Tuesday, September 27, 2011

General Updates (Concerts and School Life, etc.)

Okay, time to do a much-needed update.  First up, a list of the concerts I'm planning on attending.  An (X) next to the show means I already purchased the tickets (you will notice I've already purchased many, many tickets, lol.  Thank god I make a decent salary, hahaha).

(X) Indies, 10/1, Ikebukuro Black Hole.  Bands of interest: Le-vert and VAIOS (for reasons I'll explain later).

(X) MERRY, 10/9, Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO.  Two-man with Karasu.  Truth is, I may or may not actually attend this show.  My friend bought too many tickets, so I might take one off her hands, but I'm still not sure.

(X) Lycaon x DIAURA, 10/28, Meguro Rockmaykan.  It's their BISEXUAL two-man event tour final.  Should be epic.

(X) Indies, 10/29, Ikebukuro Black Hole.  Band of interest: DEZERT (will explain why later).

DIR EN GREY, 11/7, Shinkiba STUDIO COAST.  I... don't... have... tickets...  I failed to realize when they went on sale, but it would've been hopeless even if I had known.  It's not sold out yet, but the Loppi machines have nothing.  Nothing much on the auction sites yet, but I'm gonna keep trying.  No one shuts me out of a DIR EN GREY show!!!

(X) MERRY, 11/11, Ebisu Liquid Room.  This is part of MERRY's 10th anniversary six-night concert thing.  This one will be themed after their album PEEP SHOW.

(X) MERRY, 11/13, Ebisu Liquid Room.  This one is themed after the Underworld album.

Okay, that's what I've got for concerts so far.  That should cover the next few months.

Also, information about school stuff.  One of the reasons there have been less amusing stories on my blog as of late is because I no longer teach my "lovely" third-year students.  They have high school entrance exams coming up, so now they have to spend every class sitting there doing cut-and-dry, intense English study, during which I am not needed.  I exist to help out, come up with fun ideas, and be the fun thing in class.  I'm not there for hardcore studying.  So I won't be seeing them for the rest of the semester it seems.  I'm sorry about that, cuz I know they were really amusing, but I can't really do anything about it.  But my first and second-years can be funny too, so I'm sure more will come up!  For now, I've got second-year girls who come running up to me screaming, grab my hands, clap them repeatedly, then run away screaming.

Also, random, but I've started doing this thing called Chaos Judges.  I've been doing it on Facebook and it amuses me way more than it should.  Here's one for the blog.

Chaos judges my new leopard print fedora.  He judges it FONDLY.

Also, continuing with pictures, check out what I found!  Pumpkin flavored Halloween marshmallows!  They fucking taste like joy and happiness:

Aaaaaaaaaand, last but not least in the picture department, one of the classes at my school was growing eggplants as part of a science project and they grew too many.  The teacher gave me a whole bag of eggplants to take home and I wasn't sure what to do with them.  For now, I've made curry:

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's all for now.  See y'all next time!


  1. The MERRY show on 11/11 is themed on PEEP SHOW so either you bought the wrong ticket or typed the date wrongly. And the MERRY concert on 10/9 is a 2-man, not a one-man so both bands should be getting the same amount of time on stage, if it makes the decision of going to the concert easier.

  2. Gah, you're right, I actually wrote PEEP SHOW the first time, thought I had it wrong, and changed it to Moderngarde. Looks like I was right the first time, lol. I'll put it back to PEEP SHOW with the lovely edit button, lol. I'm going to those shows based on time convenience and not which CD it's themed after, so it's okay either way, lol. And yeah, the 10/9 one is a two-man it seems. The time split might be uneven, but it's hard to say how uneven it is until the actual show, lol. My "inspiration" says Karasu will go first, though, but my "inspiration" usually sucks XD Still not sure if I'll be going, though... Getting back from that show would be a bitch. Hmmmmmmmmm. We shall see, lol. But thank you for pointing out the errors in my hastily written post, lol.

  3. No problem; I would hate to see someone go to the concert and then go "when are the 'Modern Garde' songs finally going to come up?" 2 hours into the concert. I understand that Karasu is much newer and not as popular as MERRY so I reckon they will go 1st. Also, that show's gonna be streamed on Nico Nico live here:


    so you could watch it in the comfort of your home, though I don't know whether they will stream the entire show or not. I'll be attending the 1st 5 concerts of MERRY's 10th Anniversary event so if I happen to see you there, I'll say "hi", haha.

  4. Oooh, that's good to know. If I decide not to go, I'll just watch it on my computer, lol XD I did that for a Valluna show I couldn't go to once, lol XD But yeah, I like all MERRY's CDs, so it doesn't matter to me which days I go to, as long as I got to go to some. So wait... did you get tickets to the sold out Gendai Stoic show?!! OMG jealous!!! I'll admit, I really wanted to go to that one, but I couldn't commit because of scheduling, and by the time I considered taking off work, it was already sold out. Lucky you!!! So yeah, if you're at the PEEP SHOW concert, please please please come say hello! I love when people come say hi to me at shows ^___^ Just look for two girls with curly blonde-ish hair, lol.

  5. Huh? "Gendai Stoic" day was sold out? Didn't know that. I got my middle man to get the tickets on the day it was available to the public and she got all 5 tickets, with decent numbers, I might add. Here are my ticket numbers:

    整理番号 186番

    整理番号 156番

    整理番号 112番

    整理番号 92番

    整理番号 113番

    but most probably I'll be there 1/2 hour before the show starts. Alright, don't be alarmed when a not-very-tall Asian male talks to you that day! LOL

  6. Ooooh, not bad! Good numbers! Actually my number for the 11/11 show is 114, so I'll be right behind you, lol!