Friday, September 9, 2011

DIAURA's First One-Man 9/6

DIAURA's first one-man! At last!  W00t! And boy, that was one hell of an adventure. Just getting there and back was insane.

I had my first day of classes the same day as DIAURA's one-man. Because of that, I initially put my foot down and said I absolutely wouldn't go. But, while MelJay and I were in Tokyo over the weekend sitting in a cafe near Like an Edison, MelJay wound up talking me into it. We decided if we bought the tickets and it turned out I couldn't go, we'd only be out 3,000 yen. Compare that to the 10,000 yen I'd wind up paying to actually go and, suddenly, 3,000 doesn't seem like a very big deal (it's like $30).

However, there were a lot of problems that were standing in the way of me going.

Problem #1: I had five periods of class that day, and the last one ended at 2:35. That meant I would miss the train I needed to make it to the show on time. I'd have to take the next one an hour later. With that one, I could do a bunch of messy train transfers and make it to the show just in time for the intro music... if I ran.

Problem #2: Even to catch that train, I'd still have to request paid leave from my teacher. But I couldn't tell her why I wanted to leave, obviously!

Problem #3: Getting home. I can't stay overnight in Tokyo. If I leave the next morning, even with clever train transfers, I'd be at least ten minutes late to school, and that's a big no-no. I would have to leave the same night as the show, but trains stop very early heading towards Gunma. I might have to leave the show early, even. And if I mess up the trains somehow... STRANDED.

As you can see, going to this one-man was turning into a big hassle, and I wasn't even looking forward to it. I felt guilty about how irresponsible I was being on my first day of classes, and I was mad at myself for my complete inability to grow up, act my age, and behave myself enough to hold a full-time job. Part of me just wanted to quit and not go.

So, along comes Tuesday. I started off the day by coming up with a small, harmless lie. I asked my teacher if I could take paid leave after class. She said that would be fine. Wanting to be convincing, I told her it was because I'd become tired lately. That small lie made me feel pretty bad about what I was doing, but I just thanked the heavens for paid leave and signed myself up for two hours off.

Then I had my five classes. I'll write a full post about that later. I taught the third years, which isn't really teaching. It's more like zoo-keeping. After fifth period ended, I looked at my watch.

What the hell, it's only 2:10?!!

I don't know what the hell schedule I was looking at originally, but 5th period actually ended at 2:10, not 2:35! I humored some of the demons – er, I mean, children – for a couple minutes, then ran back to the staff room, abandoned my laptop (it's too heavy to lug around Tokyo), and ran for my life.

And I caught the train! Success! I was able to get to Shibuya the way I usually do, and I wouldn't have to worry about missing any of the show! I met up with MelJay at Hachiko at about 5:35. Doors opened at 5:30, but our ticket numbers sucked so much we knew it wouldn't matter (we were around 250). We got to the venue at around 5:45, and the show was set to start at 6:30.

So today's venue is, once again, Shibuya BOXX. The venue I'd never been to until this year is suddenly seeing a lot of me! Outside the venue, some friends of the band left flowers for DIAURA! They were probably from other bands, but they were using fake name like Yocchan and Tetchan and stuff. It's weird cuz you don't normally see that for indies! There were huge wreaths out there. Aaaaaw! MelJay and I walked into the door and, as expected, met a wall of humans. Valluna used to have really crowded one-mans, so it stands to reason that DIAURA would too, especially considering the band is doing really well. MelJay seemed grumpy that we were stuck at the back of the venue, but I knew we'd move up eventually and told her not to worry about it. I was an expert at Valluna one-mans, and I was pretty sure DIAURA wouldn't be much different. Many of the same fans are there, and yo-ka's style is unmistakable no matter what band he fronts. Yo-ka always demands that we push up at some point. Or many points.

So we stood around, waiting for the show to start. To my dismay, I found that standing for five hours teaching 175 spawns of Satan had left me pretty tired. But I needed energy! I needed to be hyper for the show! I stood pretty still, then, attempting to recharge in time for 6:30. Glancing around, I felt a little disappointed by the stage. In the past, Valluna used to do stuff with the set for their one-mans. They'd put bloody toilet paper all over the drum set, or put mannequin heads around the stage... They'd take advantage of all the free space. But, when I looked at the stage, it was just a large drum set and some microphone stands. Hmm... Also, there were tons of cameras, so they were obviously filming. There were about four cameras in the balcony, two up front, and two camera people running around with them. Looks like a DVD is on the way!

