Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BORN Two-man, Ikebukuro Black Hole, 9/2

Got another live report here.  Another BORN show.  But I'm seeing BORN again this weekend (along with Oz and, for the first time, Awoi), so I'm gonna keep this report fairly short.  Seeing BORN constantly has nothing to do with me liking BORN more than any other band, it's just that they're the only goddamn band that keeps playing on the weekends.  Anyways, this show was totally awesome and way better than the one that came before it, so... I'll just explain all the good points and then try and catch up for this weekend, lol (I didn't see anything last weekend, so I'm not skipping anything).

So, this was on a Friday, meaning I took off some paid leave for the show again.  I'm such a bad person...  But I should emphasize that I'll never miss a class.  I only take paid leave when I don't have classes or anything to do.  Honest.  Anyways, the show was at good ol' Ikebukuro Black Hole, which I hadn't been to in forever.  Hey, the drummer from Re:dis isn't bar-tending there anymore!  So sad!  There's some new guy now.  Aaaaanyhoo, the show was a two-man.  The other band was called FEST VAINQUEUR (seriously, how the fuck do you even pronounce that?!).  MelJay and I had shitty tickets as usual, but we also had a feeling FEST VAINQCKWEIHOBHJ111 would be playing first, so I, for one, didn't worry too much.  Without much choice, we took our spots at the back of the extraordinarily crowded shoe box known as Black Hole,

And, sure enough FEST VAINQ346709-732++ did wind up going first.  Here's a photo:

They were........ just not my thing.  I'm not even sure why, though.  The music was intense and rough and the instrumentals were good, but... something just didn't hit me right.  I think it was mostly the vocalist.  You know, everyone's got a thing that kills a band for them.  MelJay can't listen to a band with a bad drummer, and I can't listen to a band unless I like their vocalist.  It's a taste thing.  I just found his voice really grating and whiney.  Also, having seen the DIAURA one-man just one week before this show made me appreciate the incredible talent it takes to be a good front-man.  It's an art.  When yo-ka's on stage, the entire venue is suddenly sizzling with raw energy and the audience is fired up enough to stage a drive-by.  This guy, though... just didn't have that kinda skill.  Luckily, they only played for an hour (it could've been sooo much worse).

So let's move on.  Once FEST VAINQ^&#$)(*&#^* was done, the whole audience made the switch.  All the FEST etc.etc.etc.etc. fans moved to the back, and the BORN fans took their place.  MelJay and I took advantage and managed to get more than halfway up to the front.  Ticket numbers be damned.
While standing there, MelJay and I actually wound up making friends with some BORN fans.  Normally, the other girls assume we don't speak Japanese and don't say anything to us, but these girls just kinda went for it for some reason.  Once they realized we spoke Japanese, a whole conversation started.  It was pretty funny.  They were soooo happy to meet foreigners who love BORN.  This seemed to make them truly happy.  Taking advantage of the situation, MelJay and I decided to ask these girls a very important question: how the hell do they know the order the bands go in?  Venues used to sometimes put up a sign that listed the order, but now we don't even see that.  The girl's explanation?  In English she said: inspiration.


Realizing we were very confused, the BORN fan explained herself.  Based on her explanation, I think what she meant was "intuition" not "inspiration."  According to her, you just think really, really hard about the bands playing, and you feel around deep inside your "kokoro" (like, your heart or soul or spirit or mental being... something like that), and you decide the order based on that.

Uuuum... but that's what we've been doing.  And it's been failing.  How does that explain the show where Para:noir and Oz went first and L&DS went fourth?!  No amount of intuition could've told me that!  I'm starting to think these indies girls are psychic...

Well, whatever, they were super nice and it was nice to have a good fifteen minute conversation in Japanese.  I wonder if we'll see those girls again on Saturday...

Anyways, on with the show!  Time for our final act of the night, BORN:

It was well worth the wait.  The BORN that made me so nervous at the last show was ready to totally change my mind at this show.  Here's our setlist:

Dust pain
Rotten cherry
white harmony
New Song
Psycho Diva
Ranshi ℃

more Deep
Chemical Romance

BORN, y u no play SIX DAMIAN?!!  Two shows now and I still haven't heard it!  Anyways, other than that, it was a fuckin' bitchin' setlist.  Almost perfect, I'd say.  I was soooo happy.  When they came on stage to the "welcome to the 666" intro and then went straight into COBRA, I think I shat a brick.  Happiness!

So, rather than a play by play, I'll give a basic overview of the show.  The basic overview being that it was awesome.

Unlike the last show where the band was really solemn and low-energy, they were totally on fire this time.  They rocked out like crazy for the whole hour and a half.  Ryouga was back to his old self, too, which I was really glad to see.  Rather than standing there all pensive and melancholy, he was back to jumping around, headbanging like crazy, and that really stupid dancing that he does.  At this show he decided to spend a lot of time hopping backwards across the front of the stage on one foot with his other leg out in front of him.  So stupid.  So great.

Honestly, I'm not even sure what to say about the show.  It was so perfect and fun and flawless that there's nothing to say, hahaha.  The audience was also great.  The side-to-side jumping was fun because the audience was able to do it without killing each other.  Very much appreciated.  It got insanely hot and sweaty in that little shoe box, though.  We were all jumping up and down so much and getting so into it that most of us wound up completely drenched in sweat.  It's gross, but... I had to spend a lot of time peeling off the hair of the people around me because it was plastered to my arms.  Ugh.......

Wow... I'm actually out of words about something for once... It's not that I forgot how the show went, I just had such a good time that it was an hour and a half blur of happiness and headbanging, and that's all there is to it.  It was just a really, really good show, lol.  I love to spend a lot of time complaining, but I can't even do that, hahaha.  I hope people can just accept that my live report is: it was really good, lol.  Plain and simple.

Unfortunately for MelJay, she was in the same situation I was in for the DIAURA one-man and had to catch a bus home that very night because she had to be at school on Saturday for sports festival duty.  We had time to wait in line and get a drink and say goodbye to our new BORN friends, and then she had to bolt.  So then I, all alone, went to KFC.

Pathetic, hahaha.

But seriously, I had a major chicken craving and I had just jumped up and down for an hour and a half.  I deserved some KFC!

I wound up in Tokyo alone the next day and used that time to try and find the free volume of Cure V-Splash with yo-ka and Yuuki from Lycaon on the cover.  I was eventually successful.  You guys seen it?  It's hawt:

I mean, seriously hawt.  I'm not into fanservice, but dayum...
Oh, and then I wound up meeting up with some friends to go clubbing.  And then I went clubbing all night.  And drank Chu-Hi outside a Family Mart because I'm a classy motherfucker.

God I hope the school never finds out about my double life, hahaha.

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