Monday, July 25, 2011

Made it to Japan!

Well, I made it to Japan and I'm at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo right now! Unfortunately, I'm waaaay too exhausted to write much here. I have really bad jetlag and I'm about to fall asleep face-first into the keyboard.

However, in only one day here I've already watched a TV show in which a guy stuck his arm into a sealed jar of mosquitoes. Oh Japan. What the hell.

Also, did the JRock fans reading this hear about Isshi from Kagrra, passing away? How awful! I remember seeing him at VRock Festival! R.I.P. man. There is waaaaay too much death in the JRock world these days!

Anyways, more coming as soon as I'm conscious enough to register what country I'm in!



  1. Good luck in Japan! And it's too bad about Isshi. I was never a huge Kagrra fan, but they seemed talented :'(

  2. Thanks for the well wishes! ^__^

    I was never a huge Kaggra, fan either, but no one deserves to die that young. Very sad :-(

  3. At first I was shoked when I heared about Isshis death either,however, I'm anxious as fuck (sorry for my language^^) for a new rounds of indies such as Oshare shit bands and kyorukis.See ya.

  4. ...Isshi passed away? I can't believe it - this is the first I've heard of it. Oh god, I've been a Kagrra fan for 6 years! I just got their final concert DVD in the mail. I wonder what happened? And he couldn't have been more than 31 or 2 ish.

  5. Glad you made it there safely! And I know, it's really sad to hear about Isshi. It feels as if the past few years haven't been kind to JRock.

  6. Great to hear your back in Japan safe and sound! A late congrats, btw!

    This has been a really depressing Jrock year, so was last year... I just found out about Isshi today, I was never a big fan of Kagrra, but they were one of the first Jrock bands I was familiar with... Fuuuuuu- today is just not my day. I found out D'espairsray disbanded(jeeez, just found out)and then Isshi dying... Ugh. Such a crappy day T_T