As for the audience, there were sooooo many guys! It used to be like that for Valluna too. I think it's because yo-ka causes the shows to get pretty violent and wild, so the boys feel justified in going. It's not a cutesy little visual-kei show, so the guys aren't embarrassed to attend. Also, yo-ka put a message on his blog the day before telling people to dress appropriately in order to not cause accidents (like with high heels and stuff). I'm happy to say, the girls obeyed. Almost everyone was dressed in normal-ish clothing that they could move comfortably in. Way to go, guys!

Blah blah blah, eventually smoke started filtering around the stage and the lights went out. The World End intro music began to play, and everyone started getting giddy with excitement. People were kinda dancing in place. The bored looking support drummer I mentioned last time slunk quietly onto the stage and took his place, and I muttered to MelJay that I do not envy him his unforgiving job lately. Next out was bassist Shoya. Good lord is he cute! I can't get over it! I realized it's because he reminds me of how Toshiya from Dir en grey was back when he was a little baby in the visual-kei days. Shoya's just like that! He's got the funny teeth and the cute smile and the adorable crescent-moon eyes and he's kinda shy but not really. Soooo cute! Then came Kei. Good ol' Kei. The reliable rock of the band.

Aaaaand then yo-ka appeared. He was wearing one of DIAURA's early outfits – the ones that were kinda Valluna-like with the big thingie around the neck. I was excited because I knew yo-ka was excited. All he'd been talking about on his blog for weeks was the one-man. He mentioned it in every post, sometimes several times, and he had constant status updates about how he could only think about the one-man. As MelJay put it, he's like a dog tugging at the end of a leash. At midnight on the 30th, he wrote, “it's finally the 30th!” Around 8:00 am he wrote, “it's finally morning!” So I knew yo-ka was super excited for the show. One-mans are when he truly shines.

Yo-ka started off by riling everyone up like he usually does with lots of screaming and yelling and making weird faces at the audience. Shoya was doing his best to get everyone to clap and throw their fists and stuff. The band went straight into an intense song with lots of headbanging and jumping and rocking out. Even from the back of the venue, it was really fun. Yo-ka knew that some people were at the show who hadn't had the chance to see DIAURA live yet (MelJay said one of the girls from the show took the bus all the way back to Chiba with her), so he was really good at yelling things like, “atama!” when he wanted the audience to headbang and, “tobe!” when he wanted the audience to jump. That kinda thing. Shibuya BOXX surprised me by being able to shoot huge plumes of smoke up into the air from the front of the stage. Who would've thought from a little live house?

However, to everyone's confusion, the moment the first song ended, the stage went dark and the curtain went back down. Um... what? We all figured the band was planning something, but several minutes passed and it was still dead silent. Even the lights behind the curtain had gone out. Some of the Japanese girls behind us were jokingly saying, “kaette koi!” (“everyone go home!”). I was kinda thinking it too, lol. Was the band mad at us or something? Did one of them get hurt and we didn't notice? I turned to MelJay and told her yo-ka finally had a hernia up there. The audience decided the band was waiting for dead silence, so everyone shushed each other and everything became as quiet as a cemetery. In the silence, a girl behind me suddenly exploded into the most high-pitched, squeaky sneeze I've ever heard. There was giggling and one girl went, “ah, kawaii!” (“cute!”). Several more minutes passed before, finally, the curtain began to rise.

The stage had changed! Behind the drum set, the entire backdrop was replaced by a floor-to-ceiling movie screen. Techno music began to play and the movie screen flashed the kanji for “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!” In all the craziness of trying to get to the show, I forgot that the pamphlet for the show said there was going to be a really important announcement! Then the screen flashed the words, “4th member!” As usual, the entire audience went, “eeeeeeeeh?!” The movie said, “official drummer! Yuu!” The audience spazzed. The “bored looking support drummer” I keep mentioning has been upgraded to official drummer! Then the screen flashed a picture of Yuu wearing his new DIAURA costume. Now, for anyone reading this who followed Valluna from the beginning, you might be thinking, “Yuu? It couldn't be the same Yuu!” Well, it is. Yuu was the drummer in a band with yo-ka right before Valluna, and he was also the original drummer of Valluna, before he stepped down and KANADE replaced him. Strange, isn't it? I suppose he was a good choice because yo-ka and Kei have both worked with him before, so they knew they'd get along. Now, I get the feeling Yuu told DIAURA not to make a big deal out of his official upgrade, but they did anyways, because he came out on stage, jumped up onto the crate in his new costume, and stood there with his hands in his pockets looking really embarrassed and awkward. He's really good looking, though, so a lot of the audience was like, “wah, kakkoii!” meaning, “he's hot!” or “he's cool!” But I do think he was embarrassed.

