians. Apparently, Madoka is very aware of this. Also, the part about the monster singing and scattering water is obviously a reference to Yuuki, who always stands on Madoka's right during performances while singing and looking scary (and throwing water, as I've learned from personal experience). The word "monster" here is literally "bakemono", which are supernatural creatures that disguise themselves as human beings. I guess Madoka thinks Yuuki is a pervert, particularly when he throws water. I'd believe that, based on some things Yuuki has said about why he likes to get the audience wet!

Anyways, that's all I have for now! Now I just have to prepare for my trip to New York on Friday to see Rammstein!!!


  1. Yay! A Madoka blog translation post <3! I wish they would all get their asses over here to the US. I wanna see them live SOOOOO bad!

    Heh, at least we get to go see Rammstein in like... 6 DAYS!!!!

    Also, I really like your translation of the last post. It's much better than what I had originally thought it all meant with my hasty translations >_<

  2. Thanks for the translations! keep it up!