Eventually, the rest of the band came out and allowed Yuu to slink back behind the drum set and into his safety zone. They'd all changed out of their costumes into the more current “costumes” that are basically just regular clothing made to look kinda stylish. They sort of look like marching band uniforms. Yo-ka came out and did a brief MC about the announcement. According to him, with Yuu becoming official, the band is now “kampeki” (“perfect” and “complete”). So DIAURA is officially a complete band now and they're not looking for another guitarist or anything. Yo-ka did some talking about how, when he and Kei first started DIAURA, he never knew they'd come this far and blah blah blah. Stuff like that.

Here's a picture of the complete band (Yuu is the one all the way on the right).  Sorry it's so small - there aren't really too many promo pics of the full band yet:
Then we jumped straight back into music with DICTATOR! Damn that song is fun. A lot of the song doesn't have any furi, the audience just dances. As it should be. Not wanting to slow down the pace, the next few songs were also really intense and crazy. To my surprise, yo-ka demanded a push up right there during the first few songs. The whole audience started rushing towards the front of the stage. The girls in front of me hesitated, however, so I just shoved them. If yo-ka wants us to move up, you move up, goddamnit! However, it was too early for any dog-piles, so all the girls went rushing back to their old spots every time the move-up was over. MelJay looked annoyed, but I knew the real move-up would be coming later.

After yo-ka had thoroughly exhausted us with intense music (one of the songs, he made the audience jump for pretty much four minutes straight. Some of the audience looked like they wanted to die), DIAURA brought down the pace and played one of their slower, prettier songs. I forget the name... Something Something no Hana. Anyways, the song is really beautiful, and yo-ka sang it incredibly well. The way he sings “still I die, still I die...” I dunno, it's really pretty. Now that DIAURA had the entire audience in a sad, woeful mood, they decided to try something new. The stage went dark and Shoya and Kei moved off to the side. A spotlight came down on yo-ka and he sang Todokanu Tegami with nothing but a piano track to back him up.


It was stunning. One of the things that's great about yo-ka is that, unlike a lot of other indies vocalists, he can actually sing. In fact, he can sing really, really well, but people don't always realize it because he spends a lot of time screaming. Yo-ka sang so passionately that some of the audience members started crying. The background music wound up being a piano and excessive sniffling. Yo-ka himself got so worked up he had to step away from the microphone at one point and go bow his head by the drum set to compose himself. Damn does that boy know how to perform.

When the song was over, yo-ka did another little MC. He was trying to explain to the audience how much he loves us, but he was having a hard time getting it across. I guess that kinda thing is hard for boys to say. He was saying stuff like, “I will protect all of you. That is my promise to you. Because I... I love you all...” He was trying so hard to convey this “love” to the audience that it looked like he was going to pop a blood vessel. He was staring at the audience with wide eyes like, “do you get it? Do you get it? I love you! I. Love. You.” Finally, he explained that their song Infinity is a love song. More specifically, it's DIAURA's love song to their fans. Oho. I don't care much for that song, but yo-ka's insistence that he's pretty much exploding with puppies and kittens and love towards his fans was a sweet gesture and I played along.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand then they left the stage after Infinity, with yo-ka thanking us over and over like the ship was going down. Geez, man, I get it. You love us. I get it. Boy, somebody was on his period.

It was obviously too early for the show to be over – and probably too early for it even to be considered encore, but we called for the band to come back anyways. When the lights came on again, only Yuu came on stage. He was trying a little harder to have a pulse, so he held up his fist to make us shout for him. He still did everything he could to not look at the audience, though, lol. Then he went behind the drum set and started up a drum solo! It was definitely an interesting drum solo. I don't know much about drums, so I conferred with MelJay about it later (she plays drums). According to her, Yuu's drum solo was perhaps a tad messy (the rhythm was all over the place) but she wouldn't say it was bad. He was definitely trying something new. After a few minutes of drum solo, Shoya came on stage to a chorus of screaming. Considering he's only been in the band about six months, the fans are absolutely wild about him. It's kinda hard not to be in love with Shoya. Anyways, he came on stage throwing his fist, then jumped up onto the crate and joined Yuu in a bass-and-drums-only song. It actually sounded really cool. According to MelJay, Shoya and Yuu have a great rhythm together, so Yuu was definitely a good choice for DIAURA. Drums and bass are all Greek to me, but MelJay seems to know her shit.

After some fun bass and drums playing, with the audience clapping along, Kei came onto the stage and started to do a guitar solo. Sometimes... I just feel sorry for him. He played a really cool solo, then he paused and gestured for the audience to clap. They all just sorta stared at him for a moment, so he gestured again. Then everyone was like, “oooooooooh” and started clapping. Kei....... seriously, man... I wanted to face-palm right there in the audience. I mean, it's not his fault, really. The art of performance is extremely difficult. Many people can play an instrument, but not many people can get on a stage and work a crowd. That's a talent all on its own. I wouldn't say Kei can't perform, because I've seen him work the crowd before. But sometimes........... so awkward.... Anyways, he continued to do a guitar solo for the next few minutes, and I thought it sounded really cool. Yuu and Shoya joined in and they all did a big instrumental piece together. Then yo-ka came back and it was time to get into the music!

They decided to go straight into hardcore songs at that point, and there was a lot of jumping and headbanging and stuff. Shibuya BOXX wound up being a surprisingly awesome venue for a one-man, regardless of how I feel about it for events. Not only could they shoot plumes of smoke into the air, but the lighting was really cool. Sometimes the stage would glow this deep, subterranean red, and it made the band look sooooo evil. Especially because yo-ka's contact lenses are really creepy, so the red light looked cool. Yo-ka has a white-out contact in one eye and a red contact in the other, so the red light made him look totally deranged. The next few songs were pretty crazy, but some of the big hits were missing, and I was getting nervous because I had a very specific series of trains I had to catch.

Anyways, after the next few songs were done, the music came to a halt and yo-ka did a brief MC. But it was really just another attempt at getting us to go crazy. From Valluna one-mans I knew what this meant: yo-ka was preparing us for the end-of-show chaos. It was time for shit to get serious. Yo-ka jumped up onto the crate and started yelling, “omae no masutaa wa dare desu ka?!!” (“who is your master?!!”) and everyone would scream, “YO-KA!!!” Then he would repeat, “omae no masutaa wa DARE desu ka?!!” (“WHO is your master?!!”) “YO-KA!!!” Yo-ka turned to Shoya at that point and was like, “wow, this is really easy” and Shoya was just like, “hehe, yeah...” So, if yo-ka is yelling, “who is your master?!” there can only be one possible song they're about to play:

MASTER. I really love this song. Other than Infinity, DIAURA's new mini-CD, Dictator, is kinda awesome. The audience started getting really feisty and everyone started inching their way up towards the front of the stage. Furi became almost impossible because everyone was getting so cramped. Lots of mass headbanging. The next few songs, yo-ka continued to stir the pot. He kept slipping his upper half into the audience to see what would happen. He was definitely testing the waters. The roadies were hovering around the edges of the stage looking nervous. Normally, bands that have a crowd-surfing vocalist have a roadie prepared for rescue missions, and sometimes they have two if they're known to really get out into the crowd. Yo-ka had THREE hovering around the stage. Add that to the camera people and it was getting pretty crowded up there. Anyways, yo-ka did eventually fling himself into the crowd, but it was nowhere near me. I suddenly realized he was gone, glanced over, and saw his legs flailing in the audience. Lol. But I was too busy being entertained by Shoya, who kept reaching out and high-fiving audience members. I kept reaching out for a high-five and Shoya always seemed to get up to me and then stop. He must've noticed my frustration however. He started high-fiving the crowd again and, when he got to me, he slapped me on the back of the hand about ten times as if to apologize for all the times he missed me, lol. Thanks, Shoya!

By the time we got to the song Beautiful Creature, things became insane. Yo-ka kept yelling for us to push up, and it happened so many times that people stopped going back to their spots and the dog-piling began. Now was yo-ka's chance. He started crowd-surfing like crazy, to the horror of the roadies. It seemed every minute or so yo-ka was flying back into the crowd with the roadies scrambling after him. The audience was ravenous for some reason, and they practically ate him alive every time he jumped in. A few times, the roadies had to grab him by the back of his belt and drag him out of the audience like an owner grabbing a misbehaving dog by the collar.

Basically, Beautiful Creature turned into a complete meltdown. I've seen Valluna shows get out of hand, but this was a whole new level of crazy. I didn't notice it, but MelJay said that, at one point, when the roadies pulled yo-ka out of the crowd, there was a huge cut down his forearm. That's how wild it got. Yo-ka kept leaping onto the barrier to growl and get all demon-like on us, although he kinda lost his balance at one point and landed back on the stage. Rather than getting mad or embarrassed, he wound up laughing at himself, which was funny. Kei laughed too. The roadies were flying around the stage, trying to keep everything together, but it was impossible. Shoya got too excited watching yo-ka and wound up throwing off his bass and leaping into the crowd too. The audience consumed him whole and he vanished. Thank god for the roadies. At one point, yo-ka handed off his mic to Kei and took his guitar, and yo-ka stood up on the crate playing guitar while Kei went around reaching into the crowd to grab hands with people. A few times yo-ka tried to get Kei to scream into the microphone, but Kei was too embarrassed and gave yo-ka the “please save me!” face, lol. For the most part, however, Beautiful Creature involved the audience leaping onto each other into a giant pile while yo-ka flung himself repeatedly into the crowd.

Okay, so here's the crazy thing that happened. I am not making any of this up.

As the dog-pile mess became even bigger and crazier, yo-ka's stage diving got even more intense. At one point, he climbed onto the barrier and then bellyflopped about six feet out into the audience. The roadies looked like they were going to have a heart attack. However, flinging yourself six feet into the audience is kind of a bad idea and it didn't really work. The audience caught him... kinda. For a moment. Enough to keep him from getting hurt. But he was feet-first on the floor pretty fast.

This is where it got insane. Yo-ka decided to improvise. I mean, I'm pretty sure yo-ka knows the whole point of stage-diving is that all the girls want to cop a feel. He's not stupid. He knows he's a sex object and he knows he's good at selling it. He crowd surfs so all the girls get to touch him. So... if he fails at crowd surfing but he's still in the audience, what should he do?

MAKE-OUT ORGY! Basically, yo-ka started pulling girls into himself and let them grope him while he moaned and rubbed himself all over everybody. And these girls did not hold back! In the Valluna days, girls would restrain themselves a little. They might reach for his arm, brush their fingers across it, then pull back fast. They might touch his hair for a moment, but not grab it. But no, these girls just jumped in and were all fucking over him.

But wait, this gets crazier! It took me several seconds to realize yo-ka was behind me and that about fifteen girls were having a dry orgy with him. I turned around and, when I realized what was going on behind me, I froze in surprise. But little miss MelJay wanted a piece of that action and I was in her way, so she pushed me towards the circle. She didn't push me hard, but it took me by surprise, and I wound up stumbling into the dry orgy. Suddenly, girls' arms and hands were all over me, and yo-ka was right in my face making... very sexual faces and sounds. I once again blanked and froze and stood there, unmoving. There were hands aaaall oooover meeeee. Suddenly realizing, hey, I want a piece of this too, I kinda made the reaching gesture towards yo-ka and let my hand go over his shoulder. But that was all. I just couldn't justify becoming a part of this little sex party. It was too embarrassing and... I mean, yeah, I'm female, I have hormones, but I'm not one of those fangirls who goes to a show just to stare at pretty boys and cop a feel. I just go to have a good time.

But then...

Suddenly, yo-ka threw his arm over my arm, pushed it down as hard as he could, wrapped his arm around my neck, and pulled me against his body as hard as he could. For a moment, I froze against him, unable to believe what was happening. The girls were all pushing up against me and groping at us and I had no idea what to do. Then yo-ka took his other hand, pressed it against my back, and pushed me into him as hard as he could. And then I realized... FUCK IT. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. In a burst of happiness, I threw my arm around his back and buried my face in his neck. I just stayed like that, wrapped in a bubble of pure bliss for about five seconds. Yo-ka smelled really good. Like leather. Seeing what was going on, the dry-orgy went crazy. With all the pushing going on, yo-ka couldn't really stay up and he started to fall. As I realized he was going down, I let go of his back, thinking he would release me.

He did not.

He clutched me as hard as he could with both arms and dragged me down to the floor.

On top of him.

I actually shrieked as we fell because I was so shocked and surprised. And then, suddenly, I was lying on top of yo-ka. On the ground. And he wouldn't let go of me. He held me in a python death grip. Pretty much the next four seconds of my life involved me having an internal seizure as I laid on top of him, and my brain just went “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” over and over. I don't even remember what happened next. When yo-ka fell, it brought the whole dry orgy down and everyone collapsed to the ground in a giant pile of flailing arms and legs. The next minute or so was a mess of girls helping yo-ka, myself, and the fallen girls up off the floor. I couldn't get up in the chaos, so I didn't even see what happened. I struggled to get up, but it was too crazy and I kept falling down or getting pushed off my feet. One girl tried to help me up but got pushed, so she fell down as well. Eventually, MelJay and another girl managed to haul me to my feet, and I thanked the Japanese girl profusely. By then, yo-ka was back on the stage and the roadies were staring at him in horror, prepared to grab him if he tried that shit again.

But oh my god.

I cannot fucking believe what happened to me. That was, like... the closest I'll ever get to making out with a seriously hot guy. Frankly, yo-ka's the closest I'll ever get to being in the same room as a guy as hot as that. So, thank you, yo-ka. You're like a good host boy. You didn't discriminate, and you made a fat foreign girl happy for about a minute. You are awesome.

Yo-ka didn't stop the crowd-surfing, though, and the camera people were loving it. They kept prowling around in front of the barriers and the edge of the stage trying to film everything. At one point a camera person had to help yo-ka back onto the stage, hahaha. But yo-ka missed his landing and wound up rolling across the stage, and he didn't get up. A roadie went rushing over to him with a panicked look on his face, but it turned out yo-ka was just being a big drama queen and rolling around on the stage, flailing. The camera person decided to get down on her knees and film yo-ka doing this, so yo-ka decided to become a full attention whore and put his microphone between his legs and rolled around moaning and touching himself while staring right at the camera. It was pretty funny. The camera person probably thought, “jackpot!” lol.

By the time yo-ka got up, DIAURA was pretty much wrapping up the insanity and leaving the stage. The roadies looked like they wanted to die, hahaha. Yo-ka turned to one of them and clapped his hands together and bowed in thanks, lol. The audience was screaming and freaking out and it was awesome. The second the band members were gone, encore calling began. I was glancing worriedly at my watch. I had time for an encore, but only one, so I hoped this would be the end of it.

They did come back for a few more songs, but I don't even remember much of it at that point. I was too busy being in Happy Land over what happened, or worrying about the time. But it was fun, I do remember that. Another dog-pile happened, though without the crowd-surfing. As the dog-pile continued to push up, I actually wound up half on the barrier. Half of me was on the barrier and half of me was pushed up against the saizen girl. Then I just stayed there and let Japanese girls fling themselves against me for about five minutes, lol. Oh, indies! However, by the time the next few songs were over, I realized the house lights still weren't going up.


They were planning another encore after all. Well now I had a problem. I couldn't possibly stay. I was staying too long as it was. After dancing around a bit, I finally told MelJay I absolutely had to go, and to make sure to tell me what I missed. Then I began the incredibly difficult task of squeezing back through the crowd, finding my stuff that I'd left against the wall, and squeezing my way back to the door. This took about five minutes, and people were laughing in disbelief at my attempt at leaving early. By the time I got outside I felt like I'd been squeezed through a spaghetti strainer. Then I ran to Shibuya station as fast as I could.

It was quite a journey getting home, since my usual trains weren't running far enough that late at night. My first train wound up having electric trouble and stalled for fifteen minutes, which made me pretty sure I'd miss all my transfers – many of which were the last transfers of the night. But I managed to catch the next two transfers with mere seconds to spare. By the time I got to Gunma, I wound up leaping on a train so fast I didn't actually buy a ticket and had to beg my way out of the gate when I got home, lol. I also needed to get a taxi for the rest of the way, but I managed to find one just sitting around so, again, I got really lucky.

And no one at school will ever have to know! Ta da!

Anyways, MelJay filled me in on what I missed. The setlist said I missed two songs, but MelJay swears I only missed one. Also, I guess yo-ka was, once again, trying to explain to the audience how much he loves us. He got so worked up about this overwhelming love that he has that he wound up crying. When Shoya saw yo-ka crying, he started crying too.

Geeeeeez. I swear yo-ka was on his period. It's okay, man! We love you too! You don't have to cry! We get it!

Also, yo-ka gave a ton of announcements. They have a single coming out soon, and they're going to release a full album! Yaaay! And I think another one-man?

So yeah, that's my report. Phew. That was a lot, lol.

Next up, BORN two-man! Stay tuned!


  1. O_O Alright, Im definitely missing out not going to indies lives. XD

  2. YAY! You finally posted!!! I definitely think this was the best show we've been to so far. There was so much win, I can't believe it. I never expected to able to be so touchy feely with all of them in one show. And sooo many good songs! I think I'm falling in love with this band hardcore.

    I really want to see Diaura again... but their next show is Thursday. Why weekdays?! I want to know what they're up to and I want to know if Yuu has any plans of acting less shy and embarrased next time :-)